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Cobra's updated Snakebite wedge offering for 2023 features an all new model in the form of the Snakebite-X, a cavity back wedge which is designed to provide golfers with more forgiveness and more confidence.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

Whilst cavity back wedges aren't the most glamorous proposition for a lot of golfers, they can actually have plenty of benefits which make life easer around the greens.

I recently tested the standard Snakebite and was a fan of the looks and the performance around the greens, so I was keen to see whether the Snakebite-X would provide the same spin levels but with a little more forgiveness.

The Tech

The cavity back design is obviously the main difference with the Snakebite-X wedge, with the slightly oversized head built with a TPU insert behind the sweet spot to add versatility and provide a softer feel.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

The same Snakebite groove technology is there, with a precise CNC milled groove featuring sharper edges and a bigger groove volume for maximum spin. A new face milling pattern is said to produce 50% more spin in wet conditions than the previous Snakebite.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

Whilst the standard Snakebite has three different grinds available, the Snakebite-X has just one new teardrop shaped grind which is said to give golfers 'versatility in any turf conditions'.

The Snakebite-X is available in a chrome finish only in lofts from 48 up to 60 degrees, and features full face grooves on all loft options for maximum spin on shots with an open face.

Cobra Snakebite 2023 Wedge Review

Looks and Feel

The Snakebite-X looks pretty smart thanks to a shiny chrome finish on the outside of the head, and it should blend nicely for golfers who have cavity back wedges.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

The head shape is marginally more rounded than the normal Snakebite with perhaps a slightly bigger footprint at address, as well as a marginally thicker topline.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

Having said that when looking down at the face I think you'd have a hard time working out which was the Snakebite and which was the Snakebite-X, which may be a positive for those people who want the look of a normal wedge but need a little more assistance.

The wider sole design meant that there was less manoeuvrability compared to the standard Snakebite, so it felt as if the club was encouraging you to play the shot with the existing loft rather than trying to open it up too much.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

The 102g KBS shaft is much lighter than the 125g one that I used to test the standard Snakebite, which might make it easier to swing with a little more confidence.

On-Course Performance

The lighter shaft in the Snakebite-X felt easy to swing and generate speed particularly in the bunkers, but I also found that it gave me a slightly higher ball flight when hitting pitch shots into the green from a little further out. Similar to the standard Snakebite, I preferred the performance of this wedge from closer to the green compared to on fuller shots.

The 56 degree model which I tested had 10° of bounce, making it perfect for softer turf and sand, making it easier to get the club moving through the turf without digging in. It worked well, although the ground was pretty firm when I tested it, but felt very easy to keep the club moving through the soft sand.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

It really made life easy on trickier shots and meant that I didn't worry when chipping off tight lies, as I felt I could trust that the wider sole was helping me out.

I hit a number of shots from around 40 yards out and I was really impressed with the forgiveness that the club provided me, and I was impressed by the levels of spin from the CNC milled face.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

You might think that these kind of cavity back wedges don't spin as much as a bladed wedge, but having the same technology in both of the Snakebite models was a big plus for me.

The full face grooves are not always my favourite look down by the ball, as I mentioned in the Snakebite review, but on a wedge like this I can see how it might make sense for golfers looking to get a bit more help on bunker shots and shots from the rough.

Cobra Snakebite 2023 Wedge Verdict

Cobra's new Snakebite-X does exactly what the brand suggest - it provides a more forgiving option for golfers who need a little more help around the greens, without having to sacrifice any performance off the face and with a pretty similar look down by the ball.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

Whilst it does come in at the same price as Cobra's bladed Snakebite wedge at £129, which is also a £20 increase on the previous Snakebite, this is still a little cheaper than some of the brand's major manufacturers which makes it decent value for money.

There are plenty of high handicappers who will happily use forgiving cavity back irons but then still persist with a bladed wedge, when something like this could be much more suitable.

Would I Use Them?

I would rather use the standard Snakebite wedge as I preferred the extra feel and workability that it provided.

Who Are They Aimed At?

If you're looking for more creativity around the greens with a sleek look, you can go for the standard Snakebite. If you're an improving golfer or mid-handicapper who just wants a little bit more assistance around the greens, then the Snakebite-X could be for you.

Cobra Snakebite-X 2023 Wedge Review

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Cobra Snakebite-X Wedge

Cobra Snakebite-X Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch10 March 2023
UK Launch RRP£129
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts48°, 52°, 56°, 60°
Right Handed Lofts48°, 52°, 56°, 60°
Shaft NameKBS Max 85
GripLamkin Crossline
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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