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TaylorMade's Spider range has become so popular over the last decade or so that it is almost becoming known as a brand within a brand - golfers will say that they have a Spider putter, not a TaylorMade one.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

Earlier this year the brand announced two new updates to the Spider range, the adjustable GT Max and the GTX which provides stability and an expanding range of colour options.

The Tech

The new GTX looks to combine the best features of the Spider Tour and Spider X models, and TaylorMade say that this has produced one of the most advanced and stable putters that they've created.

As it takes inspiration from previous putters, you will also see some of the brand's existing technologies helping to aid performance too.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

The True Path Alignment, which is essentially a white strip running down the centre of the putter, is designed to help frame up the ball and provide a better path for your stroke.

PureRoll2 technology sees a firmer insert made from TPU urethane and silver aluminium beams at a 45° angle to encourage more topspin across the face and therefore improve the quality and consistency of the roll.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

The putter has a deep centre of gravity, which adds stability and less face rotation thanks to a heavy 154g bar at the rear of the putter, which makes up 45% of the putter's weight.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

There is a lightweight aluminium cap on the top of the putter head, weighing 194g, which allows more weight to be transferred to the outside of the frame.

The Spider GTX Putters are available in Small Slant, Single Bend, Armlock and Centre Shaft options depending on your own putting and stroke preferences.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter Review

Looks and Feel

I usually prefer a black or chrome finish for my putter but the classic Spider red colourway, which you may have seen the likes of Jason Day and Sergio Garcia use over the years, looks great and is certainly an eye-catching choice.

There are also five other colour options available, as well as the MySpider configuration which allows you to design your own model to your own personal taste.

The Spider GTX has a nice shape down by the ball, it's not too big or bulky but also sits really nicely and fills you with confidence.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

My eye was immediately drawn to the True Path alignment which contrasts really well with the red and black of the rest of the head, making it really easy to frame up the ball. This is also visible during the stroke too and this helps you to return the face to square better.

You can also clearly see the new stability bar at the back of the head as well as the gap between this and the rest of the head. which does look quite cool and the fact that this technology is so visible is a nice reminder that it's there helping you out on every putt.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

In the past I have been a fan of the PureRoll insert but I wasn't so sure of it this time around. I thought it felt really firm off the face and sounded a little more 'tingy' than I was hoping for.

This made it hard to judge how hard you'd hit the ball, as most putts tended to feel the same. The PureRoll does produce consistent results but I'd like a bit more softness and instant feedback ideally.


Spider putters are extremely popular because they feel so stable and give you lots of confidence when standing over the ball, and the GTX appears to carry on that theme.

The friendly head size and shape, coupled with the high MOI that the GTX provides, meant that I wasn't really having to worry about strike with the putter as the performance is more consistent across the face compared to a blade putter.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

This allows you to focus more on starting the putt on the right line and getting the pace right as there's more trust that the ball is going to get to the target.

I mentioned earlier that I didn't love the sound and the feel of the putter but the consistency of the roll was still impressive. My preference is obviously for something a little softer as I just didn't get much perception of the strike or the pace as the ball left the putter face.

There's a midsized SuperStroke grip included as standard with the GTX which seems to balance the weight of the head quite nicely. These are hugely popular options for a lot of golfers as they help to take the wrists out of the stroke a little, which can result in a straighter path.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

The pistol-shaped grip feels very comfortable in the hands, and makes you feel like you're putting with the bigger muscles in your shoulders rather than with your wrists and hands which I'd say is a good thing for most.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter Verdict

Spider putters equal stability, and the new GTX is no different this year as it's extremely forgiving and should provide you with much more consistent putts even if you don't strike it well.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

Especially impressive on long putts for me, and I found myself getting the ball closer to the hole on longer putts than I usually would - which is a massive factor to consider when trying to lower scores.

The updated alignment design is a big win for me and I can see it really helping golfers to improve their setup and also the consistency of their stroke out on the course.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

I would've preferred a slightly more muted sound and feel from the insert, as I prefer that instant feedback from the face at strike, but all-in-all this is an impressive addition to the Spider range.

Would I Use It?

If I could get used to the firmer feel, then definitely! The performance speaks for itself and although I do usually use a blade, if I was to go for a mallet it would be a Spider.

Who Is It Aimed At?

Any golfer who wants more consistency from their putting, and is perhaps looking for a bit more help with their alignment. If you've used and enjoyed a Spider putter before, you'll love this one too.

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter

TaylorMade Spider GTX Putter - Product Details

UK Launch24 February 2023
UK Launch RRP£299
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Colour OptionsWhite, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Pink
Shaft NameKBS 120 Chrome Stepped
Shaft TypesSteel
GripSuperStroke GT 1.0
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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