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Since PXG came to the fore, there seems to be a new category of golf clubs called 'expensive fast faced hollow irons' and the G700 iron is Ping's contender.

Ping G700 Irons

It's all a bit ironic as some of the PXG designers were previously at Ping, but in true Ping fashion they have done their own thing and created an iron that is based on the head design of the Ping G400 Crossover.

The mid-sized hollow head uses a 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a thin C300 Maraging Steel face that comes over from the G400 fairway

Ping G700 Irons

Unlike many of the competitor irons there is nothing pumped into the head cavity, so the screw on the toe acts as a weight to counter the one in the bottom of the shaft to stop the club twisting as much at impact.

Ping G700 Irons

Filling the head with some sort of foam or other material has the benefit of modifying the impact sound waves as they are not bouncing all over the inside of the head, so in the G700 they are free to roam and you know you are hitting a hollow iron, especially in the longer irons.

The G700 gives a little hollow ring (ping?) sound which I quite like, so louder than a normal Ping, but in a good way.

When others fill the head it also means that the face is supported as it gets thinner. It shows you how well this is made as Ping is able to make the face thinner without any support and ensure ball speeds are kept up.

Ping G700 Irons

The white bottom groove that is a feature of most Ping irons is still there for alignment, which is good to see.

The lofts are on the strong side as the faster face will send the ball higher, so they have to be delofted a little to keep the flight the same, but they are only 0.5° stronger than G400 in the 6-iron, although you can really crank them up with the Power Spec loft option should you be so inclined.

Ping G700 Irons

Compared to the Ping G400 irons the G700 are a little bit longer at address and have a thicker top line.

Ping G700 Irons

However they don't really feel that much bigger, maybe in part to the clean styling, which uses Ping's HydroPearl finish to give a satin look that is pretty classy.

Ping G700 Irons

The sole is about the same width as the G400, so the G700 irons will suit anyone from mid-single figures upwards and even some better players might be tempted with the long irons.

Ping G700 Irons

At address it does have that mid-sized look with a decent amount of offset, but I probably preferred it to the G400, even if the back of the hollow head starts to show in the longer irons.

Ping G700 Irons

Comparing it to the G400 on GC2 with Titleist ProV1x balls shows how the design of the head was able to increase the carry by launching the ball higher with less spin.

Ping G700 Irons

Even compared to the chunkier GMax 6-iron, the G700 still managed to go further because for me it gave the right launch conditions. In this test I was swinging my 6-iron at 88mph, so if you are a mid to slow speed swinger who needs forgiveness then the GMax would give you that extra launch and maybe get a bit closer to the G700 for distance.

Ping G700 Irons

On the course I was regularly going further than I would have expected as the loft combined with the lower spin gave more carry with a good level of forgiveness.

I liked the feel of the G700 too as, like the G400, the stock shaft is the Ping AMT 2.0 which gets lighter as you go up the set into the long irons, which makes it easier to generate more club head speed.

Ping G700 Irons

I really like the G700 irons as they are game improvement irons that don't look like game improvement irons, because you don't have big cavity backs with badges, tungsten weights, or different coloured metals to visually hide the size of some parts of the head.

Ping G700 Irons

You could almost say they look like better player irons, but before you run off to place an order you will need to check your bank balance as the price as is around 65% more than the G400, so those forgiveness distance gains over this model had better be good for you.

Ping G700 Irons

Taken in the context of the 'expensive fast faced hollow irons' category they are actually in the middle of the pack for price and their heads are larger so they are more of a forgiveness angle on their competitors.

Mid-handicap Ping loyalists for whom money is not an object should head straight for the G700 irons, whereas everyone else might have to think twice, which is a bit of a shame as they are a good set.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ping G700 Iron

Ping G700 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch23 March 2018
UK Launch RRP£1043
USA Launch20 March 2018
USA Launch RRP$1120
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Swing WeightD0
Shaft NamePing AWT 2.0 (steel) Ping Alta CB (graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

T. Bland
June 2019

Played my first round with my new G700s yesterday. Absolutely loved the way they hit. High and long compared to my old G15s. The ball just flies off of the face and lands softly on the greens with little rollout. My clubs were delofted by 1 degree and still got 2 clubs more distance. I am 75 yrs old and was fitted with the upgraded recoil fibreglass shafts in a stiff flex. They look more like a blade at address. I am in love again !

Shaun Chatterton
November 2018

I have returned back home feeling very excited after over two hours testing a range of new irons. To cut to the chase, I have now purchased a custom fit set of Ping G700 irons and cannot wait for them to be delivered later this week. The tracking results were so much better than any other iron tested by some considerable distance, over 20 yards longer hitting a 7 iron than my existing Yonex set. I play off 10 handicap and feel confident my new irons can help me get down into single figures very quickly.

