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By Andrew Noyce

Srixon has announced the launch of an innovative swing analysis system, the Z Swing Analyser, that it says will match you to the correct Srixon Z driver and iron set for your game in just a couple of swings.

Srixon Z Swing Analyser

Srixon's sister company Cleveland partnered with technology innovators Swingbyte to deliver their wedge analyser and it is the motion technology leaders that Srixon have also picked to help deliver this fitting solution.

The Swingbyte 2 sensor is attached to a neutrally weighted 45-inch driver and with each swing of the club it picks up 12 key variables which Srixon's Z Swing Analyser app analyses using proprietary formulae to capture the characteristics of your swing.

Srixon Z Swing Analyser

With your swing path, efficiency and attack angle, amongst other variables, all calculated it then takes the app just seconds to calculate what Srixon has named your Swing Action Score as well as the ideal set of Srixon Z Series clubs for you. Currently only available in North America at selected Srixon retailers, the company plan to make this fitting experience social, offering monthly prizes to users who post their data on their social media accounts using the #SwingActionScore hashtag.

Srixon Z Swing Analyser

Chris Beck, Srixon Brand Manager, explains the initiative:

As a brand committed to innovation and being your faithful partner in the golf industry, we are pleased to be partnering with Swingbyte on this new system that allows fitters and consumers to have a better understanding of club fit based on swing – in only about a minute. We challenge everyone to find their #SwingActionScore and see which of the new Srixon Z Series clubs are best for them.

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USA LaunchNovember 2015
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