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I am not sure if in the spiritual world that a Phantom is a higher level than a Ghost, but Bushnell seem to thinks so as that is what their new handheld square GPS is called.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

They have also dropped the Neo prefix from the product matrix of the Neo Ghost GPS successor in order to distinguish the Bushnell Phantom further, although in a lot of ways the two devices share a lot of the same DNA.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

The screen size is the same even though the Phantom is a little larger and deeper.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

This is due principally to the Bite magnet that is now embedded in the rear of the Phantom and replaces the plastic clip that was on the Ghost.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

The Bite magnet connects either to something metal on your bag, trolley or cart and also to a metal clip that comes with the Phantom so you can wear it on your belt, hat or wherever else you want to put it.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

It is a pretty powerful magnet, yet it is easy to detach from the clip so you can see the yardages on the screen, which is especially useful if you are attaching it to your bag. It also allows you to orientate the screen whichever way suits you on the clip which makes it much more user friendly if attaching to a cart back.

On the downside, it can get knocked off if you brush past it by accident and then you will have to go looking for it, which happened to me once, so be aware of this and place the Phantom in a position where it is unlikely to get knocked.

The other main difference is that the Phantom now also comes with Bluetooth so you can pair it with the Bushnell app in order to get software and course updates.

Once you have registered your device you will also get access to full screen GPS maps on your phone, which will be good for seeing where hazards are visually as the Phantom only has numbers.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

It does seem a bit odd to have a GPS app for a GPS device, but it is a free added extra for those who have already bought a Bushnell device. However it is only for updates so there is no facility for scoring or tracking club usage at present.

The app can only pair with one Bushnell device at a time, so if you have devices already set up then you will need to un-pair the old one first. The pairing procedure was not the slickest I have ever encountered, but we got there in the end.

Using the Phantom is very easy. Just turn it on and within about 30 seconds it has found the courses near to you and then you just select the correct one.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

From there you get the middle of the green yardage in nice big numbers and then the front and back distances below it. It is one of the clearest and uncluttered displays out there and one of its big selling points.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

Pushing the middle 'Select' button on the left brings up yardages to the nearest hazards two at a time.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

It doesn't give you a front and back distance for the hazard and you will have to learn what all the abbreviations mean. So LGB means Left Green Bunker, RFB means Right Fairway Bunker, so it is fairly self-explanatory even if they call a stream a creek or CRK.

There is also a shot measurement option for those who want to measure their drives or approaches, which is helped by the fact that you can put the Phantom in your pocket after you have walked on to a green to mark the end point of your approach.

The Phantom comes with its own mini USB cable for recharging which takes a couple of hours and should last several rounds. There is an auto-off feature in the settings that is worth using to save power in case you forget to switch your Phantom off.

The Phantom is a stylish little thing and is available in a choice of 4 colours to match your mood or golf bag.

Bushnell Phantom GPS

Overall the Phantom is a fine evolution of one of the best value for money GPS devices on the market. It's portable, easy to fit in your pocket, has a clear display and the addition of the Bite magnet adds to its versatility of use and placement on your golf kit, even if you will have to be more wary about knocking it off.

Combined with one of Bushnell's excellent lasers like the Tour V4 slope then you should be on the mark for all the distance information you need.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS Rangefinder - Product Details

UK Launch12 March 2018
UK Launch RRP£99.99
USA LaunchMarch 2018
USA Launch RRP$99.99
GolferMens, Women
Device TypeGPS Handheld
Shot MeasurementYes
Power OptionsRechargeable
DimensionsWidth: 58mm, Height: 59mm, Depth: 20mm
Screen SizeWidth: 35mm, Height: 35mm
Device Weight52 grams
Course Capacity36,000
Manufacturer's WebsiteBushnell Website

User Reviews

Harry Smyth
March 2019

Aged 70 this is my first rangefinder. Bought about two years ago it has been a great help to my game. Appears to be very accurate when comparing with those of other golfers. As accurate as I require playing off 12 where I'm hoping to find greens - finding pins is a bonus. Have used on my home course and other local courses as well as in Spain. Magnetic clip was a great extra although I lost that off the bag on the way to Spain. Now use in my pocket or inside bag - still good but not as convenient and sometimes have to move on holes manually if I leave in bag. Tried to find replacement clip but cant trace on internet so assume it is not available to purchase separately, therefore 4 star rather than 5.

Norman K
September 2018

Very pleased with the Phantom, large easy visable display, shot measurement and hazard distance button. Very easy to use and strong magnet. Does not show stroke index though, so only four stars.

Jon P1961
August 2018

Yes I have to agree it's very easy to knock the Phantom off the magnetic catch!! Since buying this product 2 weeks ago I've played 2 rounds and lost it on both! Thankfully I found it on both occasions so I now leave it in a pocket of my bag. Otherwise it's great - but be aware!!

S Daniel
July 2018

I used my phone until I dropped it on a cart path and cracked the glass. That convinced me to find something more affordable and the Phantom meets most of my needs (especially with the excellent golf app that Bushnell makes available to owners). It is as accurate as as every GPS rangefinder I have compared to and legible in bright sun. Battery life is good but not all that fast to recharge and I have considered buying a USB power pack to keep in my golf bag. Software support for the golf courses is excellent and I contacted Bushnell about 2 or 3 changes in my area and they were updated on the app before I got off the phone. Once the app was updated I had to sync the Phantom. I only gave it 4 stars because it takes up to 7 minutes to find your location, it gets "lost* sometimes when you move to the next hole, and the Bluetooth interface with the Bushnell app is clunky.

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