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By Andrew Noyce

Whilst we have seen many equipment related changes in the rules of golf in recent years, for example changes to rules governing grooves in irons and wedges, the rules governing the golf ball have remained largely untouched.

That changed when the USGA, guardians of the rules across the pond, were faced with the MA 1.0 golf ball from the fledgling company OnCore golf.

Previously golf balls had to adhere to the maxim that they were of "traditional and customary form and make" and that meant being of solid construction, as no one had thought to produce a hollow core before Bret Blakely and Steve Coulton of OnCore golf came along.

Their ground breaking MA 1.0, standing for Maximum Accuracy, has a hollow metal core in the centre and following an appeals process that highlighted the golf ball met all the requirements for weight, initial velocity, total distance, symmetry and diameter, the USGA decided that balls such as those made by OnCore were legal exceptions to the rule regarding traditional form.

OnCore MA 1.0 Golf Ball

As a result the OnCore MA 1.0 joined the conforming list of both the USGA and R&A in May 2014 and the company are now trying to introduce it to as many golfers as possible.

The hollow metallic core at the heart of the MA 1.0 is made a proprietary metal and provides a structure that allows OnCore to move the weight out to the perimeter, which simultaneously cuts down on side-spin whilst increasing rifle spin, both of which encourage the ball to fly straighter and be more stable in flight.

The results according to OnCore are straighter drives, more accurate irons shots and even straighter putts as reduced side spin keeps the ball on line on the greens.

Surrounding the hollow metal core is a high performance polymer layer that maximises the energy transfer between club and ball for distance, and it is complemented by a tough ionomer cover for durability. The 392 dimple pattern increases lift and therefore distance.

OnCore say their mission is to create products that live up to the tagline, "you just became a better golfer", and by creating a ball that will go straighter and help you spend less time in the trees, players of all skill levels may be able to agree.



OnCore Golf MA 1.0 Golf Ball

OnCore Golf MA 1.0 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£28
USA LaunchJanuary 2014
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteOnCore Golf Website

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