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Titleist is back with the third iteration of the T-Series irons including the new T150 model. The forged T150 irons are designed for players wanting a tour look and feel, with increased speed, distance, and forgiveness.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

The new T-Series irons look to fit each individual player with the optimum set, even if this means a blended set between different models in the series.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

I was lucky enough to be invited down to the Titleist Performance Centre at Woburn, to get a closer look at all of the irons in the new range and undergo a full fitting for the new T150 irons.

The Tech

The T150 irons feature the same technology as the T100, albeit with a few subtle differences.

Shaped to Suit the Player

These irons retain the same offset measurements and blade lengths as seen in the T100 with the main visual difference being a thicker topline and widened sole.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

This has come from feedback from the previous T-series where players felt the shape of the T100s was too far on the smaller side. The T150 irons also have 2-degree stronger lofts than the T100, for players needing a little help getting to those top ball speeds.

Muscle Channel and precision CNC face milling

The T150 irons feature a re-engineered Muscle Channel through the back bar, that’s been shifted towards the face allowing for even higher ball speeds.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

A new refined precision CNC face milling process also eliminates imperfections in the surface leading to better contact and control.

Split D18 Tungsten

Titleist uses ultra-dense D18 tungsten split between the heel and toe of the club to allow for precision CG placement and optimum MOI. The tungsten is held in place via a 2000° aerospace brazing process, which ultimately removes the need for weld points, giving better control of the weight distribution throughout the clubhead.

Turf Interaction

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

Working alongside the experts at Vokey Design, the T150 irons have an improved Variable Bounce Sole, with a softened trailing edge to allow the club to flow faster through the turf. This is to bring a ‘tour-level feel’ through the turf in each iron throughout the set.

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Titleist T150 Irons Review

Looks and Feel

The T150 is a new addition to the T-series compared to previous sets. This year Titleist have still included the stronger lofted model on the T100s, however this new T150 club is slightly larger overall.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

For me in terms of looks, this was ideal. I felt much more confident at address with the T150 irons, knowing I’d also be getting a bit more forgiveness from this larger shape.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

The clubs are very slick and clean, with no unnecessary added detail. They’ve even gone a bit old school with the Titleist logo sitting back on the cavity, giving a very smart and professional look to the clubs.

The Data

The first thing I noticed hitting balls at Hukd Golf was how consistent my ball flight was. Within the first 20 shots, every single one had a right-to-left sidespin, resulting in the same draw flight each time. This was a huge tick for me, as the most important thing with my irons is having confidence over the shot shape to get my approaches close.

The second positive was straight away seeing an increase in distance and ball speed compared to my previous irons, albeit these are around 7 years old now. We also ran through each iron in the set and saw a consistent 5mph increase in ball speed between each club – a number that aligns with Titleist’s distance gapping requirements.

In relation to the other T-series models, it was clear looking at the Foresight data as to why this set had been fit for me. We tested out a 6-iron in each of the models, and a summary of the results can be seen here.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

The T150 shows the highest numbers in every category in terms of speed and distances, as well as the most consistent shot-shape throughout each of the T-series models. Although the T200 was a close contender, I wasn’t as keen on the shaping of this model as we see a lot more bulk across the back of the club. The T200 had the largest distance dispersion of 10 yards in carry and 8 yards in total.

The T350 has a similar design to the T200 and gave me the most left-to-right dispersion by far, with this model being the ‘game improvement’ set of the series.

Outdoor Performance

Part of the Titleist fitting procedure includes a big focus on descent angle – giving the player the optimum stopping power to help control the ball landing on the green.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

This was evident straight away taking the T150 irons out at Reddish Vale Golf Club, seeing the pitch mark usually around 10ft behind the ball with the 6-iron and getting backspin with the pitching wedge.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

I felt the stopping power here was seriously impressive and isn’t something I’m used to seeing a lot of in my own game. I also really enjoyed the feel of the turf interaction, especially with the shorter irons – something I hadn’t been able to experience testing on the range at HUKD.

Titleist T150 Irons Verdict

The T150 irons are great for any players looking for high ball speeds, precision control and a clean, sharp feel on impact. These irons solve the issue of the older T100 and T100s clubheads being that slight bit too small, without compromising on the tech or visuals of the clubs.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

At £178.50 per club for a steel shaft, or £192.50 for graphite, the cost of a full iron set comes with a large price tag. However, the difference my fitted T150 set had against my 7-year-old clubs was very clear across all categories of performance, and for this I’d say anyone in a similar position should absolutely consider getting fit for an updated set.

Equally, if you’re someone who didn’t take to the previous T100s due to the clubhead size, the T150 irons could be the set for you.

Who are these clubs for?

The T150 irons are perfect for any player who wants everything in the T100s, but with that slight bit more forgiveness and reassurance. These clubs are also designed to help players who struggle to reach those top ball speeds and could do with a little assistance there, as we saw when testing the different T-series models at Hukd.

Would I use them?

The Titleist T150 irons are heading straight into the bag for me. Not only am I really impressed with the feel, looks and performance of the clubs, but the added reassurance from being custom fit adds another level of confidence in my iron game.

Titleist T-Series Utilities 2023

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Titleist T150 23 Iron

Titleist T150 23 Irons - Product Details

UK Launch25 August 2023
UK Launch RRP£1249.50
USA Launch RRP$1399
European Launch25 August 2023
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper Projext X LZ
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
GripTitleist Universal 360
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, GW
Manufacturer's WebsiteTitleist Website

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