Martin Hopley

The Ping K15 hybrids look very similar to the Ping G15 hybrids, but closer inspection reveals that the heads are a little shallower and deeper front to back.

This promotes a deeper centre of gravity and combined with a little more offset in the hosel, means that they are much easier to get up in the air and therefore go a little higher than the G15 version. We really like this style of hybrid as it looks and behaves more like an iron and therefore the 5 and 6 iron replacements are very playable indeed and it does not feel like you are launching a wood hybrid past your nose.

The feel at impact is very good and the different shape of head gives a great zing sound at impact.

Used either as standalone hybrids or as part of the K15 irons set then these are excellent clubs for the higher handicapper.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Ping K15 Hybrid

Ping K15 Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch28 July 2010
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

August 2010

Designed to fit in with the K15 iron set the K15 hybrid from Ping is an easy to hit and consistent hybrid. Aimed at the high handicap market it certainly delivers although I found it didn't really offer me the workability that I like from a hybrid. The ball flight was consistent though and it was certainly easy to get good results so fits in nicely with the rest of the K15 concept.

July 2010

Having fallen in love with the G15 hybrid I wasn't completely convinced by the need for the K15. Ping have almost proved me wrong by producing a club that performs fantastically well. But, for me, its not offering anything massively different to the G15.

It certainly performs well and the ball definitely gets airborne - the K15 3 hybrid is a particular joy - but I've enjoyed a lot of success with the G15 and would be loathe to swap. I do like the way it has been designed to fit with the K15 irons and you certainly understand how well Ping have achieved that when you use them together.

I'd probably not got as far as a 6 hybrid but I'm happy to admit I might consider the 5 hybrid. A classy, consistent club but it doesn't offer a unique enough experience to get top marks.

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Media Reviews

Today's Golfer
August 2011
Looks like a driving iron.. designed to stop slices

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