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By Martin Hopley

The Mizuno MP-S golf ball is the first Mizuno golf ball to ever been introduced in Europe.

"We've tested all the Mizuno balls since 2005 as the technology progressed. It was critical we had something really special before we could introduce a ball to Europe. We were unanimous that the MP-S- was that special ball.” Mizuno's Tour Operations Manager, Andy Kikidas.

The multi-piece tour-level ball has only previously been available in Japan. Since 2005, Mizuno have been producing the MP balls, and the new MP-S ball is actually Mizuno's third generation MP ball.

Complete with a soft, tacky urethane cover, Mizuno say the MP-S ball produces exceptional traction around the green, whilst a large core combines with a highly resilient inner cover to produce high initial ball speeds.

The Mizuno MP-S is designed with a 318-dimple pattern. Each of the dimples is large and shallow, which Mizuno say creates a mid trajectory, stable, efficient ball flight ideally suited for better players.

Kikidas also said "Mizuno launched balls into Japan in 2005 – with a plan to hold back from the western market until there was a construction that met the tour’s expectations. What we liked about the MP-S is that it stops as quickly as it takes off. We could tell from the first touch of the tacky cover, that it would be incredibly responsive around the greens. The R&D team describe the cover as highly 'visco-elastic'. In laymans terms it means it means it's soft, but returns to its original shape quickly."

While the balance of control and touch will be preferred predominately by skilled and better players, Mizuno believe any golfer dealing with fast or firm greens will appreciate the MP-S' ability to stick to greens.

The Mizuno MP-S ball will be available to buy in Europe from mid-March 2013.

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Mizuno MP-S 2013 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch15 March 2013
USA Launch15 March 2013
Handicap Range
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

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