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Titleist is back with the 3rd iteration of the T-Series irons, this time including an all new T350 model. Described as the ‘ultimate game improvement iron’, allowing golfers to hit it far, long, and fast with high levels of forgiveness, all wrapped up in a tour-inspired design.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

Visually, it looks great, but will it perform as well as Titleist are claiming when put to the test?

The Tech

With a game-improvement iron, and this being what Titleist claim to be their best ever in that category - as expected, there's plenty of tech.

Player’s Construction

The T350 is larger and more forgiving than the T200, while the multi-material, hollow-body construction retains a pure feeling on impact. The design of the T350 is directly inspired by the T200 chassis and upon first looks, bares very little difference.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

Better Tungsten for Better Results

Across the T-series irons we see the use of dense D18 tungsten weighting, split between the heel and toe of the club to allow for precision CG placement and optimum MOI. We see the same tungsten throughout each model in the T-series irons to further bridge the gap between the Player’s iron and the Game Improvement iron.

Fast Across the Face

The new dual-taper, forged face in the T350 long carry distances even with off-centre strikes, paired with the refined Max Impact Technology to help players chase those top ball speeds.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

Turf Interaction

Another element seen in all four models of the T-series irons is the work done alongside the experts at Vokey Design, to develop effortless turf interaction across every model in the series.

The T350 irons have the same improved Variable Bounce Sole seen in the T100, T150 and T200, with a softened trailing edge to allow the club to flow faster through the turf. This is to bring a ‘tour-level feel’ through the turf even with the game improvement set.

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Titleist T350 23 Irons Review

Looks and Feel

When we think about game improvement irons, we might imagine an overly clunky looking clubhead, big enough to get away with any off-centre strikes (a little like the previous T300 model from 2021. In the T350 model we very much get this forgiveness, but the aesthetics of the clubhead move away from its stereotype and more into the clean, sleek design seen in the other T-series irons.

This doesn't like look a traditional game-improvement iron. Nowhere near in fact, until you put the the club down by the ball...

Titleist T350 23 Irons

Even if we were to take this club away from the game improvement category and discuss the general appearance of the T350, it’s incredibly smart and sharp across the body. The top line has been partly blurred which gives the illusion that the clubhead is sleeker than it really is, which I think is a great touch.

Something I like across the whole T-series range is the simplicity of each design. As expected with Titleist irons, there are no unnecessary details crowding the clubhead. Rather a few small, subtle features allow for a very professional looking club – even in the T350 model.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

The Data

Titleist describes the T350 as ‘high, far and forgiving’. We headed over to HUKD Golf in Bury, to get some numbers from Foresight and see how well this club performed in these areas.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

First of all, I was impressed with the distances I was getting with the T350, especially in the carry compared to the other models. As you'd expect, the iron was very easy to hit, and I felt like I could get a lot of power going behind it.

There was a very slight drop off in backspin with the T350 6-iron compared to the other models, but it kept up well in terms of distance and ball speed. The main downfall came in the left-to-right dispersion, with the T350 seeing almost double any of the other three models. This is down to me however, the head shape and size meant that I struggled to strike the T350 iron consistently - I was custom fitted for the T150s

Outdoor Performance

For me hitting the T350 off the turf didn’t quite live up to the same feeling as I had with the T150 or the T200. Although the club does get the ball up quickly, I really noticed the variation in shot types with a large amount of dispersion noticeable just visually.

The T350 doesn’t allow for the same amount of control and precision seen in the lower models. Although I wasn’t getting the same concentrated landing area, the club generally was easy to hit and get going. It felt as though there was lots of room for error which would be a huge benefit to golfers in this ‘Game Improvement’ side of the range.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

When testing out the T200 model, I noticed there was a big difference in the sound at impact when compared to the T100 and T150. I feel this was even more noticeable with the T350 model, as there was just a bit more clunkiness behind the ball with this club.

Titleist T350 Irons Verdict

For my game, the T350 wasn’t the right fit. To allow for more forgiveness, there had to be some sacrifice in terms of precision and control. I can however appreciate that the golfer looking to use these clubs probably isn’t pitching that as the most important thing when choosing the right set of irons. In terms of getting long distances, with a high ball flight and confidence through a very forgiving club head, the T350 performs very well in these categories.

The icing on the cake here is how visually pleasing these irons are, allowing you to feel as though you’ve still got a performance club in the bag. I find the focus on tour-level design without sacrificing game improvement performance very impressive. This is an exciting club to bring to market, and I’m sure a lot of players will love having this in the bag both visually and physically.

Every club in the T-series irons comes at the same price - £178.50 per club for a steel shaft, or £192.50 for graphite. If you’re someone who fits into this Game Improvement category and feel your own clubs are lacking in some of the areas the T350 performs well in, you may want to give these irons a go.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

Who Are These Clubs At?

The T350 irons are the ‘Game Improvement’ irons of the new T-series range. These are great for golfers who want a tour-inspired look with their clubs, whilst still retaining high levels of forgiveness, distance and speed.

Would I Use Them?

For me, the T350 irons weren’t the right fit to my game. I didn’t need as high levels of forgiveness in my irons, and so I was more suited in the T150 and T200 sets to swap some of that out for more control and precision.

Titleist T350 23 Irons

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist T350 23 Iron

Titleist T350 23 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch25 August 2023
UK Launch RRP£1249.50
European Launch25 August 2023
European Launch RRP€1399
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper AMT Red
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
GripTitleist Universal 360
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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