Martin Hopley
By Martin Hopley

The TaylorMade ATV Wedge is a wedge created to handle a multitude of shots and course conditions.

Thanks to its strategically designed sole geometries, the TaylorMade ATV is the most versatile wedge TaylorMade have ever created. Every edge, angle and curve was carefully designed to change how the club reacts with the turf wherever you are on the course.

Brian Bazzel, Product Creation Manager explains "You won’t find a bounce number etched anywhere into the ATV clubhead because the sole takes on different bounces depending on how you position the club for the type of shot you’re hitting, including where your hands are positioned in relation to the clubhead and depending on whether the face is square or to what degree it’s open"

The TaylorMade ATV wedge incorporates a new groove design that creates nearly as much spin of the clubface as the previous "Z" groove (now outlawed in high-level competitions). Even the area between the grooves has been improved by using a micro-texture that helps hold the ball to impart even more backspin.

The stainless steel ATV wedge maintains TaylorMade's non-plated tour satin finish and is available in seven different lofts, each with a slightly different sole. Lastly, the ATV wedge comes equipped with Lamkin's new wedge grip that extends further down the shaft to provide even more traction on shots that require you to choke-down on the grip.

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TaylorMade ATV Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch03 April 2012
USA Launch03 April 2012
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesSteel
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

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Golf Monthly
July 2012
Versitile design is impressive..and particularly from the sand

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