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Lately I have noticed that a lot of what would be considered game improvement irons are becoming very playable for better players. Even Zach Johnson had a Titleist AP1 in his bag when he won the 2015 Open Championship and many amateurs have followed suit in appreciating the extra forgiveness.

Having a oversized, forgiving and accurate long iron or two before your hybrids is almost becoming a category in itself and that is what Ping are trying to identify with the G Crossover Iron.

Ping G Crossover

I am calling it an iron, because it is not really a hybrid, even though it really is. It combines the hollow head of a wood with the playability of an iron and before you say 'driving iron', I must advise you that Ping say it is definitely not that.

Like you have crossover cars that are sporty and take 5 kids, Ping say that the Crossover club bridges the gaps between irons and hybrids. A gap I am sure you didn't realise you had, but the more I played with the Crossover, the more it made sense.

When I first put it down at address it instantly reminded me of the Ping G15 Hybrid which was not much of a looker but did the job well.

Ping G Crossover

The Crossover is better looking than that with its stealthy black finish but it may still be an acquired taste.

The generous head is made from 17-4 Stainless Steel with a Carpenter 455 Steel face insert that is lighter and stronger so that it can be made thinner.

Inside there is a Tiered Internal Sole just behind the face to enable it to flex a little more at impact and works with the thinner top line to generate some extra ball speed.

Ping G Crossover

Also inside is a lot of weight in the toe to counter the weight of the club in the heel and create a head that maximises forgiveness.

The G Crossover comes in a Ping Blue lie as standard, but like all Ping irons, can easily be adjusted using the notch in the hosel.

Ping G Crossover

The face is flatter and taller than the G hybrid and it will generate more spin than an iron, but with a lower launch so that makes those stinger shots possible.

Ping G Crossover

Right from the first shot I was taken by the Crossover. The flight was higher than the equivalent lofted G 4-iron and almost as high as the G Hybrid, but it felt better than both of them.

Ping G Crossover

This was partly because it acts like an iron at impact and goes into the turf so you therefore hit the ball higher on the face, nearer the middle, than you do with a hybrid.

Ping G Crossover

The wide sole gives a decent level of bounce to help it going through the turf just as well as a regular iron regardless of the firmness of the surface.

Ping G Crossover

From my Trackman comparison it was clear I was getting a higher launch with less spin and more carry and total distance with the G 4-Crossover than the G 4-iron or G 4-hybrid. I mean, what is not to like about that?

Ping G Crossover

The G Crossover is available in three official lofts of 18° (#3), 21° (#4) and 24° (#5) which seem to be on the strong side, but probably corresponds to flight heights as they do go further than you would expect for the number. I have also seen some #2 models in Tour player's hands, so maybe they will come out soon too.

The G Crossover comes with a lightweight Ping AWT 2.0 steel shaft or a Alta High balance point graphite shaft and both work well with the head.

Ping AWT 2.0 Shaft Ping Alta Shaft

Ping has had a few goes at this part of the bag over the years from the G15 hybrid, G20 hybrid and Rapture driving iron. With the G Crossover, they could have the product that breaks out from the pack and does indeed create a new category.

Ping G Crossover

I hope so because not only did it perform, but it was great fun to hit. Anyone who struggles with long irons or better players who have not got to grips with hybrids should definitely give this a try.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Ping G Crossover Irons - Product Details

UK Launch13 February 2016
UK Launch RRP£180
USA Launch13 February 2016
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts18°, 21°, 24°
Right Handed Lofts18°, 21°, 24°
Shaft NameAWT 2.0 (Steel); Alta High Balance Point (Graphite)
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexLight, Regular, Stiff, X Stiff
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup3, 4, 5
Manufacturer's WebsitePing Website

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User Reviews

Bill from the Canadian CC
September 2018

Got the 4 iron version last week. Hit 9 of 11 fairways on the holes I used it today including one of 251 yds. I struggle with hitting woods and have been looking for something to get me a little extra distance and more control than my 2 iron. This is THE CLUB. Love it and will be purchasing the 3 and 5 soon. Thank you Ping.

