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The Motocaddy S3 Pro trolley has been around for a long time and if you look back to our review of the 2012 Motocaddy S3 Pro then you will see that the basic design has not changed much.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The traditional sweeping curve of the frame is still there supported by the wishbone shaped support that links to the rear axle.

However as with all new models of classic designs, there are a number of enhancements that make life easier. One of these is the Quikfold mechanism that requires just two clicks to collapse the trolley.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The main part of the frame breaks in the middle and the top of the wishbone slides down the back of the frame to click into place so you can lift the trolley up in one movement with a little bit of practice. Just watch your fingers as you are doing it.

This trolley came with a lithium battery that charges in about 4 hours and can be left in place when you fold the trolley down.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

It costs £100 more than the lead acid option that comes as standard, but according to Motocaddy more people now prefer the lighter, longer lasting and faster charging lithium batteries and if you can afford it, then it is well worth the extra investment.

The 2016 S3 Pro has had a little bit of a facelift with low profile wheels and bit of nip and tuck around the battery tray to give it a more streamlined appearance.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The 59.5cm wheelbase is 3.5cm wider than the more compact Motocaddy M3 Pro trolley, but overall the shape looks a bit sleeker.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The front wheel features a clip to loosen it so you can adjust the alignment using two little wheels on each side. This makes it much easier to correct any drifting left or right on the course when you are playing instead of having to get the spanners out.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

However the biggest change is in the handle that regular readers will know has been a bugbear of mine in the past. The wide, uncomfortable plastic handle has been replaced with a thinner, oval version that is more pleasing on the eye as well as on the hands.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The rubber handle has a slightly tacky feel to help keep your hands where they should be. This many not appeal to all, but is certainly much better than before and a positive change for the S3 Pro.

Like previous Motocaddy trolleys, it sits just over a metre off the ground, which makes it feel a little more upright than the 7cm lower handle of most PowaKaddy trolleys.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The control screen is the same size as before, but the buttons are a much better size and control a very similar array of functions.

The blue dial controls the speed and the left and right buttons enable you to control the Adjustable Distance Control (ADC) to send the trolley away over distances up to 60 yards in 5 yard gaps before it stops.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

I love this feature on trolleys as you can send it off to the next tee as you head to the green to save time.

There is also a battery charge indicator, CartLock security pin code and a 5 minute lost ball timer in the top right, which is a good feature as 5 minutes is always longer than you think.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

The distance and time functions are still there and provide 'fun to have' information, even if they have inherent foibles. For instance the shot distance measurement will only be accurate if you walk directly to your ball across a flat surface.

The round distance and timer starts from when you plug the trolley in so will include any walking to the tee, putting or range time. To be accurate you would need to unplug and plug back in on the 1st tee to reset the numbers.

The centrally located 200w motor is hidden on the underside of the battery tray and whilst it was maybe not the quietest I have ever used, it was powerful enough to do the job of propelling the S3 Pro across all types of terrain with the minimum of fuss.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

Unlike the M3 Pro there is no integrated device holder on the S3 Pro to make use of the USB charging point under the handle.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

You have to buy the accessory station and device cradle separately and when you add this to the umbrella holder, which is a must, then you are in for another £50, which is a bit steep.

Like all recent Motocaddy trolleys the S3 Pro now comes with the EasiLock pin system that attaches the bottom of a compatible Motocaddy golf bag to the base of the trolley without using the straps.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

It is a clever and easy to use system and reduces the need to bend over too much, which could be handy for older golfers or those who have lunched well.

The range of Motocaddy bags is very comprehensive, including a Dry-Series waterproof option which I would strongly recommend. Rain-proof bag covers are a hassle and don't really work and, as before, tour bags that are great in the rain won't fit on the S3 Pro forwards. Therefore having a waterproof, compatible cart bag is the answer as it will be lighter and more user friendly.

Motocaddy S3 Pro Electric Trolley

Overall the S3 Pro is a tried and trusted design that feels sturdy and well made, hence the 2 year guarantee. The QuikFold frame and Easilock bag system make getting your golf weapons locked and loaded quick and simple.

Now Motocaddy has got the handle on the handle issue, then the 2016 S3 Pro trolley delivers everything you would expect in a quality trolley from a trusted brand.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Motocaddy S3 Pro 2016 Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2016
UK Launch RRP£379.99
Trolley TypeElectric
Wheelbase59.5 cm
Motor Power200 Watt
Dimensions OpenWidth: 59.5cm, Height: 101.5cm, Depth: 120cm
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 59.5cm, Height: 35.5cm, Depth: 85cm
Weight Without Battery9kg
Colour Options: Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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