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If you've been keeping an eye on the changes in golf equipment over the last decade or so, you may know that one of the biggest advancements has come from the use of AI technology in the development of golf clubs.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

Callaway have been at the forefront of this change since they first introduced their AI super-computer to the world with the Epic Flash metals, before adding it into their irons more recently, and since then it has only seemed like a matter of time before it filtered down in to the rest of their offering too.

Now it is the turn of their Odyssey putters to receive the same treatment, with the brand saying that this has produced 'the most advanced insert in golf'.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

The idea behind the Ai-One putters is that Odyssey are able to deliver consistent ball speed across the face thanks to a new construction which increases the sweet spot, meaning that your putts should get 21% closer to the hole.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

Designed using Artificial Intelligence, contours on the aluminium backer of the insert are there to promote consistent ball speed across the face. A grooved White Hot urethane layer has been grooved into the aluminium backer, for a classic White Hot feel which has been popular with golfers for decades.

Odyssey say that the most important feature of the new putter is the insert, and so their designers have engineered a new Panlite window which makes the contours of the insert visible, providing a completely unique look.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

The Stroke Lab shaft has been around for Odyssey putters for a number of years and in this iteration it is a full steel shaft, featuring 20-30 grams of counterbalance weight in the butt end.

The putters feature a new navy blue PVD finish which is reminiscent of last year's Paradym range, whilst 5, 10, 15 and 20 gram front weights allow golfers to dial in the head weight to their exact preference.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

Available from 3rd November, five models will initially be offered, with an RRP of £289: One, Double Wide DB, Rossie S, #7 S, #7 CH.

Odyssey Ai-One Milled Putters

The Ai-One Milled putters follow much of the same construction and technology as the standard Ai-One putters, but with a 100% milled stainless steel body and 100% milled titanium insert, delivering a premium look and feel coupled with all-new performance from the face.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

The milled titanium insert is designed using Artificial Intelligence to create the unique contours on the back surface, which help to maintain ball speed on off-centre hits for better distance control right across the face.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

The champagne finish of the face compliments the navy PVD head for a striking look.

Every head in the Ai-One Milled line is 100% milled to provide a precise and premium look which is ideally suited for golfers looking for a milled putter.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

Like the standard Ai-One models, the Ai-One Milled putters feature a Stroke Lab 90 shaft and interchangeable front weights.

Odyssey Ai-One Putters

With an RRP of £449, the Ai-One Milled putters come with a choice of six different models: One T, Two T, Three T, Six T, Seven T, Eight T.

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