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If you wanted distance and ball speed then nobody did it better than Cobra last year, as my video on the Best Game Improvement Irons of 2022 proved.

The LTDx range was big, strong and long. This year's offering from Cobra is called Aerojet, and the intention is to give higher handicap golfers what they want, which in the brand's words is "the thrill of hitting a 7 iron 155+ yards on the fly."

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

Cobra carried out a survey on 10-20 handicap golfers to find out what they wanted in an iron. The categories which came out on top were distance, forgiveness, accuracy and feel.

Let's find out if they've managed to do it...

The Tech

The new Aerojet range is said to enable golfers to pursue new levels of speed and distance, and features three main technologies which help towards this goal.

The first is a progression from the previous Pwr-Cor to a new Pwr-Bridge which is inspired by the Da Vinci bridge design of 1504. This construction is suspended across the head from heel to toe, which frees up the body frame and structure for more face flex.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

The Pwr-Bridge weight is now fully suspended within the head, and is 42g in the 4 and 5 iron, and 69g in the 6 and 7 iron.

Cobra first included a Pwrshell Hot Face in the Radspeed irons and this continues in to the Aerojet. This 17-4 face is strong but thin and lighter than ever before, said to produce up to 1.8mph more ball speed than the LTDx.

There are 15 optimised zones allocated across the face to capture strikes that don't always find the centre also, in order to keep ball speed high.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

Finally, a 7g Polymer filler is inserted between the Pwr-Bridge and Pwrshell Face to dampen the sound and improve the feel at the point of impact.

The Aerojet irons are available in both standard and one length offerings, and available in 4-PW with the option of a GW and SW.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review


I didn't have an LTDx in a 6 iron to directly compare the performance, but I could use it when comparing looks. The topline of the Aerojet was noticeably thinner thanks to the added chamfer on either side.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

The blade length seemed shorter also and you can't see much bulk at address. The colour scheme for this year is black, red, blue and white which I do prefer to the orange of the LTDx. The cap on the back of the head hides the 3D printing which was the story of 2022.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

The heads are still on the bulky end of the spectrum but they are better looking than last time, with a large surface area to look at and a wide sole to help you out on those chunky strikes.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

When Cobra surveyed 10-20 handicap golfers, only 6% of those asked said that looks were a motivation when buying irons, hence why the brand have leant into performance more than looks even though they are more appealing than the LTDx.


24% of 10-20 handicap golfers said that feel was a factor when buying irons, although I think the importance of this changes from a player using blades to one using distance irons.

Distance irons want to feel fast and sturdy with a ball that shoots into the air easily. These do just that, they're aimed at people who sweep the ball and don't compress it or take big divots.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

If you want to feel face stability and effortless speed, these irons could be for you. My shots never seemed to leave the centre line on the Trackman range, I had that amazing repetitive feeling over my shots during testing.


The Aerojet produced some of the most consistent data I have ever had from an iron. My ball speed was comparable to other manufacturers, but it was the fastest and slowest numbers which stood out. A difference of just 4mph between my good and bad strikes meant that every shot landed between 146 and 153 yards every time - I felt like a robot!

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

As Cobra suggested, the spin was low at 4831rpm but it still launched at 19 degrees with a peak height of 75 feet which is going to help the ball stop once it lands on the green despite the low spin.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

Low launch and spin was an issue in my testing last year and this seems to have been addressed. Stopping distances won't be as good as with a better player iron, but golfers using these irons are wanting to make it to the green first, and holding it is the next challenge.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Verdict

Last year I gave the LTDx irons 3 stars due to their low ball flight and poor looks, both of these have been addressed with the Aerojet which is great to see.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

The performance of these heads focuses on distance and once again will match anything 'the big four' manufacturers have to offer. Just be careful that they aren't too low launching or spinning for your swing speed, I felt that with a touch more of these two attributes I would have made the 150 yard average carry easily.

All in all, Aerojet is a range packed with technology which offers unbelievable accuracy and fast ball speeds with a confidence building head.

Would I Use Them?

No, the spin is a little too low for me and the sole is a bit too chunky so I would struggle with strike from the grass as well as the ability to shape the ball. These irons aren't aimed at my ability.

Who Are They Aimed At?

Players with a handicap in double figures who want to gain an extra club or two in distance without having to change their swing. These straighten out a golfer's ball flight and capture off-centre strikes really well.

Cobra Aerojet Irons Review

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Cobra Aerojet Iron

Cobra Aerojet Irons - Product Details

UK Launch10 February 2023
UK Launch RRP£799
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameKBS Tour Lite 100
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripLamkin Crossline
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCobra Website

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