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The Garmin TruSwing is a Bluetooth swing sensor that you attach to the shaft of your club just below the grip.

Garmin TruSwing

It clips on very easily and there is a soft pad around the inside so that it does not mark the shaft, even if it is graphite.

Garmin TruSwing

There is a white line on the top end of the TruSwing and this should be facing you on the top. You also need to align this exactly with the face grooves or leading edge of the club so that the TruSwing knows where it is relative to the club face.

However this is where the TruSwing starts to raise eyebrows as there is no need to calibrate the device to the club face like there is with the similar SkyPro device. It therefore relies on your eyesight to get it aligned exactly with the face and then uses its own built in assumptions for the face loft of the club that you select. With the results being shown in 1° increments, then being a few degrees out could affect some of the numbers.

To see the results in all their glory you need to download the Garmin Connect Mobile app to your iOS or Android device and then pair the TruSwing using Bluetooth, which was quick and painless. You can also connect it to several other Garmin GPS devices and I will come on to that later.

Garmin TruSwing

Then it is just a question of selecting the club you are using and starting to swing. This is OK if you have one of the pre-selected clubs, but I just happened to have a 3-iron with me and the only options were 3 hybrid or 4-iron.

Garmin TruSwing

I could of course just select 3 hybrid, but the software won't be able to work out the correct dynamic loft of the club if my 3 iron loft is different to the 3 hybrid loft they have in the system.

The same thing happens at the other end of the bag where there are only 3 wedges to choose from in when I have 4 in my bag if you include the set wedge. My sand wedge is 54° and my lob wedge is 58°, but there is no way of confirming the lofts in the app which could be 56° and 60°.

This is before you get to the fact that 6-irons can vary from 25° to 30° and there is no facility to edit the loft used in the app to match your set.

Swings are transferred wirelessly to the app as you make them and then you can replay them to see your swing plane anywhere from 360° around it or above.

Garmin TruSwing

Scroll down and you can see numbers on club path, face angle and shaft position and tapping on each one gives you a definition of what they mean.

Garmin TruSwing

However apart from the Tempo description, there is not much information on whether your numbers are good or bad. Nor are there any tips or training features where you can set yourself targets to try and improve.

The Tempo measurement is probably the most useful feature on these types of practice aids, but I always seemed to be around a perfect 3 on the TruSwing, which I know is not always the case, especially when I threw in what I thought were some really quick and slow ones and the numbers did not vary that much.

The App functionality is therefore best for seeing a visual representation of your swing and for holding a database of all the ones you have done.

You can compare two swings, but you can't make one a favourite, which would be useful in siutations like having a lesson with your coach and saving the perfect swing so he can say 'that's it, now go practice that'.

Garmin TruSwing

As mentioned earlier, you can also pair the TruSwing with several other Garmin devices such as the Approach S6 and Approach S20 watches. This gives you the same data on your wrist which is easier to view whilst practising, but it only shows information for the last swing taken.

Garmin TruSwing

Talking to any compatible Garmin device is probably the best thing about the TruSwing. It can also connect to more than one device at a time, so I was using the watch for looking at the latest swing and my iPhone for more detailed analysis and storing data on all my swings.

The TruSwing is quickly charged via a standard mini USB connector cable that comes in the box, but you will need your own adaptor for the mains or of course you can plug it into a computer.

Garmin TruSwing

As usual with these types of devices, it is less about the hardware and more about the software in the app, how it collects the data and what it does with it to add value and help you improve your game.

Notwithstanding the reservations about the set up accuracy, the TruSwing is let down by the software that is compromised by poor club selection options and the fact that it does not add any value to the data it displays. Most amateurs will not know whether a -12.2° figure on their Dynamic Loft is good or bad or how they should correct this. Explaining this better with text or video and having drills to improve any faults would make the TruSwing more valuable as a training aid.

These are all issues which competitor models launched three years ago have already addressed in their apps and you would have thought that Garmin would have done a better job with their market research before launching the TruSwing.

The actual device itself is fine and provides good enough information if aligned correctly, but the whole package needs to work on its game to keep up with the competition.

Golfalot Rating: 3 stars
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Garmin TruSwing Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2016
UK Launch RRP£129.99
USA LaunchFebruary 2016
Manufacturer's WebsiteGarmin Website

User Reviews

August 2018

The device has worked well with my phone and Garmin S60, showing me stats. Unfortunately, the stats are really inaccurate - there's simply no way the angles and swing paths are correct.

I did a variety of tests, from a simple, hold club perfectly square to the ground and path to extreme shaft leans forward and backwards. In pretty much every swing, it shows, a significant forward shaft lean at address and contact. It also always shows a open club face when I'm positive the face is square and the ball goes perfectly straight to the target.

I've tried adjusting the position on the shaft, being very careful to align the marker to the grooves on the club, but with no luck.

My next test is going to be to purposely misalign the device by the angle that it seems inaccurate to see if I can compensate for the consistent errors it's giving.

The only reason I'm giving it 3 stars instead of one is that the device works and the software shows the data clearly. Otherwise, I cannot recommend the Truswing device.

July 2018

I agree with the author. I wish I had read this review prior to purchasing. I am left handed and I have yet to figure out why my swing animation is 1/2 in the ground and 1/2 in the air and considerably away from the pictured golfer. My swing speed is 14 mph on this. This device is useless and nothing more than a gimmick.

Golf pro guy
June 2018

I find the TruSwing to be a great tool! I compared the numbers with Trackman and after I got it fixed to the club in the correct position, the numbers were very similar. My eyes must me off because the white line looked a bit closed open to the face when it was positioned correctly, but once I figured it out, it was very accurate. Great tool!

February 2018

I wish I had this review before I bought it... completed agree that it lacks as a training or enhancement aid.

January 2018

I took my new S20 with Truswing to the range for the first practice session. After a large bucket of balls, with my lob wedge, the unit had only recognized 4 swings. I am left handed, all settings were set for left, and I had the S20 on my leading wrist as advised. Looks like I will have to return for refund.

September 2017

I have found it a good product - but it would be great if they will add the putter analysis.

August 2017

You can actually add and modify your clubs using the Garmin Connect website. You can also mark swings as favourites on said website. However, I agree that the metrics are not really actionable without proper training ideas or how to better them. I'm guessing Garmin is in the sensor business and not so much in the golf business. They give you metrics as to how you use them is up to you.

February 2017

Your comments regarding tempo,as per little variation, I can't agree my results are all over the place with a range or variation from 1.9 to 2.3 and to date haven't got to the magic 3. I think the device addresses concerns for me that I do have forward shaft lean at impact and I am hitting in to out, with dynamic loft at a average of minus 8 degrees. Since using it I have worked to improve club head speed and to date I have seen a increase of 5mph. Not the panacea but like all aids it's up to you.

December 2016

TruSwing has possibilities but, as currently configured, it is no more than a gadget. Unable to input specific club identification and data (e.g. number, type, loft, lie, length as a minimum, offset would be nice) only able to select a generic club from the limited selection from the menu. Manual is so sparse as to be of little use. No troubleshooting tips in the manual, no useful online support. Not a very complete effort from Garmin.

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