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By Jamie Kennedy

On the back of their Tour Preferred range of irons, TaylorMade have announced the arrival of their all-new Tour Preferred balls.

The four-piece Tour Preferred and five-piece Tour Preferred X balls are designed for TaylorMade's top Tour players and have already been used competition, including Sergio Garcia's win at the Qatar Masters.

Both Tour Preferred balls feature a REACT core that creates greater ball speed as well as TaylorMade's new Soft Tech cover technology. Made from a cast urethane material, TaylorMade say the cover is softer around the greens and provides more resistance to shearing, meaning they will last longer.

TayorMade Tour Preferred Ball Boxes

The dimple pattern is TaylorMade's 322-dimple Low-Drag Performance Aerodynamics, or LDP. The shape and spacing of the dimples are carefully engineered to limit distance loss on low-spin shots whilst also promoting a strong, penetrating flight into the wind.

Beneath the cover, both balls differ in make-up to target slightly different players.

TayorMade Tour Preferred Ball Layers

The standard TaylorMade Tour Preferred ball with the black numbers is aimed at players who want more mid-to-long iron spin. The four layers of the ball work together to create a ball that will spin more, and thus launch slightly higher on approach shots, compared with the Tour Preferred X.

The X-version with the red numbers has a very similar spin profile to last year's TaylorMade Lethal ball. It provides players with a slightly flatter/lower flight and better control around the green thanks in large part to the new Soft Tech cover.

TayorMade Tour Preferred Spin Comparison

Word from TaylorMade is that they expect 4 out of 5 of their Tour players will choose the Tour Preferred X model, because they are looking for "controlled iron spin for a more penetrating ball flight."

"Golf ball innovation doesn't just happen overnight. Rather, it is a series of ongoing conversation with our Tour players," said Dean Snell, vice president of golf ball R&D. "These conversations have led to the introduction of breakthrough technologies including low drag aerodynamics for ultimate wind resistance, a five-layer construction for superior control throughout the club set and now our softest and most durable cover."

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TaylorMade Tour Preferred 2014 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2014
UK Launch RRP£44.99
Handicap Range
Ball Construction4-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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