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Last year Motocaddy launched the ultra-compact M1 Pro electric trolley. 40% smaller than the company's S-series trolley, the M1 Pro could be folded up so compactly that it could be stored in the overhead locker of a plane, or perhaps more sensibly in the back of your car.

Not content with that design, Motocaddy have launched their new M3 Pro trolley. The new design combines the compact size of the M1 Pro with the popular, advanced features of the S3 Pro.

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

The design of the M3 PRO has been driven by feedback from a significant number of golfers who said they loved our compact-folding technology, but would like to see additional performance features on the trolley too.

Those were the words of Motocaddy's Chairman, David Wells. Along with the rest of his team, Motocaddy have been working on the new design for more than 12 months.

It’s the perfect option for golfers who transport their trolley to the course in the boot of their car and who love to have handy features to use when playing.

The M3 Pro comes in either Black or Alpine White and is available with either an 18 (RRP £449.99) or 36 hole (RRP £599.99) lead-acid battery or a more compact, lightweight 36 hole lithium option (RRP £649.99).

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

Now whilst it is unlikely you will carry-on your M3 Pro trolley on a plane, having an electric trolley that is compact and easy-to-fold is clearly important to many golfers. For that reason, Motocaddy used the same, simple five-step folding system as used in their M1 Pro trolley. Read our review of the M1 Pro to learn about exactly how the breakdown process works.

When folded, the M3 Pro is 40% smaller than the Motocaddy S-series trolley. S-series trolleys have an "S" shape when unfolded, whilst "M" series refers to the "mini" or "micro" size of the M1 or M3 Pro trolleys when they are folded.

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

Whilst size is important, it is the advanced features that make separate the M3 Pro (right below) from the M1 Pro (left below). The M3 Pro features a full-colour digital screen that displays various distance readings as well as showing you the speed setting you have selected. The display also has a clock, battery meter, round timer and even a 5-minute timer players can use when looking for a lost ball.

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

One popular feature on modern electric trolleys is a adjustable distance control (ADC). Motocaddy's ADC system lets you set your trolley off down the fairway or towards the next tee, before stopping automatically. Where the M1 model allowed you to stop the trolley at 15, 30 or 45 metres, the M3 offers more options. It can be sent in five yard increments all the way up to 60 yards.

With all that technology, you won't want any thieves getting their hands on your new trolley. For that reason, the M3 Pro features Motocaddy's CartLock security. CartLock allows you to set a pin code on the trolley, rendering it useless to anyone that steals it.

Behind the new screen on the handle is an integrated accessory station, designed to store and display your phone or GPS device. The station can even let you charge your device thanks to a patented USB port within the handle.

One final, and hard-to-see, feature is Motocaddy's Easilock design.

Motocaddy M3 Pro Trolley

Featured on all new Motocaddy trolleys, the Easilock system essentially removes the need for a hard-to-adjust strap on the lower portion of you bag. Many elderly golfers found bending down to secure their bag quite cumbersome, so Motocaddy have added two holes at the bottom of the trolley that match up with two removable, locking pins that are available on all Motocaddy's new cart bags.

Don't have a Motocaddy cart bag? Fear not, the M3 Pro comes with detachable straps that can be also be used.

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Motocaddy M3 Pro Golf Trolley - Product Details

UK Launch20 March 2014
UK Launch RRP£449.99
Trolley TypeElectric
Wheelbase56 cm
Motor Power230 Watt
Dimensions FoldedWidth: 56cm, Height: 33.6cm, Depth: 49.7cm
Weight Without Battery10.5kg
Colour Options: Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteMotocaddy Website

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