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Odyssey are coming in with some bold claims about the Ai-One putter range, specifically with the Rossie model which Jon Rahm currently has in the bag.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

With the Ai-One Rossie being the putter Rahm was able to hit completely out of the heel on a 90-footer to only a few feet during the Ryder cup, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this new range.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Odyssey have claimed that if Jon Rahm had used the Ai-One Rossie putter last year, he’d have earned an extra $2.5 million. Now, as much as I’m sure we’d all love an extra $2.5 million, the main claim for the club golfer is that these putters are meant to get you 21% closer to the hole from outside 30 foot.

So, if you fall victim to the dreaded 3-putt far too often, the Ai-One Putter range is aimed at you.

The Tech

AI technology was first introduced to us in 2019 with the Callaway Epic Flash driver – which I happen to currently have in the bag! Odyssey are claiming this computer designed variable thickness backing to the White Hot insert will get you 21% closer to the hole, by reducing the effects of an off-center strike.

Odyssey have developed a Panlite window, which unlike anything we’ve ever seen before in a putter, allows them to showcase the topology of the insert backing directly to the golfer.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

We also see two interchangeable weights on the sole of the putter which can go from 5g up to 20g, allowing personalization to get the exact weightings and feel you’re looking for.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

Odyssey have also made some slight alterations to the Stroke Lab technology from previous models, switching to a one-tone shaft made fully of steel. This comes with a 20-30g offset to counterbalance the weight at the base end of the club, depending on which grip you choose to use.

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Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review


Something I really like about both the Ai-One and Ai-One Milled putters, is the consistency throughout the club and overlapping in both ranges. The Ai-One putters feature blue detailing across the headcover, putter head, shaft, and grip, which brings a smart overall coherence to the club.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

Within the Ai-One range there are seven different head options – so it’s easy to find the model you like most based-on appearance and putters you’ve used in the past. Since I’ve always played with a mallet putter, I went for the Rossie shape, which is a very smoothed out mallet head.

On the top of the putter, the Rossie comes with two alignment aids – one on the very edge of the face and then two white lines running from the face to the back of the putter. Although some golfers could find this off-putting, I really liked how this looked on the takeaway, really amplifying the arc you’re taking the putter on.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

Something interesting about the new Odyssey putters is that although we still have the Stroke Lab technology we’ve seen in the past, it’s not as visible anymore. The tech is concealed more as the shaft is all one colour instead of the previous two-tone showing when the material changes.

The interesting thing in terms of the Ai-One putters visually, is that Odyssey have put a small window (either on the side or base of the club depending on the model you go for) so you can see the new technology of the variable thickness across the face insert backing. In the Rossie model, this was a bit more subtle, as the window was on the base of the putter.

Although I do think this is going to be like marmite for most golfers, it’s something we’ve never seen before in a putter, and I think it’s a really cool feature! I also like the idea of being able to see the technology behind all these bold claims, which could help golfers lacking confidence in their short game as you’re constantly reminded of the work these putters are already doing to help elevate your game (supposedly).


Odyssey have kept their White Hot insert in the Ai-One range. The feel off the face was slightly softer than I was expecting, but not overly so that you feel you have to force the ball towards the hole.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

This comes with a very dull, almost muted sound that I’m sure a lot of golfers will love, however, you’re not getting loads of feedback when you miss-hit it – but luckily that variable backing is there to mask any slight mis-strikes anyway!


Now clearly Odyssey are making some very bold claims with the Ai-One putters, specifically that they can get you 21% closer to the hole. Starting off on the shorter putts at around 10ft and in, I wasn’t feeling much of a difference to usual.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

It was only when we moved to the longer, 30ft+ putts that I was starting to notice the change. I find that when you’re faced with a long, uphill putt, and especially when it’s wet underfoot as it was for us, it’s easy to lose your rhythm as you begin to force the ball to reach the hole. For me, this often leads to a bit of inconsistency both in terms of distance and direction.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

With the Ai-One Rossie putter, I noticed much less dispersion, especially when I knew I’d not struck the face in the center. Straight away this increased my confidence, and I found myself very close to the hole across a variety of different longer-length putts.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Verdict

Overall, I loved the look of the Rossie putter – especially the window that lets you see the Ai-face backing, since it’s something so different to anything we’ve ever seen with putters before! The main plus point was that over those longer putts the forgiveness and accuracy really came through, even when I knew I hadn’t struck it right in the centre.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

Coming in at an RRP of £289, I’d say the Ai-One putters are great value for money compared to the Ai-One Milled and some of the more premium putters out there. The Ai-One putters could be a great addition to the bag for any players currently struggling with confidence over those longer putts and feels as though those dreaded three-putts are ruining their scorecards.

Would I Use It?

My only criticism of the Rossie putter was that slightly softer feel off the face when I prefer something a bit firmer. Of course, this is completely down to personal preference, and if you were in the same boat as me, you’d be able to find that from the Ai-One milled putter range.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

Although I did slightly prefer the look and feel of the Ai-One Milled putters - with the gold finish, slightly firmer and more premium feel - I’m not sure that I’d be willing to pay the additional £160 to upgrade from the Ai-One to the Ai-One Milled! So based on performance and comparative price, I’d happily see the Ai-One Rossie putter in the bag.

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Pros & Cons

Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Callaway Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter

Callaway Odyssey Ai-One Rossie Putter - Product Details

UK Launch03 November 2023
UK Launch RRP£289
USA Launch03 November 2023
European Launch03 November 2023
European Launch RRP€299
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameOdyssey Stroke Lab 90
GripOdyssey Stroke Lab
Putter ShapesMallet
Models#1, Double Wide DB, Rossie S, #7 S, #7 CH
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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