September 2018

I was looking for a replacement for my Callaway Big Bertha irons and I am 15-20 handicap golfer and when I tried the G700 at the local ping dealers outdoor range, I hit every shot high and long. I am no scratch golfer, but I know a good iron when I hit one and these just felt right. They have a nice Ping sound when you strike the ball good and it just flies off the club face. I gained at least 20-30 yards compared to my older clubs and I preferred the graphite shafts over the steel ones, they seemed to get the balm in the air quicker, higher and felt great.

I did like the Ping steel regular shafts, but what’s an extra $100 when you're looking at $1200 for a set of clubs, it’s nickels and dimes for the extra performance for myself. Yes they are expensive and I also hit the G400 irons, but the G700 felt much better and was longer for my swing. I went to all the Ping dealers in my area and no one would give me a break on a new set.

Just when I was about to give up, I happen to drop in to a local major golf retailer near me and was talking about buying a new set and asked if someone was to trade in a nice used set and I could get them for a good price I was all in and left my number. Low and behold, I got a call today and a gentleman traded in a set 5-PW/UW red dot with only four rounds on them with regular recoil 780 E3 graphite shafts. I hit a few balls and fell in love with the set, we came up with a price and I was out the door with my used Ping G700’s for $825 and can’t wait to hit the course tomorrow and put them to the test.

August 2018

Replaced my Ping G10 with the G700, what a difference! I now hit the ball higher, longer and most of all straighter. I used to aim right of the target and hope the ball would draw in, now I aim straight and it goes straight. I found you really need to swing through the ball, if you do the results are amazing. I’d highly recommend these clubs to an average to above average golfer.

Bob S
July 2018

I had the Ping i Irons. They were good. I tried the Ping G700 Irons. They were GREAT!! Why spend the money? I hit the 7 iron on the G700 set nearly the same distance as the 5 iron on the i Iron set. I have had them three months now. Results? I've cut 8 strokes off my handicap. You read that right. I went from a 22 handicap to a 14 handicap in three months. What is that worth to you?

Ian Tyrrell
June 2018

Bought my G700's a couple of weeks ago and already noticing the difference. Had i5 stiff shafted irons before but had the G700's with regular shafts. They are fantastic. They hit the ball 20 yards further than my old clubs with much more height. I am definitely straighter with the new ones too and I can still shape shots. I play off 12 but should be coming down with these beauties!

5 Star
May 2018

Bought the G700 Irons as a mid handicap player —— LOVE THEM Hitting more accurate and longer. Ken Leiper, Aurora On.

Dave Priester
May 2018

I got fitted for irons. Hit about 6 different clubs. Didn't look at the price until settled on the G700. Great feel, 12 mph increase in ball speed over set I was replacing. I applied my tried and true mathematical equation and it was a winner: want+justifcation=need. I'll get at least 5 years out of these so the slightly higher expense is easily swallowed.

Myrtle Beach Pro
April 2018

Great iron, much better than Rouge irons at address and much better looking. Nice sound hitting 6 iron 175 for a 10 them. Thank you Ping

April 2018

I have tried these extensively before purchasing on their release date. The immediate improvement to my game is well worth the price. I enjoy golf and am happy to invest in clubs that will be long lasting. They look, feel and perform great. Very happy with my purchase.

March 2018

Went to get an iron fitting today at a very reputable fitting shop. Tried the Gmax, the G400, and the G700. Immediately the Gmax was dropped from my list. I just couldn't hit them well and when I did strike one well the numbers weren't as good. Whilst the numbers were better on the G700, they weren't enough to warrant spending the extra money. I got 1 to 2 more yards on the G700 with loft and spin about the same. So save a couple of hundred and get the G400's

March 2018

I feel they are great value for the design, execution and quality of the head. There are a great many of us who desire this type of performance in a good looking head. I have demo'd these extensively and have compared them to my P790s and AP1s. They fly higher, land softer and are more forgiving than either. Why only four stars Martin?

March 2018

I don't necessarily agree that they are not a good value. Compared to the other irons in this "category", specifically the PXG and TM offerings, these irons are a pretty good deal. They are less than the P790 and way less than the PXGs, so the value is there. Maybe more than you want to spend on a set of irons, but not any more than some other clubs out there. If they work for you and fit your needs then they are as good a value as anything else. Some folks drive Ferraris and some folks drive Toyotas.

Ken Phillips
March 2018

Mmmmm, very expensive compared with the G400 and even i200. Surely Ping knows that sticker shock exists, even for golf clubs, and as good as the G700 is it is just out of most folk's price range. They look the goods and they go "forever" but are just not good value. Martin's right.

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