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By Andrew Noyce

Big Max has added to its i-Dry Aqua series of golf bags for 2015 with three new bags that will keep all your gear dry whatever the weather.

The new bags, called Aqua O, Aqua M and Aqua 7, are all of ultra-lightweight construction and offer different size and storage options so there is one to suit the demands of every player. Combine this with Big Max's proven i-Dry waterproof technology and you can see why the company say their products are aimed a taking the little stresses out of golf.

Big Max Aqua O Golf Bag

The Aqua O is the largest of the three bags with an oversize 10 inch top and 14 full length dividers including an enlarged compartment to handle today's oversize putter grips.

Despite the size the Aqua O weighs in at just 2.7kg and combines the storage features of a Tour bag with the convenience of a lightweight waterproof cart bag.

Big Max Aqua O Golf Bag

The Aqua O is available in Black/Charcoal, Black/Yellow, Charcoal/Red, White/Lime colour schemes and has a SRP of £219.

Big Max Aqua M

The Aqua M is Big Max's mid-size offering that has a 9 inch, 14 way divider top and weighs just 2.4kg. With 9 large storage pockets, including a cooler pocket and larger putter compartment, the Aqua M is a practical, fully waterproof trolley option.

Big Max Aqua M Golf Bag

The Aqua M is available in Black/Charcoal, Black/Lime, Taupe/Orange, White/Pink, White/Red and has a SRP of £189.99.

Big Max Aqua 7

The Aqua 7 is for golfers who prefer to carry their bags on the course. Weighing in at only 2.3kg despite the 7 storage pockets the Aqua is a comfortable option that still gives you ample room for a full set of clubs and necessary accessories.

Big Max Aqua 7 Golf Bag

The legs of the bag can be locked for days you prefer to use a cart and the i-Dry waterproofing ensures that despite the bags lightweight nature, your gear will get heavy duty weather protection.

The Aqua 7 is available in Black/Charcoal, Black/Red, Taupe/Orange, White/Red and has an SRP of £139.99.

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Big Max Aqua 7 Golf Bag

Big Max Aqua 7 Golf Bag - Product Details

UK Launch04 March 2015
UK Launch RRP£139.99
Bag TypesCarry
Bag Weight2.3 kg
Colour Options: Black/Grey, Black/Red, Grey/Orange, White/Red
Manufacturer's WebsiteBig Max Website

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