About Yes! Golf

Yes! PuttersYes! Putters, complete with their unique C-Groove technology, were launched by English golf coach Harold Swash in 1995 and since then have gone on to capture tournaments around the world, win multiple major championships and firmly establish themselves as one of the world’s biggest custom fit putter brand.

The C-Groove technology used in Yes! Putters involves concentric grooves being machined into the clubface at two exacting angles. When a golfer strikes the ball the Yes! clubface holds the ball for a fraction of a second longer than an ordinary putter.

This split second difference between a Yes! Putter and an ordinary putter allows the Yes! models to be consistently more accurate by lifting the ball out of its resting place while simultaneously causing the optimum topspin on the ball almost immediately. With the rolling action beginning so early in the ball’s journey towards the hole, skid and deviation are kept to a bare minimum.

Yes! PuttersAs a young company without the clout to sign multi-million dollar endorsement deals with big stars Yes! has had to fight hard to gain a foothold in the golfing world. That they have achieved that so successfully, and attracted so many professionals, is a testament to the genius of Harold Swash’s design.

Although many rival brands have tried imitate the unique C-Groove technology none have legally succeeded in replicating the properties that make C-Groove so effective.

With the range of Yes! Putters constantly expanding and professional and amateur golfers alike beguiled by the brilliance of the C-Groove technology it seems that Yes! Golf and the amazing impact of Harold Swash’s invention are likely to be around for a long time to come.