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Titleist have revamped their T-Series irons for 2021, and I got the privilege of visiting their new Performance Centre at Woburn Golf Club to put all of the new irons heads through their paces.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

As you've probably guessed by the title, this review will be focusing on the new T300 irons which Titleist are describing as the 'ultimate game improvement iron'.

Yes, Titleist do produce golf clubs for higher handicap players, even if this does appear to be a detraction from the traditional opinion that they make clubs aimed at the 'better golfers'. However the brand say that their focus is on 'committed golfers' rather than just better players - these are the people who are playing every few days and want to keep improving by investing in coaching, club memberships and equipment.

Titleist T100 & T100S 2021 Irons

If you want higher launch, faster ball speed, more forgiveness and more distance, then this review is certainly worth a read as it's exactly what Titleist are claiming to offer with these irons...

What's It All About?

A mid-size cavity back iron, the T300 has been upgraded for 2021 to include 40% more tungsten inside the head than in the original T300. This configuration makes it easier for Titleist to accurately place the centre of gravity in order to achieve optimal launch and spin rates as well as raising MOI.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

There is also an updated version of the Max Impact technology in the 4-7 irons, which now feature a cantilever core support structure, sturdy polymer core and variable face design, all of which are designed to contribute to increased ball speed and feel.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

Titleist has gone all out with the tungsten weighting in these long irons, with the 4-7 irons having the highest density for more efficient usage of the overall mass. In English, this basically means that the club face is weighted to be more stable through the strike, meaning that it'll twist less when the ball is struck from the toe or heel.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

The face utitlises a variable face thickness (VFT) design which we have also seen from the likes of Callaway and Ping in recent years. It is thinner towards the heel compared to the toe, to help keep ball speeds up and add forgiveness on the 'weaker' areas of the face where you'd usually see bigger drop-offs in distance and accuracy.

Both the standard steel and graphite shaft options are designed with high launch, high spin characteristics which add to the forgiving, game-improvement feel of the irons. The lofts are around 2 degrees stronger than the T200 irons, and it is this combination which should provide the added distance that Titleist suggest you're going to see.

The Test

I tested these irons at the Titleist Performance Centre at Woburn Golf Club, using the Trackman 4 simulator and Titleist Pro V1x golf balls. I wanted to see the difference between these and the T200 irons which are a little sleeker in their look, and provide a little more of an emphasis on looks and feel rather than all-out distance and forgiveness.

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Titleist T300 Irons Review

Looks and Feel

The T300 irons still retain much of the same look as the first generation of the iron, perhaps more so than any of the other irons in the T-Series.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

On the back of the club head you can still see the Max Impact technology as well as the addition of the tungsten weighting, particularly in the longer irons. There is a little bit more black and red added to the design, whilst the overall appearance is a touch softer, but really it is very similar.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

The blade length is actually similar to last year's T200 iron but the overall footprint still felt bigger thanks to a thicker sole, topline, more offset and a bit more bulk behind the ball, which makes it quite evident that this iron is the next level up when it comes to game improvement.

Putting it down by the ball I was reminded more of the Callaway Apex DCB irons than a typical Titleist iron.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

The shiny chrome finish isn't my favourite, but I think it works in game improvement clubs and it is more durable than the brushed effect, which may come in handy because higher handicappers tend to spend more time playing from the rough...

The T300 produced a slightly louder, 'clickier' noise than the T200 although I'd say it felt a little more stable overall. You don't get the same soft, responsive feel as with the more compact irons though - I couple of times I thought I'd turned the ball over but when I looked up the ball was flying straighter than I expected (not that I'm complaining).

Titleist T300 2021 Irons


Hitting the T300 irons off the beautiful turf at the new Performance Centre, I found that they were a big step up in forgiveness and help in comparison to the T200.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

It felt as if the club was hitting the ball for me, and I needed very little effort to achieve my fastest ball speeds out of the T-Series range, at an average of 102.6 mph with the 7 iron.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

An average carry distance of 137 yards, topping out at 143 yards on my best hit, made them comfortably the longest of the range. Of course I expected this to be the case given the strong lofts and easy launch characteristics, so I was more interested in the spin numbers.

Titleist say that they have worked to improve spin rates in the new range to help you avoid getting those real fliers, including the addition of high-spin shaft options.

There were two shots that dipped down towards 5000rpm, but the rest were very impressive with a few shots comfortably over 7000 rpm.

At 29 degrees for a 7 iron, the T300 features the same loft configuration as the first generation of the T300. This is 2 degrees stronger than the T200 7 iron, 3 degrees stronger than the T100s and 5 degrees stronger than the T100, making these spin rates seem even more impressive.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

The difference in the launch and land angle between the T100 and T300 irons were within 1 degree of each other, which emphasises that the 'drop and stop' technology is in full force throughout the whole series.

Titleist T300 Irons Verdict

The T300 irons are clearly aimed at providing easy launch with forgiveness and plenty of distance in a friendly-sized package. They slot comfortably in the mid-handicap category and I found them much easier to hit than the T200 irons.

Titleist's reputation is that they make golf clubs aimed at the better player, but the new T300 irons prove that their offering has widened in recent years as the brand seek to appeal to the dedicated golfer, not just low handicappers.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons

Who Are They Aimed At?

These are clearly aimed at higher-handicap golfers but still contain all of the love and effort, as well as the technology, that you'd expect from Titleist.

Titleist T100 & T100S 2021 Irons

They're big in profile and they launch high with ease. If you're in the market for a set of forgiving irons then I'd certainly add the T300 to the Callaway Apex DCB, Ping G425 and Mizuno JPX Hot Metal irons on your list to try.

Would I Use Them?

For the gains in distance that I enjoyed, I probably should, but I am still clinging on to looks and feel over performance. I think that this is something all golfers do - no matter what the manufacturer says.

Game improvement irons like this are getting better, but there's still the same trade-off in that you have to give up feel and sound in order to gain the distance and forgiveness, so I'd suggest that anyone with a handicap in double figures, all the way up to complete beginners, should try these if you want to make life easier for yourself.

Titleist T300 2021 Irons


  • Distance increase compared to the rest of the T-Series range
  • Blade length is still relatively short despite the game-improvement style
  • Plenty of effortless launch and forgiveness


  • Seeing the weights in the long irons may not be for everyone
  • It looks vastly different from the T200 so will stand out in your bag as a game-improvement iron

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Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Titleist T300 2021 Iron

Titleist T300 2021 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch26 August 2021
UK Launch RRP£896
USA Launch26 August 2021
European Launch26 August 2021
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper AMT Red
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
GripGolf Pride Tour Velvet 360
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional ClubsGW, SW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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