Martin Hopley

Ping have not been renowned for their drivers, unless you talk to die-hard Ping users, but we think the Ping G2 driver will change that.

We tried the 8.5 degree version with a stiff NV shaft and it looks great, sounds great and goes great. The more 'traditional' head and hosel shape than the TiSi give it a great presence at address and with that 460cc head, a lot of confidence too.

The cosmetics of the head will probably divide opinion, but overall they look very good, despite many interpretations of the line-up graphic on the top of the head.

The green NV shaft (green with envy - get it?) is quite long at 45 inches, but performs excellently if you like a stiffer shaft and the grip was very good and can be custom fitted to suit your size of hand by a Ping retailer.

Hitting the club was a joyous experience with good trajectory and excellent distance. The sound at impact got everyone's attention without being tinny or outrageously noisy for this size of head.

The head cover looked funky and was very easy to get on and off - a rarity among these types of clubs. Ping are onto a winner here with a club that is excellent value for money.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:
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Ping G2 Driver

Ping G2 Driver - Product Details

UK Launch11 August 2004
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Left Handed Lofts7°, 8.5°, 10°, 11.5°
Right Handed Lofts7°, 8.5°, 10°, 11.5°
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

User Reviews

September 2017

I just found the Ping G2 driver (regular shaft) at a local thrift store in my area and gave it a try. Was amazed at the being able to hit shots so straight and far. I guess the G2 will be my new golf bag mainstay.

KJ Singh
May 2017

I've had this driver for some time now and just decided to use it after breaking my TaylorMade, man was I surprised. I get the ball longer with less force than I was using on the TaylorMade, never thought I could fall in love again.

September 2016

Got to the course today and pulled my bag out and my driver shaft was broke.So I borrowed my buddies G2 stock stiff flex shaft and hit it so well I bought it off him before the round was over. Great distance and accuracy - this club just fits me but after looking at reviews this club seems to fit everybody who tries it. I'll re-shaft the other club and give it to my son.

August 2015

I bought this second hand and it's made a huge difference to my game adding about 50 yards to my drive and 90% of them are going straight very effortlessly. I play off 28 and am a relative beginner to golf, only playing for 2 years maybe once a month until recently where i am out at least once a week. I think this club will help me get my handicap down very easily.

July 2015

Got one second hand, a great investment. Hitting my drives straighter and at least 30 yards longer. Great driver and I don't like Ping clubs, being a blade user.

mas mir
July 2005

I just purchased a Ping G2 Driver. This is just a great driver. I was going to purchase Callaway Big Bertha Titanium 454. But a friend of mine recomended the Ping. I have been very happy and since then I have tried the Callaway 454, and that is nice club too, but I am much happier I got the Ping.

Alex Forgan
July 2005

Compared this Ping G2 driver at the driving range with the Callaway 454 driver. The Ping G2 driver has a higher projectory and consistently straighter. Same distance wise, but the straighter drives convinced me to buy Ping G2.

Drew Tuck
January 2005

When you put this Ping G2 driver behind the ball it doesn't look like a Ping. When you hit it you get a good penetrating flight which is what I look for. It sits very well and is also pleasing to the eye. The club is easy to shape and is forgiving on those not so sweet strikes. Not sure about the alignment aid but after a while it did not bother me. For the price and the performance the Ping G2 is definitely a driver to consider.

David Kaye
January 2005

As a 24 handicapper, I needed something that was forgiving. I tested many brands and the Ping G2 was the chosen driver. First round out, I changed from scuffing drives, and missing fairways to smashing 17 out of 18 drives straight down the middle of the fairway!! This club has changed my game, very forgiving, great feel and balance and the ball goes miles!! Very highly recommended. Buy one today!

December 2004

I thought this was an excellent driver and I am not usually a Ping fan, but that has changed thanks to the Ping G2 driver. The ball went miles when I hit it and it sounds great and looks great too, apart from maybe the moon graphic on the top of the head. The guys I was playing with liked it though... You can hit it high and low and the NV shaft was very stable. Would have liked the shaft a bit shorter, but with Ping's custom fitting I am sure that is possible. For the money the Ping G2 must be hit before you splash the cash.

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Media Reviews

Golf World
August 2005
Not the longest..but extremely forgiving..loved the looks.
Today's Golfer
June 2005
Solid sound and feel..consistent and accurate..good looking.
Golf World
December 2004
Top-performing..huge titanium head..plenty of distance and forgiveness.

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