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By Andrew Noyce

Sun Mountain have released not one but three versions of their 2015 C-130 Cart Bag as they realise that although players may use a cart they do a lot more with their bag when they are at the course.

All of the bags are designed first and foremost to work optimally when attached to a cart. The three C-130 models come as a stand, 7-way and 14-way to give golfers the flexibility to pick the bag to suite their routine.

Some golfers like to carry their bags to the range when they arrive at the course and use the functionality of a stand when they are there. For those players the C-130S will be ideal and Sun Mountain has ensured the stand will not interfere when the bag is on the cart by including a leg-lock system to keep them tucked away.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bags

The C-130 7-way has a seven-way divided top for those who don’t care for the individual club dividers.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bags

The C-130 14-way is the traditional version of the C-130 for golfers who prefer the individual, club-divided top. Both bags also include an integrated putter well.

Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bags

The C-130 primary design is for use with a cart, so the common features across the range reflect Sun Mountain's experience in this area.

All 3 models include the reverse-orientation top and the three utility handles integrated into the top that offer multiple hand-holds for picking the bag up as well as a cart-strap tunnel which allows the cart strap to pass through the bag and not block access to any of the bag’s pockets or crush any of the pockets’ contents.

The pockets and their amount of space is one of the hallmark's of the C-130 range. Each bag includes two full length clothing pockets, two lined valuable pockets, of which one is sized for a rangefinder, a beverage pocket and several accessory pockets for balls and tees.

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Sun Mountain C130 2015 Golf Bag - Product Details

USA Launch21 November 2014
Bag TypesCart, Stand
Bag Width11 inches
Colour Options: Black/Blue, Black/Yellow, Orange/Grey, Black/Red, Green/White
Manufacturer's WebsiteSun Mountain Website

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