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The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball is a replacement for two balls from the 2016 Titleist Performance range, namely the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S.

Titleist Tour Soft 2018 Golf Ball

Having the word 'soft' in the product name of a ball seems to be ever more important these days unless it is a premium tour ball, so having 'tour' in their isn't going to harm things either.

The NXT range tried to bring that performance of a premium ball into a lower price bracket and the NTX Tour S was the softer feeling, lower compression version.

No surprise then that the Tour Soft uses the same two piece construction as the NXT Tour S, but with a little more firmness that it gets from the NXT Tour.

Titleist Tour Soft 2018 Golf Ball

The core of the Tour Soft is the largest that Titleist has created to date and this is the engine of the ball to provide the speed.

The cover is 4CE that provides a decent amount of grip without being as responsive as the urethane cover you would find on a premium ball like the Pro V1.

It features 432 dimples in a spherically tiled cuboctahedron design, which I challenge you to say after a few post round refreshments, and that manages the Tour Soft's trajectory and flight.

To find out what that is, I took it on GC2 against the previous two balls and with a 7-iron the Tour Soft was spinning a bit a more, which hit the distance a little as it was also launching slightly higher than the previous NXT Tour S.

Titleist Tour Soft 2018 Golf Ball

With the driver it was a different story as the spin was lower than the previous NXTs and therefore with the higher launch the Tour Soft was just ahead of the NXT Tour S and up with NXT Tour.

Titleist Tour Soft 2018 Golf Ball

In terms of feel on and around it was of course softer than the NXT Tour and a different type of soft to the Tour S. The NXT Tour S felt and sounded 'hollow soft' whereas the Tour Soft is more 'quiet soft', so it depends on how you like your softness when you putt.

On chips and pitches the Tour Soft was reasonable for spin and control, so pretty similar to the NXT Tour, which is pretty good as sometimes when you lower compression and price point, the control is what gives. At the end of the day, you should just try the Tour Soft and see if the control and performance suits your game.

Titleist Tour Soft 2018 Golf Ball

The Tour Soft comes in white or yellow and with a mid-market price point, the middle of the road is probably where it is. If you want more control, then move up for Pro V1, or if you want something cheaper but are willing to give up a little spin control, then head for Titleist Velocity 2018.

Or if you want the best of both Titleist worlds, then go for the Tour Soft.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist Tour Soft Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 February 2018
UK Launch RRP£32
USA Launch24 January 2018
USA Launch RRP$35
European Launch RRP€43
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Ball Construction2-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite, Yellow
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

User Reviews

October 2018

I am a 88 to 92 golfer and I played about every good named ball. I also love the Tour Soft. I don't have a big swing due to neck surgery. But I average about 235 with the Tour Soft and also get a good roll out. I can't spin any ball on the green so I don't worry about. I also shot my lowest round with the Tour soft I shot a 79. That's all I play now.

September 2018

I like the discontinued NXT and the new Tour Soft off the tee, but the Tour Soft does stop a little better on the green. They seem to putt the same. If the greens are likely to be soft, I'll stick with my old NXTs until they run out, and on firm greens will use the new Tour Soft.

Ian B
September 2018

Straighter flight with driver and fairway woods over the Pro V1 and only slightly less spin on wedge shots. The ball seems very durable and still looked fresh after 18 holes. Overall a great ball for the price and will buy again!

HCP 19+
August 2018

I have been using the NXT Tour S for the past couple of years. When I heard the Tour Soft was replacing it, I decided to use up all of my NXT's first. Well, yesterday was my first day using the Tour Soft. Holy cow! I have never seen one of my golf balls get that much roll out on my drives. I am guessing I was getting a extra 20 yards just on the roll. Also, off the tee the ball feels absolutely perfect. I am using an older Titleist driver, and even my mis-hits off of the toe still travelled much farther than any other ball I have used. On my course hole 18 is a long par 5 that dog legs left right at about 300yds. I hit my drive 324 yards and was able to take my 3 wood and get to the green in 2, which I have never been able to do on that hole (full disclaimer, I live at 4,500 ft elevation, so yardage would be different at sea level). I highly recommend this ball, especially for high handicappers.

Spider Dubiel
August 2018

I have been playing this ball for the last 3 weeks. I have tried Callaway Chrome softs, Supersofts, Titleist True Soft and a few others but I really like these Titleist Tour Softs. Enhanced control and feel like a 3 piece ball to me. Nice feel off of the putter and other clubs as well. Seem durable as well. I shot an extremely good round the first time I used them. I am going to continue with this one. Titleist has a winner with this one.

July 2018

The Titleist Tour Soft is an excellent ball. Great feel, distance, and control. Forget that it's 2 piece. It plays like a multi layer ball. It's not a urethane cover, but it checks up really well, and it's all around greenside play is superb. My drives are longer and stay inside the fairway better. My iron contact and control is much better. Putting feel and sound is very good, my distance control has improved. The Yellow is a brite shinny color, not that stupid matte (cheaper to make) flat color. Priced about right, my second ball of choice, Titleist DT TruSoft, save $13/dz. when I feel poor or play a tough course.

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