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TaylorMade's TP collection has transformed the brand's putter offerings from being a bit of an afterthought, to one of the major players in the flat-stick market.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Now in its third generation, the TP Collection has gone from strength to strength with a range of different styles to suit just about every golfer. After experimenting with Red and Black Copper finishes, 2019 sees the introduction of the TP Patina range.

What's It All About?

The main change here is the addition of a patina finish on the putter, which combines both black nickel and copper to create a worn-looking 'reveal' on the edges and sole of the putter. The most common example of this effect would be the Statue of Liberty, which features a thin layer of patina over its original copper finish.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

TaylorMade has kept its PureRoll aluminium insert, which is now 5mm thicker, which is said to produce both great sound and feel, two important components when deciding whether a putter is right for you. This insert has been in the TP Collection putters since the TP Red models were released, and also optimise roll characteristics for more consistent results.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

This new insert is now fastened by two screws located in the cavity, which sits better on the head to minimise any air pockets underneath the insert, to create a more solid feel when you strike the ball.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Sole weights from 2.5 up to 20 grams are available too, so that you can ensure you have the correct swing weight to suit your putter shape and preferences.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

TaylorMade Say...

The TP Patina Putter Collection is built for golfers who favour a smooth and traditional putter shape still backed by unrivalled performance and technology. All in, TP Patina is a look from the past that plays like the future.

The Test

We managed to get our hands on both of the new head shapes in this collection - the eye-catching DuPage and the Del Monte - to put them to the test. I wanted to ensure that both putters received suitable attention, so I separated them into two full days of testing.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

I took the Del Monte Putter with me to play at Le Golf National, in Paris, whilst the DuPage mallet was put through its paces at Withington Golf Club. As well as playing 18 holes using the putters, I also spent some time on the putting greens hitting putts of different lengths and breaks to really ensure that I had covered all bases.

TaylorMade TP Patina DuPage Putter Review

The new DuPage putter features a slightly updated design from the traditional mallet shape, thanks to two slots which are cut out from the back frame of the head. These make it feel a little lighter and pushes the weight to either side of the head, which I think adds a little forgiveness for those all too often bad putting strokes.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

The single bend shaft gives a nice, clean look at address with full view of the face, and the club sits really well down by the ball. The single stripe running down the back of the putter works well to frame the ball up and helps with alignment too.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

The DuPage is a face-balanced putter and will suit those golfers who have a straight-back, straight-through stroke. Whilst being a friendly, confidence-inspiring shape, the putter is not too big either. I think this may be popular with golfers who have been used to using more of a blade-style and want to make the switch to something a little more forgiving.

I actually really liked the grey/bronze patina finish on this head. The trademark red PureRoll insert adds a little bit of interest and may just be visible at address depending on your setup, helping you to focus your strike towards the centre of the face.

When testing on the putting green, I felt that the DuPage was particularly strong from long-range, whilst also being very consistent on the short putts too.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

This is not to say that it struggled from the 10-30 foot range, but I just felt that it took a little while to get the pace right on these putts, due to the combination of the large head yet soft feel.

I was surprised with how well the putter fared on the shorter putts. As mallet putters have a little extra weight, I felt like this was more solid on the 'knee-knockers' and allowed me to focus on just bringing the putter back and through without worrying too much about my stroke.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

From long range, this weight meant that it was easier to get the ball to the hole without it feeling like you are swinging stupidly hard at it, which can sometimes be the case with a blade putter on slower greens in the UK. The whole club felt well balanced however, with a relatively heavy grip and shaft, therefore allowing for a smooth stroke to be made rather than trying to 'hit' the putts.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

TaylorMade had promised improved sound and feel thanks to the new PureRoll insert and I think it delivered pretty well. The insert was certainly not the softest I have used, but I liked this as it gave you a little more feedback on your strike, whilst there's a nice, hollow-sounding click when you hit the putt.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

TaylorMade TP Patina Del Monte Putter Review

The Del Monte putter essentially looks like a chunky version of an Anser-style blade, such as the Soto and Juno models in this range, although with a single bend shaft. When I first put this in my hands I couldn't help but be reminded of the Odyssey Versa Wide putter used by Danny Willett to win the 2016 Masters.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

It is said to give off a slightly firmer feel at impact, and the slight 8° toe hang suits those golfers with a bit more of an arc in their putting stroke.

