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It's been a couple of years since Ping launched a new style of putter across the full range of their styles, but they have really gone for it with the Ping Sigma G range.

All the mathematicians among you will know that Sigma is the Greek letter used to indicate the sum of everything and the putter range certainly lives up to this, as there are 16 new models.

Ping Sigma G Putter

There are some classic shapes and some new ones, but before I come on to those I will review the technology within the Sigma G.

What is new is the PEBAX elastomer insert that sits in a face cavity behind an anodized 6061 aluminium face in order to provide a soft feel that does not lose any ball speed.

Ping Sigma G Putter

It reminds me a little of the Isopur putters launched around 20 years ago, which also featured a synthetic insert that was white with the word Ping on it. It didn't have the aluminium face in front of it though and whilst it created a soft feel for the harder balls of the day, it also sounded a little hollow.

That slight hollow feel is still there in the Sigma G insert, but it is masked by the aluminium face that keeps the majority of the sound of a metal faced putter combined with a softer feel.

Ping Sigma G Putter

On balance then I think this is a good insert for those who have grown up valuing sound as a measurement of feel, especially if using a premium tour ball or a softer mid-market ball.

The aluminium face also features the latest TruRoll face grooves from the Ping Vault putters that are deeper in the centre and then get shallower as they move out in order to try and minimise any loss of speed on mishits.

Ping Sigma G Putter

This is a tried and trusted technology that has a lot of merit and the groove depth is another factor in creating the impact sound that you hear when you judge feel.

I particularly like the fact that the insert goes right across the full width of the face

Ping Sigma G Darby Putter

The 16 styles come in a choice of platinum or black nickel finishes with opposite face insert colour to suit your mood. For some reason the platinum ones do look a little larger visually even though they are the same size.

Ping Sigma G Kinloch Putter

Special mention must go to the Ping PP60 Pistol grip that combines the classic pistol shape towards the top of the grip with the wider non-taper lower half of a SuperStroke 2.0 style size grip.

Ping PP60 Putter Grip

This provides an excellent combination of feel and size and is also available in a larger PP62 or a counterbalanced CB60 version for those who want to stabilise their hands further.

Overall the Sigma G is a solid range of putters with good looks and an innovative insert that we have not seen the like of from Ping for a while.

Depending on the model it will be reasonably priced with an RRP of £175 to £200, so if you have an old Ping favourite that you want to upgrade to an insert model, then there should be a new version in the comprehensive Ping Sigma G range.

However for now, here are my stand out Ping Sigma G models:

Ping Sigma G Anser Putter

I have to start with the daddy of all Ping putters. The classic shape is a little larger than standard with a full width insert that combines classic style with modern face technology. For a Slight Arc stroke and weighs 340g.

Ping Sigma G Anser Putter

Ping Sigma G Darby Putter

Return of the large headed, face balanced mallet with the long alignment line parallel to the target line. I like the new set back hosel socket so you can see all of the top line of the putter and this also appears on several other models too. For a Straight Arc stroke and weighs 370g.

Ping Sigma G Darby Putter

Ping Sigma G Kinloch Putter

Centre shafted, deep flange putter with butterfly trailing edge sits very well and offers a no offset, no nonsense feel. For a Slight Arc stroke and weighs 350g.

Ping Sigma G Kinloch Putter

Ping Sigma G Tess Putter

Great to see someone still making a classic heel/toe weighted blade and even better, one with a bit of technology in there to make it more forgiving. For a Strong Arc stroke and weighs 340g.

Ping Sigma G Tess Putter

Ping Sigma G Tyne Putter

A new model for Ping, but you will recognise it as one of the most popular shapes of recent times. Mid-sized shape with lovely smooth lines and the prongs are deliberately designed to be just the right width to pick up a golf ball when your putt is conceded. For a Straight or Slight Arc stroke and weighs 370g.

Ping Sigma G Tyne Putter

Ping Sigma G Wolverine T Putter

It looks mad, but it will claw your ball into the hole with its high MOI face balanced design. For a Straight Arc stroke and weighs 370g.

Ping Sigma G Wolverine T Putter

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ping Sigma G Putter - Product Details

UK Launch25 January 2017
UK Launch RRP£175
USA Launch25 January 2017
Handicap Range
GolferMens, Women
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
FinishChrome, Black Nickel
Club Length35 inches
Shaft TypesSteel
GripPing P60 Mid-Size, Ping PP62 Over-size, Ping CB60 Counter-Balance
Putter ShapesBlade, Mallet
ModelsAnser, B60, Kinloch, D66, Kushin, Darby, Tybe, Doon, Ketsch B, Piper 3, Tess, Shea H, Wolverine T
Putter InsertYes
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

May 2018

I have the Ketsch B. Best distance control I've found. Perfect putter.

March 2018

As another reviewer I just left Nike Covert 2.0's and bought a full Ping G series bag (G400 driver, hybrid and 3 wood, G700 5-PW, Glide 2.0 stealth wedges) and went with the Doon. Lighter putters tend to float around for me and the counter balance was absolutely perfect. I had been using a TaylorMade putter for 6 years. This was a huge step up.

Harold 48
January 2018

Used a Doon for the past year. Absolutely a magnificent putter. From 10 feet in increase my make % by 25 at least. Play to a 6 and this putter says make from 20 feet in.

July 2017

Got professionally fitted at PING Tour WRX with the new Sigma Tyne putter. Fantastic technology to fit and provide incredible fitting precision. This putter is well crafted and can be had in slight arc or straight arc options. Such an easy putter to square at address which is key to helping me feel positive over a putt.

May 2017

I have used every top brand putter made (Odyssey, Bettinardi, Scotty etc.) and recently picked up the new Ping Sigma G. Arguably, putting is all about personal preference but there is something to be said about new face material technologies. Ping got this one right. The feel, distance control and looks are perfect. We all go in and out of slumps but I have never had as much confidence with a putter than this one! Worth a try for sure.

April 2017

I just got fitted and bought a full Ping G bag. I decided to go with the Doon putter as well. Lighter putters just move too much for me (I'm pretty tall). The clubs are due to arrive this week, so I'll post back after playing. There's almost no written reviews specifically about the Doon, but my Ping rep absolutely loves the club and is confused why more people aren't looking at it (although he admitted golfers seem to be going away from CB putters).

I hope to give the courses of North Carolina a beat down with the new clubs ... love the reviews Martin!

March 2017

I just bought the Ping Doon to quiet my hand on putts inside 8 ft. Putter feels very good but have not been on grass yet. I am optimistic ...

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