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By Andrew Noyce

Garmin is entering the golf swing data market with the launch of the TruSwing swing sensor that pairs with a wide range of its Approach devices to give golfers immediate feedback.

Garmin TruSwing Practice Aid

Weighing just 28 grams and only 6.7cm in length, the TruSwing has an unobtrusive design that fits neatly on to the shaft directly below the grip via a simple quick mount design which also makes it easy to switch between clubs as you practice.

Garmin TruSwing Practice Aid

Unlike other sensors on the market, which typically only pair with an app on your smartphone or tablet, the TruSwing works together with Garmin's Approach wearable tech technology, such as the S20 Watch and the X40 Band meaning you can check your swing data from your wrist after every swing.

Martin Resch, Garmin Senior Product Manager Outdoor & Golf for EMEA, explains:

We’re thrilled to bring great swing training convenience with TruSwing to our Approach customers. With swing feedback that can instantly be seen on the user’s wrist TruSwing allows golfers to stay fully focused on their routine, and it gives them a unique training experience unlike anything else that’s on the market. It provides golfers with the information they need to get to a consistent swing within seconds and allows them to improve their swing over time.

Garmin TruSwing Practice Aid

In addition to the instant feedback TruSwing collects data to produce 3D swing animations through the Garmin Connect mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. This allows side-by-side swing comparisons, individual swing analysis, and even overlay with two separate swings put on top of each other to compare and contrast the movement.

Via the Garmin Connect platform you can share your data with friends or your golf pro and as each session is organised by date it is easy to track progress over time in each of the data categories.

Garmin TruSwing Practice Aid

Those categories are extensive with calculated data on ball flight, trajectory and distance. Ball flight is taken from club path, face angle and shaft angle, helping you understand adjustments you need to make to hit the ball straighter.

Shaft lean at both address and impact plus face angle contribute to dynamic loft and therefore trajectory whilst clubhead speed will obviously contribute to the distance you hit the ball. There is also a swing tempo metric to help improve swing consistency and TruSwing immediately shows you how this effects clubhead speed.

The TruSwing device has up to 12 hours of battery life on a single charge and enough storage to make it through multiple rounds or practice sessions before you need to upload the data to Garmin Connect and an IPX-7 water rating means it can withstand the elements to allow you to fine tune your game in any weather.

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Garmin TruSwing Golf Practice Aid - Product Details

UK LaunchFebruary 2016
UK Launch RRP£129.99
USA LaunchFebruary 2016
Manufacturer's WebsiteGarmin Website

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