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Premium Japanese manufacturer Honma has introduced an all-new range of products, called Tour Release, for the 2020 season with an emphasis on providing 'premium performance matched with uncompromising craftsmanship'.

Honma TR20 Range

The TR20 range - which has already made its way into the bag of Honma staffer and Olympic and US Open Champion Justin Rose - consists of two drivers and two sets of irons. Fairway woods, hybrids and more iron models are set to follow later this year.

Honma TR20 Range

These clubs will not reach the dizzying prices of the BERES range which was announced last year and are more likely to serve as replacements for the TW747 which Rose himself did use when he first made the switch to Honma at the beginning of 2019.

Alejandro Sanchez, General Manager of Honma Golf Europe, commented:

The fact that Justin has already put the TR20 driver in his Tour bag so soon is testament to the high level of performance on offer to serious golfers. Renowned for crafted the most premium products in golf at our factory in Sakata, the drivers are our most technologically advanced yet and the irons deliver the incredible looks and feel that we pride ourselves on at Honma.

Honma TR20 Drivers

The Honma TR20 Drivers come in 460 and 440cc heads, with a nearly all-carbon body combined with a titanium frame built to generate 'explosive' distance and accuracy.

Honma TR20 Range

The TiCarbon Fast Frame has a lightweight, ribbed ET40 Carbon Crown which saves 14g of weight, while the Carbon sole saves 20g. These components also help to reduce vibrations to help with efficient deflection off the club face.

Honma TR20 Range

There are five different weight options in three strategically position weight ports, to allow golfers to optimise ball speed, launch, spin and swing weight to get the most out of their driver.

Honma TR20 Range

Behind the face, vertical grooves save an additional 2 grams of weight which Honma say can help to squeeze out an extra bit of ball speed too.

The Non-Rotating Hosel System, which we saw and liked in the TW747 Driver review, allows for eight different loft and lie adjustments to be made without changing the position of the shaft.

Honma TR20 Range

The TR20 Drivers are available at an RRP of £599 in 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degree lofts with Vizard shafts. They are due to be released in March, with fittings available from February.

Honma TR20 Irons

As you'd imagine from Honma, the TR20 irons have been crafted and engineered using premium materials which are said to deliver precise feel, distance and control to help improve your scoring.

The TR20 V Irons feature 'better player blade length', and are forged from a soft S20C carbon steel with a cavity back design. The lofts are described as strong but playable.

Honma TR20 Range

The TR20 P irons are geared towards game-improvement by providing distance and playability to the higher handicap golfers. They feature a forged S35C steel body that is supported by an L-cup face, which increases ball speeds.

Honma TR20 Range

A cavity in the back of the head is filled with tungsten, which is said to aid forgiveness, whilst a low centre of gravity and high MOI gets the ball launching high and long for those golfers who's ball-striking isn't as consistent as they'd like.

Honma TR20 Range

The irons have been designed to allow for easy blending between the two sets, so golfers can experience easy launch and forgiveness in the P long irons, and precision and control with the shorter, more compact V irons.

The TR20 Irons are both priced at £219 per club with graphite shafts, and £175 per club with steel shafts. They are due to be released in March, with fittings also available from February.


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