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Odyssey claim that their Versa alignment system, which was relaunched earlier this year, can help 67% of golfers align more consistently, with 73% of golfers achieving a more consistent face angle at impact.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

In simple terms, this means that the putters will help you aim correctly and hit the ball on your intended line more often, which can only help with your performance.

With over 1,100 Versa style putters being used on tours across the world this year, they're clearly doing something right. I've already tested the Versa One model earlier this year, and now it's time for the Three T.

The Tech

The Three T is a new shape in Odyssey's lineup, and is a compact mallet shape that features a small amount of toe hang, best suited to golfers with face rotation and arc in their stroke.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

If this head isn't for you then there are six different models available in total, ranging from classic blades to full mallets, providing an option for every golfer's putting preference.

The Versa alignment design has been used to win hundreds of tournaments all around the world since it was first introduced a decade ago.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

Odyssey say that alignment is one of the most overlooked aspects when it comes to putting, and that being offline by just one degree can be the difference between making and missing a putt from ten feet.

The black and white high contrast alignment system helps golfer to focus on face angle and alignment throughout the stroke, as well as improving concentration too.

After a brief absence, Odyssey brought back the White Hot insert a couple of years ago and this proved to be a popular choice with golfers, more so than the Microhinge or Microhinge Star that they tried in the meantime.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

The latest generation of the Stroke Lab shaft is said to produce even better performance. Shortening the steel section has helped to reduce weight by seven grams, whilst the shaft has also been made stiffer and more stable for a more consistent stroke.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter Review

Looks and Feel

The contrasting design of the Versa putters looks great to me down by the ball, and Odyssey say that although we are all used to seeing different alignment aids on putters these days, the perpendicular design of the stripes may suit some golfers better than others.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

The head size is friendly without being too big, which I liked as it filled me with plenty of confidence thanks to the generous surface area without looking or feeling too heavy or hard to control.

As a big Newcastle fan, I also can't deny the fact that the black and white stripes do have a bit of an extra appeal to me, even if I am undoubtedly in the minority with this!

White Hot inserts are an institution in the putter market and have been for quite some time - the feel off the face is instantly recognisable and there are golfers everywhere who just love using them.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

For me it comes off the face quite firm, and it always seem to come off a little faster than I'm expecting for a face insert, but once you get used to hitting putts with it you'll find that it feels so solid right across the face which is very reassuring.


I currently use an Odyssey blade putter which is all black with just one alignment line on top, but the mid-sized head and the Versa design of the Three T actually worked really well because the head seemed to blend together a bit more.

This may just trick the mind into the thinking the putter head is a little smaller than it really is, and for me I just felt really comfortable when putting this behind the ball.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

As mentioned earlier the White Hot insert is quite firm and this does produce a nice pop off the face which can sometimes create issues with distance control - and I definitely saw early on that I had hit a couple of putts quite a long way past the hole - but like any putter, the more you use it, the more you start to get used to it.

After a few holes I really started to get on with this putter and found that I had plenty of confidence in the strike and the alignment. The black and white head, paired with the lineup line on top which I always prefer to have on my putters, was great when setting up to the ball.

As I mentioned when I tested the more traditional shape of the Versa One earlier this year, I find it really difficult to test and prove whether the Stroke Lab shaft is actually doing anything to aid performance. It does feel nice and balanced during the stroke though, and the fact that Odyssey have kept this in their putters for a few years now clearly shows that they've got plenty of confidence in how it performs.

I found that the stability of the head meant that my accuracy was improved in terms of putts setting off and staying on the line that I aimed them.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

Unfortunately the £279 price tag isn't enough for the putter head to read the putt for you, so depending on how good you are at that you might not hole more putts, but at least it should keep the ball on your desired line.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter Verdict

The great thing about there being six different models in the new Versa range means that there should always be something to suit every golfer. Whilst the Three T wasn't a shape that I would usually gravitate towards I actually really enjoyed using it, and the performance backed that up too.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

The visual cues are great, the putter feels stable and forgiving without being too cumbersome, and the overall design and finish are great too.

Odyssey have been a little hit and miss over the last few years when it comes to putter ranges in my eyes, but I think they've nailed it with the new White Hot Versa collection.

Would I Use It?

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

I might need a couple more rounds to get used to the firmer, faster pop off the face but I was really impressed with the alignment technology and the stability of this putter.

Who Is It Aimed At?

If you're struggling with alignment, these putters could be ideal for you. The Three T itself is a mid-mallet which feels extremely stable without being too big compared to the likes of the Twelve model which is much larger.

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter Pros & Cons

Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

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Callaway Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Versa Three T Putter - Product Details

UK Launch03 February 2023
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