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By Dan Box

FootJoy's market leading Pro/SL shoe now has a second generation, with an all-new version now featuring updated upper styling and colour combinations.

Widely regarded as one of the market-leading footwear options across the UK and Ireland, the Pro/SL combines a soft, comfortable and waterproof leather upper with a three-layered lower sole section to optimise comfort, stability and grip in varying conditions so golfers are well-equipped all year round.

FootJoy Pro/SL 2019

The model, which has an impressive 130 professional victories since it was launched 2 years ago, also features MyJoy compatibility where golfers are able to design a unique version to stand out on the course.

Richard Fryer, Director of Product Management for FootJoy Footwear, said:

Our players can choose from any shoe in our line, so the fact that so many continue to choose Pro/SL on Tours all over the world and in all possible conditions, really validate's the product's performance and our extensive design and development process.

The Pro/SL features a multi-layer construction containing Fine-Tuned Foam which is 10% lighter than the EVA foam used in most golf footwear, with each layer engineered to try and enhance performance benefits.

FootJoy Pro/SL 2019

The top FTF layer holds the foot in a soft foam insert for ultimate comfort and underfoot cushioning.

FootJoy Pro/SL 2019

The lower/outer layer is a firmer blend of FTF which provides stability, especially during the golf swing when all areas of the foot are in motion and under strain.

FootJoy Pro/SL 2019

The base of the shoe has 223 individual points of ground contact, in the shape of small studs, which provide excellent traction regardless of weather and course conditions.

FootJoy Pro/SL 2019

Two styles will launch November 15th (Black, Grey/White), with three additional colour combinations available from January 15th 2019 (White, White/Navy/Red, White/Blue BOA). Both sets of shoes will be available for MyJoy customisation upon release.


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