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By Richard Peabody

Golfers tend to look for new equipment coming into the New Year, which is where Ram has stepped in. Ram believe in ‘delivering maximum performance at a great price’, announcing their new line-up of golf balls made with the thought of every golfer in mind.

Introducing four golf balls made for different outcomes: Tour Spin, Laser Spin, Laser Plus and Laser Distance.

Ram Golf Ball Hero

Starting with the Tour Spin, this golf ball has been designed to provide a balance between spin, control and carry with 3-piece construction and an 85 compression. Meaning, alongside the 392-dimple design, this ball should lead to straighter shots and be less affected by winds. The price of the Tour Spin golf balls is £29.99 for two dozen balls.

Ram Golf Ball

As the name states, the Laser Spin golf ball is said to provide higher levels of spin than traditionally offed by 2-piece balls. This golf ball would be suited for those golfers who want control on approaches to the green but do not want to pay the price of a premium golf ball such as a Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball. These balls are priced £27.99 for three dozen.

Ram Golf Ball

The final two golf balls in this range are Laser Plus and Distance. The Plus is designed to maximise distance for golfers with slower swing speeds. Compared to the Distance, intended for mid-to-fast-swinging golfers, providing a long, straight ball flight. The Laser Plus is priced had £24.99 for two dozen whereas the Laser Distance is available for £29.99 for three dozen.

Ram Golf Ball

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