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The SkyCaddie SW2 GPS watch is the upgraded version of the original SkyCaddie Watch with a slightly slimmer design and a longer battery life.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

To the naked eye there does not seem much change in the body and visually the lime green flashes on the original have been replaced with a more subtle approach, which means you can wear it off the course without drawing too much attention to yourself.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

A lot of GPS watches look like a slab of tech on a strap, but SkyCaddie has continued the relatively sleek chassis and calm rounded style that makes this one of the best looking GPS watches around.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

The soft rubber strap is light and comfortable and the one size fits all should easily adjust to most sizes of wrists for men and women. If not then it is easy enough to use the strap to attach it to your golf bag or trolley handle.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

With one exception, all the main functions are the same as the previous model, so once you have charged up the SW2 using the supplied charging clip then you are ready to go.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

This charging clip is also the means for updating courses and firmware on the SW2 as you can only do this by plugging it into the USB socket on a computer and going online. When you buy the SW2 you get free course updates every quarter for the life of the product.

Once you have all the latest updates, just stand outside so the SW2 can see the satellites and select Golf from the menu of activities and it will automatically find the course you are on from the database of 35,000 it can store.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

As these things go, the SW2 was not the quickest GPS I have ever used to locate the course it's on, with times of up to 2.5 minutes not unusual. Even the SkyCaddie App on my smart phone got its bearings in 30 seconds, so just make sure you don't leave it until you are walking on the tee for your first shot before setting it up.

Once you are in play then the SW2 clearly displays the yardage to the centre of each green, with front and back yardages showing below. It auto-advances easily and the two right hand buttons make scrolling up and down between holes simple.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

The accuracy was pretty good as you are accessing SkyCaddie's own database where every course has been manually mapped and if that is all you want, then there is no annual fee for continuing to use the SW2 for general yardages.

Pushing the middle button on the right brings up the scoring for each hole and it defaults to the par of the hole, so if you are a bogey free Faldo machine you don't need to touch it at all, but otherwise it makes for easy adjustment to scroll down or more likely up from par.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

There are many other useful features such as an odometer to track walks, runs, rides, calories burned and, heaven forbid for a smart watch these days, it also tells the time.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

The main new feature is the one that probably adds the most to the functionality and that is the introduction of Bluetooth Smart technology so you can sync the SW2 with your SkyGolf 360 app on an Android or iOS device.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

To do this you will need to subscribe to one of the SkyGolf360 membership plans starting at £14.95 a year, or £20.95 if you want the GPS app on your phone too. Once enrolled it syncs your scores into your SkyGolf 360 account that you set up online.

After each round you can then embellish your scores with stats on fairways hit, greens hit and putts taken to then analyse your game over time through an easy to use interface.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

Being able to do this in the app means that uploading your scores and adding the information can be done as soon as you finish the round, which is better than having to remember what you did until you get back to your computer at home.

Analysis can be done online or via the app and there is a good choice of data. You can view performance over the last 20 rounds or the last year, but it would be good if you could determine your own date parameters too.

However the scoring analysis is just part of the SkyGolf 360 service and if you have other products like the SkyPro swing trainer then you can upload data to the same account to do some in depth analysis on your practice and playing.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

The Bluetooth function also gives you the option to be notified on the SW2 screen if you have a call or message arriving on your phone. Unlike some other GPS watches it doesn't then preview the message, but at least you have confirmation that you are definitely ignoring the world while you are playing.

SkyCaddie SW2 GPS Watch

As an entry level GPS watch, then the SW2 does everything very well with a clear menu structure. It feels well made and is one of the most comfortable and stylish golf GPS watches around.

If all you need is front, middle and back yardages then the SW2 will deliver this backed up with the re-assurance of one of the most accurate golf course databases in the market.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Rangefinder

SkyCaddie SW2 Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch22 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£129.95
Device TypeGPS Watch
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 50mm, Height: 135mm, Depth: 14mm
Screen SizeWidth: 27mm, Height: 27mm
Device Weight45 grams
Course Capacity35,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteSkyCaddie Website

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User Reviews

August 2018

Although the watch itself functions ok, there is a problem when the battery stops lasting for a full round of golf. Then this SW2 watch is only good for telling the time as the GPS stops working. After many exchanged emails with SkyCaddie UK, I found out that they were only interested in selling me a new watch, because a replacement battery is NOT available. I tried on the Internet and with battery suppliers, but a replacement is not available anywhere in the world. SkyCaddie escalated my complaint to SkyHawke Technology in USA, but when they had this watch manufactured they didn't bother to order replacement batteries for them - very shortsighted. If you have this problem which SkyCaddie don't want to help with, complain to the retailer under the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Get advice from Trading Standards Consumer Protection Dept- they do help you! I will post another review on how I got on with my retailer - a golf club in Sussex - when they have responded to me. Overall though I won't ever buy a SkyCaddie product again - vote with your feet guys. If we stop buying the product, they may have 2nd thoughts.

Chris Harris
December 2017

I am on my second Skycaddie watch, the first battery went within the warranty period and was exchanged. The new exchanged watch /battery failed 3 weeks out of warranty. As others have stated they were not interested, only offering a new watch to be purchased at full price, so much for customer satisfaction. The battery is built in and cannot be replaced because they are made in China and not available to buy singularly. Not impressed. The other design fault is the strap, if damaged it cannot be replaced.

November 2017

Have had both models of the watch and am definitely satisfied with the SG2. The first one only lasted one year. Will be on my 3rd season with the newer one. Do agree the updates are murder on a wireless iPad2. Wish it could be easier. Hopefully my friends with regular computers will continue to allow me use their PCs.

June 2017

I have purchased 2 sky caddie watches. The first one has ran for over 3 years and not a problem. I found their online chat service was pretty useless and very abrupt. I got in contact with some manager Stefan in the UK and he has been a tremendous help and he has restored my faith in the SkyCaddie. Thanks to him i will certainly purchase their equipment again.

Colin Purves
June 2017

I have had the SkyCaddie watch for only 17 months and hardly used it in the winter, however battery only lasts for about 14 holes, when I complain SkyCaddie just says "out of guarantee"! Very disappointed.

May 2017

As a distance finder great, but to commission it and update is a nightmare as their website is unnecessarily complicated and Apple won't allow their sync to be downloaded. Could work it out no doubt if one had the time, but simpler to order a Garmin and not have the tedium of annual renewals.

April 2017

Just got the watch a few days ago got it all set up and used it today. Found out that the SW2 (unlike the watch that I've had and used for the last couple years) was measuring the course I was on just fine until I was within approximately 15 yards of the green when the watch just displayed GRN. Not sure if this is a new function or if it was just due to the course I was on but if this is supposed to be the proper function rather than actually displaying the yardage all the way to the green, then I'm very disappointed and will contemplate returning it for refund and look at for different model or brand.

January 2017

Nice enough watch if only I could use it! My golf club has had a new layout opened in the last 4 months. The course was updated immediately and available on the Skycaddie hand held device but still not available on the SW2 some 4 months later. The map packs do not look to have been updated since August 2016.

Poor service all round.

May 2016

Nice watch. Looks good.

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