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By Andrew Noyce

Yes! have turned up the colour volume with the True Alignment range of putters packing a visual punch to attract golfers happy to make a statement on the greens.

The striking yellow and black alignment aid is backed by science that indicates this colour combination is the best at allowing golfers to pick out the black line and therefore aim correctly.

Yes! True Alignment Putters Top View

Justin Honea, the Director of Research and Development at Adams Golf explained the science behind the striking yellow and black alignment feature:

We did some research and pulled some date from our sister company TaylorMade on the white crown and we found the biggest contrast you can make is not with black and white. It's with black and yellow. The yellow makes the black alignment line stand out when you're putting.

For Yes! mastering True Alignment does not end here however. Perhaps the biggest development is the addition of a bar on the sole of the putter that ensures the face of the putter sits square by balancing the putter regardless of how the golfer puts the club behind the ball or holds their hands at address.

Honea says the combination of the two alignment features ensure the face aligns perfectly together on a single place whether the golfer is left or right eye dominant:

What this sole bar allows golfers to do is not worry if the face is open or closed at address. You just have to place it on the ground and it balances and becomes perfectly square.

Yes! True Alignment Putters Sole View

The True Alignment putters feature the C-Groove technology that Yes! is famous for and which we put through its paces when we reviewed the Yes! i4 Tech Series.

C-Groove technology promotes a smoother roll from the face to improve feel and control by lifting the ball from its position to start it rolling as quickly as possible.

Yes! True Alignment Putters

Yes! have pushed this forward with the True Alignment putters by encasing the groove insert in a "floating face" of polymer that creates a rebound effect allowing the ball to come off the face faster than it would from an all stainless steel putter.

The use of the light polymer insert has allowed the sue of a heavy steel perimeter including tungsten weight in the heel and toe to create a very high Moment of Ineritia dramatically improving stability and forgiveness on off-centre strikes.

Yes! True Alignment Putters

The True Alignment putters come in two models. The Milly is a mid-size mallet putter whilst the Donna is a heel toe weighted blade putter with both models featuring over hosel shafting with a full offset. Both have a standard loft of 3° and a lie of 70° that can both be adjusted by +/- 2°.

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Yes! True Alignment Putter - Product Details

UK Launch15 March 2014
UK Launch RRP£149
Hand AvailabilityRight
Right Handed Lofts
ModelsDonna, Milly
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteYes! Website

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