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We have been waiting patiently for months to see the launch of the new Ping equipment and it’s finally here (violently fist pumps the air). The G425 is a great looking range of clubs as a whole, however the one club that doesn't immediately catch my eye is the Ping G425 Crossover.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Ping call it the Crossover and I call it the ‘no I'm not even testing it as I know it won't suit my game, I'm a hybrid person...' (Obviously I'm only joking, here I am standing in the simulator hitting ball after ball, then taking it for a spin on the course I couldn't help myself.)

Given my history with these types of utility club, Ping had a hard sell with this one, they showed me the new head and I had to admit it was a huge improvement on the one I had dropped kicked around a fitting session a few years back, I think that was the original G Crossover.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

The purpose of this review is to trial the new G425 Crossover and bear in mind the G425 Hybrid alongside it hopefully finding out which one suits me and which one I would recommend for your game.

What's It All About?

The Crossover plays more like a traditional iron than a hybrid, but it has the advantage of a height and increased distance in flight. This is due to a 7% thinner face compared to the G410 Crossover Martin reviewed a couple of years ago so it can flex more to increase height and hopefully carry.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

The forgiveness has also improved from G410 due to the 6% higher moment of inertia.

The Crossover also has an eye-catching Hydropearl 2.0 stealth finish, as seen in the G710 irons. Not only will this make your bag pop, it also offers a more consistent spin in both dry and wet conditions.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Another added feature included in the price is Arccos tracking inside the grips which features in the full G425 range of products. In fact if you only buy hybrids or crossovers you can contact them to get the tags for your other non ping clubs.

Seems too good to be true? Remember all the data capture companies can get in real time play (not robots or just tour players) is vital for them to see how their product performs and where they need to get better in the future.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

The G425 Crossover comes available in the following lofts: 2 -18 degree, 3 - 20 degree, 4 - 22.5 degree. So faster ball speeds, higher launch and better looks? Maybe my opinion is about to be changed...

The Test

Using Trackman 4 and Pro V1x golf balls at my simulator at LSH Auto’s, Mercedes Benz Stockport I tested the 2 and 3 hybrids and 4 crossover. All of the clubs have been set up to my specs.

I then took them outside to Prestbury Golf Club to play a few holes comparing them directly to the G425 hybrids.

Ping G425 Crossover Review


The Crossover looks like a G425 4 iron but with a slightly higher face and it's in matte black finish but with a standout grey face, which is no doubt there to inspire confidence as the face looks massive behind the ball.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

There is also added thickness in the hosel as it goes into the head. The shape is more subtle and the bulk of the head has become less and less over the years which for me is a good thing. To be honest it looks very similar to a G710 long iron as there is a weight in the toe and it's got the same the same finish.


It feels like you can launch this iron into the sky with ease. You may think this is a good thing, but the trouble was it was going more up than far in my case. It actually felt a little slow and clunky through the strike as I don’t generate enough speed to get the most out of a club like this.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

The disappointing thing is when I felt I had caught a good one out of the screws, the feedback and the feel didn’t produce the distance and flight that I felt I would get after striking it. Especially not when compared to the G425 hybrids.

Indoor Performance

Another problem I have with Crossover clubs is that I look down on them at address and have no idea about ball position and angle of attack. They confuse the hell out of me and get me second guessing myself which is never a good thing. I need to stress that this is a personal problem but to be honest I can imagine a lot of golfers feeling the same.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

On average during my testing, with the Crossover 4 iron i averaged 156 yards in carry distance, whereas with the G425 4 iron carry i had an average of 160 carry, this was due to its higher launch and peak height. I felt like I could flight the G425 iron much better. There was also a much increased spin rate - 5000rpm with the Crossover, compared to 3885 rpm with G425.

Don't get me wrong I hit some good shots with the Crossover and had a string of consistent ones but threw in the usual drop-kick left which brought down my averages quite a lot I have to say, as you can see below.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Outdoor Performance

I was disappointed to find that the grey face had marked up after no more than 15 shots, which is far from ideal for wear and tear (especially when they’re all high off the toe and no where near the middle of the face...)

I'm sure there are plenty of golfers that can hit this club but I personally couldn’t get it to perform the way I want a club in this area of the bag to do so. It just popped up into the air and looped on me, the 4 iron ending up going about as far as a 6 iron.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Psychologically I can’t get over looking at a crossover, it’s hardly any different in looks from a 4 iron but I struggle to decide whether to launch it or hit down on it. I like a lower 4 iron flight not the height, I need a penetrating ball flight to find distance as I flick them in the air hence my need for lower spinning drivers too.

Ping G425 Crossover Verdict

A story of two halves, which is why Ping make so many clubs to cater for different golfers eye and swing. The G425 hybrid is my favourite piece of kit I have tested from the range and unfortunately the Crossover is the least. However that is not to say that there isn't a golfer out there that this club suits, clearly there is otherwise Ping wouldn't still keep making it.

Remember also this is the part of the bag that offers so many options - you can add long iron and fairway wood into these sections also.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

Though I think the G425 Crossover is an improvement on previous generations in terms of looks, it will not be making it into my bag for 2021, I will remain with my 4 iron.

Also, if you play the G425 irons it's important for me to point out that this performed better for me and is over £100 cheaper than the crossover (£139 to £225, and the G710 4 iron is also less-expensive at £170). Check out my G710 review where I was hitting 160 yard carry 6 irons.

Even if you play the blades or i210’s maybe consider the 4 iron G425 as an easier club to hit at the top of your bag. if it's forgiveness in an iron shape that you're looking for.

Ping G425 Crossover Review

I think the Arccos is a great addition to Ping, the tracking will really help you lower your handicap as it acts as a caddy and coach. Stats don’t lie so make sure you download the app and use these free tags.

Who Are They Aimed At?

The Crossover will have a more limited audience than the G425 hybrids, they are for players who fear anything with a headcover on but feel comfortable with an iron in their hand. It can be great for a '5 iron off the tee golfer' who could do with gaining a few more yards carry rather than not carrying penalty areas and bunkers. You may surprise yourself and be one of these golfers, so they are still well worth a go in your fitting sessions.

Just be mindful when trying hybrids and crossovers to compare them against the club it is replacing in terms of flight and distance. You don’t want to have a different club but the same yardage as that’s a waste of time, you also don’t want a big distance gap between your clubs.

Ping G425 Crossover Review


  • Improved shape from past generations
  • Produced nice high ball flight
  • Generated high spin levels


  • Price of £225 is a lot when a G425 4 iron in graphite is £139
  • Face marked up after small amount of testing
  • The idea of a crossover will confuse some people (like me) at address

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