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Cobra have introduced a new Raw finish to their Snakebite wedge, with the non-plated finish available in three different grinds.

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

The Snakebite grooves use a CNC milling process which is designed to improve groove consistency, maximising the volume, for a 'more aggressive groove performance'. Cobra are using progressive technology, which sees tailored groove length and depths used for each wedge loft.

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

The 48 to 54 degree lofts feature a traditional groove length and narrower, deeper grooves for more consistent spin trajectories on longer shots.

The higher 56 to 60 degree lofts features full face groove length, with wider and shallower grooves to maximise spin on shorter shots played with an open face.

The 58 to 60 degree wedges feature a versatile design which moves the Cobra notch towards the heel for 'improved clubhead delivery' in different turf and sand conditions.

"We have a longstanding tradition of producing raw wedges, a legacy that traces back to Phil Rodgers, who created the original Trusty Rusty for Cobra Golf. This non-plated wedge offers a softer feel, tour-inspired aesthetics and delivers the performance golfers look for in all playing conditions."

Chad DeHart Sr, Product Line Manager, Cobra Golf.

The new Snakebite Raw wedge is available in a choice of three different grinds:

  • Versatile grind

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

An excellent all-round grind for medium to firm course conditions, featuring toe, heel and trailing edge relief.

  • Classic grind

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

Features a progressive sole width from heel-to-toe, with trailing edge relief for neutral to steeper swings in a variety of course conditions.

  • Widelow grind

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

A wide, low bounce sole works best out of soft bunkers and soft turf conditions, preventing the leading edge from digging in.

Alongside the Snakebite Raw, Cobra are also offering the Snakebite-X in additional loft options - 50, 54 and 58 degrees. This is a game-improvement model featuring a hollow cavity back design with a soft TPU insert, with a focus on maximising forgiveness with a great feel.

The wedge features Snakebite grooves across all lofts for extra spin on any open face shots, as well as a new teardrop grind for added versatility in different turf conditions.

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedges

The Snakebite Raw wedges and the Snakebite-X with new loft options will be available from 8th March, and come with a Lamkin Crossline grip as standard, while the Snakebite Raw has a KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 shaft.

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Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedge

Cobra Snakebite Raw Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch08 March 2024
UK Launch RRP£179
USA Launch08 March 2024
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameKBS Hi-Rev 2.0
Shaft TypesSteel
GripLamkin Crossline
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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