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By Alessio Dello Russo

Cobra has unveiled their new Snakebite wedges, focusing on producing more 'bite' around the greens and maximising spin. The updated wedges will be available in three models, Snakebite, Snakebite One Length and an all-new game improvement model, Snakebite X.

Snakebite Wedge Hero

Incorporated in Cobra’s latest Snakebite groove technology is the most aggressive groove Cobra Golf has created to date. A re-engineered CNC Milling process helps to tighten groove tolerances and maximize groove volume. The new Groove Technology increases the groove depth by 11% and sharpens the edges by 40% to deliver maximum spin to the ball.

Cobra’s spin technology enhances performance by tailoring groove lengths and groove depth for each wedge loft. The 48–54 degree lofts feature a traditional groove length with narrower and deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin and trajectories on the lower lofted wedges.

Whereas the 56–60-degree lofts feature full face groove length with wider and shallower grooves to maximise spin on shots with an open face when the ball is more likely to make contact with the high toe area.

Snakebite Wedge Face

In addition, the 58 and 60 degree wedges feature a new versatile notch design that moves the classic Cobra notch towards the heel for improved clubhead delivery through any turf or sand conditions.

Satin chrome and QPQ black finishes are available for the Snakebite wedge along with three grind choices: - Versatile, an all-around grind for medium to firm course conditions. - Classic, featuring a progressive sole width, with trailing edge relief for more neutral and steeper swings. - Widelow, a wide, low bounce sole for soft bunkers and turf and prevents the leading edge from digging.

Snakebite Wedge 2

Designed at 37.5” and delivering the same spin-enhancing groove technologies as the variable length model, the Snakebite One Length wedge complements Cobra’s one-length irons. The One Length wedge encourages a repeatable setup and swings for consistency and accuracy around the greens. This wedge is offered in 48, 52, 54, 56 and 60 degree lofts with the Versatile Grind.

Snakebite X Wedge

The all-new game improvement model, Snakebite X, features a hollow cavity back design built with a soft TPU insert, allowing a greater feel and forgiveness.

The wedge features full-face Snakebite grooves across all lofts to provide spin performance on any open-face shots. Additionally, the wedge is equipped with a new teardrop grind that provides versatility in any turf conditions. This wedge is offered in 48, 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts in a satin chrome finish and is priced at £129.

Each Snakebite wedge features a black Lamkin Crossline grip. Both the Snakebite and Snakebite One Length wedges come equipped with an aftermarket KBS Hi-Rev 2.0 (125g) steel shaft. Whereas the SnakebiteX wedge is offered with a KBS MAX 85 (102g) steel shaft.

All Snakebite models are available Friday, March 10th, 2023.

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Cobra Snakebite Wedge

Cobra Snakebite Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch10 March 2023
UK Launch RRP£129
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts52°, 56°, 60°
Right Handed Lofts48°, 49°, 50°, 51°, 52°, 53°, 54°, 55°, 56°, 57°, 58°, 59°, 60°
Shaft NameKBS Hi-REV 2.0 Wedge (125G)
GripLamkin Crossline (58R) - Black (48g)
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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