Though the squat head did look pretty good at address, I couldn't help but think that an alignment line on the topline of the head would've really added to it as it would've looked great, and stood out really well, on the grey putter surface.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Both during my session on the putting green and out on the course during my round, I was struggling to get my alignment correct. The putter felt good in my hands, thanks to the extremely tacky Super Stroke grip, but the results weren't quite as I wanted it.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

I especially found this an issue on the short to mid range putts. There was something about the slightly bigger head which just felt like it didn't suit an arcing stroke, despite TaylorMade's claims to the contrary. I must stress that much of putting is down to personal preference and so this may just be relevant to my own putting stroke and characteristics.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Like the DuPage putter, the putter felt nice and balanced in my hands and it was very easy to make a smooth, full stroke. The insert did feel a little firmer, and possibly a little noisier, but I didn't mind this particularly.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Playing at Le Golf National there are plenty of undulations not only on the greens but around it too, and on a couple of occasions I had to swallow my pride and take the putter out from the links-style runoff areas around the putting surfaces, but it performed admirably.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

I was impressed with the consistency of the roll throughout my whole round, and the ball felt like it was almost glued to the ground the moment it left the putter face, which is very useful for distance control.

TaylorMade TP Patina Putters Verdict

To sum up, the TP Patina range further affirms TaylorMade's transition into one of the foremost putter producers on the market today. With a quality finish, plenty of useful technology, great feel and reliable performance plus addition of the Super Stroke grip and premium-feeling headcover these are great, modern putters.

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

With seven different models available there's something in there for everyone, and although the looks and patina finish may divide opinion, if your putting skills are a little rusty and you're contemplating a putter change then the TP Patina models should definitely be among your testing list.

Would I Use It?

Whilst the Del Monte putter wasn't exactly to my taste I'm sure that plenty of golfers will like the chunky looks, but I was pleasantly surprised by the DuPage.

It's a bit of a boxier shape than the Ardmore mallet options also available in the range and, towards the end of my round, I really felt myself getting more and more confident using it.

Even as a blade user I would be more than happy to use this model, and my two days of testing also had me really intrigued to try out the rest of the range too as I could definitely see myself using a Patina model.


  • Great feel off the face
  • Appearance is very smart
  • Excellent grip gives great feel and confidence
  • Good results from longer range


  • No topline alignment
  • Rust-finish may not appeal to everyone

TaylorMade TaylorMade TP Patina Putters

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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TaylorMade TP Patina Putter

TaylorMade TP Patina Putter - Product Details

UK Launch RRP£239
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
GripSuperStroke GTR 1.0
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsArdmore 1, Ardmore 2, Ardmore 3, DuPage, Del Monte, Soto, Juno
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteTaylorMade Website

User Reviews

K Marven
September 2020

I must say the Del Monte is a excellent feeling club. I'm gonna gush about this putter but understand I am just a golfer with a 13.5 handicap who has been using the same putter for 20 years and just upgraded. I don't represent the companies I am speaking of here so, this is just an honest review that might help others. I spent almost 2 hours comparing it to the Scotty Cameron 2020 Special Select Squareback 2 Putter. I got similar results from both clubs but in the end the extra weight and feedback favored the Del Monte. When I took the putter out on the practice green later today. I was astonished at how accurate the alignment and pace of the putter consistently performed. From all types of distances up to 65 feet of 9 balls from outside 12 feet I was routinely making 1 or 2 one putts. I found the lagging to be very good. The feel for distance came easily. I also found shorter puts to go in "a lot" 95%. Even at 65 feet of the 9 balls I was practicing with, virtually no putt was more than 2 from that distance. Meaning virtually no 3 putts over a 40 minute practice session. I wanted to love the Scotty Cameron but it felt too lightweight in the head. I didn't feel the perimeter weighting enough which made me less confident when controlling the face of the putter. I am very happy with the Del Monte and I must say the pistol super stroke grip is a perfect complement. I would have preferred the Scotty Cameron to have a little beefier grip. If you like a smaller mallet style putter definitely check this one out. I knew this was the style I would be happy with, both putters look very similar. I would have paid $420 for the Scotty including tax but I feel I got an equal if not better club for $264 with Tax. I just liked the Del Monte a little better. Take my challenge go head to head against the Squareback 2 Putter from Scotty Cameron. There's no question Scotty is an incredible designer and has a tremendous history. It's a very nice club. I'm just surprised how well the TP Del Monte performed comparatively. Taylormade is no joke, you see the Spider a lot on tour but it just looks too gimmicky to me. Even if it produced better results I just can't go there. My putting stroke is more linear and I found the ideal swing path for this club. The reviewer here disagreed. My guess is with a little work using a different position with the hands he would have been a fan. I must say the patina finish is outstanding. It doesn't look brand new out of the store but rather has character. Just an excellent choice by Taylormade. The headcover it comes with is beautiful and very competitive with top-of-the-line putters. It looks so good! They say the insert gets the ball rolling and I agree with the reviewer here the ball seems to stick to the ground and have a meaningful rotation towards the target. It is a beautiful thing to see.

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