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If you're familiar with G/Fore, you're probably familiar with the fact that they do things a little differently. The new G.112 seems no different in this regard, living up to their mantra of 'Disruptive Luxury'. Luckily, here at Golfalot we certainly don't think that's a bad thing.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

It's 2023, and there's no doubt that as golfers, our expectation of what a golf shoe is or even should be, has changed a lot in recent years. Brands like G/Fore (as well as Adidas, Ecco and even the more traditional FootJoy) have a done a lot to influence this.

Now every shoe manufacturer in the market has a sneaker-like, casual hybrid golf shoe in their collection. The benefits to owning a shoe like this for the golfer are vast and the performance attributes now stack up too.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

With G/Fore just releasing the G.112 - we had to see what all the fuss was about.

The Tech

The G.112 is made from 20% TPU, 40% PU and 40% polyester and features a number of key technologies to achieve it's self-proclaimed title of being the "go-to shoes for all day play on the course."

  • A seamless synthetic upper is constructed for premium performance in any conditions

  • Inside the shoe, a high rebound EVA midsole also features an outsole with a lateral wrap for stability.

  • The G.112 is a low drop shoe for additional turf interaction and a TPU shank offer lightweight arch support.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

  • A single rubber outsole and heel-to-toe turf traction allows for a a smooth and steady swinging motion.

  • It also features removable antimicrobial cushion inserts which are both machine washable.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review


I think G/Fore have been clever with the design of the new G.112's; overall they feature a familiar upper design but then boast flashes of flair that will set them apart from the crowd - the sort of thing that will appeal to younger golfers.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

The upper is based on a casual, tried and tested aesthetic very much like an adidas Stan Smith trainer - a global favourite in footwear, as well as now being a highly popular hybrid spikeless golf shoe too.

The aforementioned flashes of originality then come in to lift the G.112, for example the rubber wrap featuring on the outside of each shoe, the writing on the outside of each heel as well as the fact the G.112 is available in over 20 different colourways, all adds up to give the shoe great balance between classic and contemporary.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

After a quick flick through the website, some of the colours available will not be for everyone, for example: poppy, day glow pink, fly yellow, violet and exotic could be seen as pretty garish, but there is so much choice that even the safest dressers on the course could find a pair to suit their liking.

I'm a big fan of how the G.112 looks, based on first impressions they caught my eye positively and during testing this initial love affair only continued. They are clean, sleek and low to the ground which is right up my street. I find other G/Fore shoes like MG4x2 or the MG4.1 Crossover Shoe for example, to be a little on the bulky side.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

The G.112 shoes are the ultimate modern looking hybrid golf shoe meaning that plenty of golfers that buy these shoes will happily wear them off the course. Personally I'm not sure I would ever wear any shoes with a golf outsole away from the course, but these are the closest things to persuade me that it may be acceptable...


The first thing you notice when putting the shoes on is the nubs that protrude along the bottom of your feet. If you've never worn G/Fore golf shoes before this may seem a little unusual, taking a few holes to get used to, however I think they feel great. When walking, they seem to have a massage-like effect on the balls of your feet, working to keep your feet feeling fresh during the round - and it works!

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

An area of comfort I was also really impressed with the G/Fore was the heel of the shoe. Featuring a soft yet premium-feeling lining, my foot slipped straight into the G/Fore shoes with ease and felt both secured as well as hugged by the back of the shoe. At some points in the latter stages of the round, I felt a slight ache in my heels but apart from these rare instances I'd pretty much say that there is no 'breaking-in' needed.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

G/Fore state that the shoe has a narrow fit and advises to size up if you're unsure of sizing, however I found no issues with the width, I actually found the shoe to fit quite wide but at the same time look quite narrow - a great combination in my opinion.


I tested these shoes on an extremely hot British Summer's day with temperatures around 30 degrees, it has to be said that I was also impressed therefore by the breathability they offered, after the round my feet still felt fresh.

On top of this, looking at the outsole of the G.112, the unique design may not look like it will offer much in the way of traction, especially when compared to the likes of a more traditional shoe like the FootJoy Premiere Series. However, you'd be surprised - refreshingly the G/Fore make no huge claims about any traction systems but the rubber spikes do the job perfectly.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

Playing on a course with burnt fairways, you can sometimes struggle for grip but there was no slipping at all in the G.112 - very impressive.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Verdict

The overall performance, looks and comfort of the G/Fore's latest offering really were impressive and what's more, they are designed for both men and women which is another big tick in the box proving the diversity of these shoes.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

One thing I think does need mentioning though is the price, at an RRP of £180, these shoes fall heavily on the high side. Yes they are said to be made with premium materials but how much difference will that really make to your overall enjoyment and performance on the course? You'll have to be the judge but I'm sure it will put many golfers off.

That being said as an overall package, if you weren't already aware what G/Fore footwear was all about before reading this review, maybe now with the release of the G.112, you no doubt should be.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

Would I Wear Them?

Definitely, I can see myself wearing these shoes regularly in the summer months for that 'after-work round'.

Who Are They Aimed At?

The more fashion-conscious golfers that don't mind turning a head or two on the golf course. Having said that, I think the overall performance of the shoes and the wide selection of colourways available mean that these will have a wider appeal than G/Fore may have been given credit for in the past.

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe Review

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars


G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe

G/Fore G.112 Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch11 June 2023
UK Launch RRP£180
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women, Senior
Shoe StyleStreet
Sizes6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9.5, 10, 11, 11.5, 12, 13, 14
WidthsMedium, Wide
Manufacturer's WebsiteG/Fore Website

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