September 2017

I bought a 3 Crossover and was hitting it up to 260 yards off the tee, then it broke - blew out across the top. Loved it, wish it had lasted.

August 2017

I bought the 3 crossover after hitting at our golf store. I took it to the course and played 18 holes with some friends. The distance was amazing. Very easy to hit. So after the round I went back to the golf shop and bought the 4 and 5. I'm a 8 handicap and shot a 77 yesterday. Golf is fun again.

June 2017

Love it. I wanted an alternative to a 3 hybrid that I hit far too high. I have trouble hitting my long irons as well. I was looking for a club for short par 4's where a driver was not required. This club is much longer than my 3 iron and longer than my hybrid. Even my mishits went straighter with reasonable distance. Only knock is that I wish they had a 2 crossover. The 3 crossover flys a little too high.

October 2016

I bought a 3 Crossover . I started to use it and have found that when I hit the ball the club sounds like it is hollow.

October 2016

I bought a 3 iron. Great club off the tee, off the fairway and when hitting low under trees.

October 2016

I am finally upgrading my clubs from 1996 Ram nickel blades to the new Ping G Irons 4-PW and the crossover 3. At 6' 4", I was fitted 3 deg. upright and 1" over. Since I normally hit my 7i 170 yd, I was fitted with stiff shafts. My handicap is 10. The Crossover 3 arrived today, and I had my first crack at it on the range. The shots I hit were 'off the deck'. Impressions: First, the club inspires a lot of confidence at address and is surprisingly light with the Alta 70 graphite shaft. Second, when I made solid contact, the ball flew forever (230-240 yd). For me, this distance was great, especially compared to my old blade 3 iron. On mishits, the ball still travelled very well (dispersion), but lost distance. My only grievance is the ball height was very high. I was expecting a lower ball flight. Maybe with a different shaft, I can achieve this. Overall, I am very pleased with the Ping G Crossover.

October 2016

I'm 5 to 6 handicap. Been struggling with this club for two months. The offset is too much and it's a hook monster. To hit it straight or faded you have to alter your swing and grip to achieve normal results. For some reason, too, I hit more fat shots that I with any club in my lifetime. I traded it in for the G hybrid and found it much easier to hit.

September 2016

I just bought the 3 Crossover with a stiff shaft and had a Winn Dry Tac grip midsize added. Off the grass I am carrying this 235-240 yards before it hits the ground. I am totally amazed at the distance and even more so the straightness of this club - it is one of the best clubs I have ever hit in my entire life. When I tee it up as a driving Iion, 250 yards is the carry, I am flabbergasted by the launch and distance on this Iron. By the way I am 60 years old and 6ft 2 tall and a 12 Handicap golfer Well done Ping you have a winner with this club. I play with Taylor Made RAC irons but I think I may be changing to Ping.

June 2016

I'm 63 and started playing in 2015 but I learned fast and score about 85-90. I now use the Ping GMax 6-9 irons in reg 70, which are great but I don't hit it long. For example. My 7 iron goes 135/140 and my 6 iron 145/160. I don't hit the 3 wood, 5 wood or hybrid consistently well enough to use in a round so I wanted something to fill the gap and the G Crossover does that. I can hit off the deck about 166 & tee 185 yards total. I am not sure what distance to expect to add for the #4 or #3 Crossovers but I may get both as I can hit so much more consistently & accurately than with a wood or hybrid.

April 2016

I picked up the G Crossover 3 a month ago. My intention was to replace my SLDR 19 degree hybrid. I made the right choice. I have struggled with the hybrid since the day I purchased it. I was prepared to order a 3 iron to match my Callaway XR's to replace the hybrid. A golf club fitter encouraged me to try the G Crossover. Wow, what a 30 minute demo session. It was a no brainer for me to order the club. I hit the club an average of 195 to 200 yards with the ability to shape shots. The key here is that I have saved an average of 1 to 2 shots per round. I would encourage anyone to put one of these "beasts" in their bag.

April 2016

I have the Ping 5 Crossover. It is a very good club. If you are interested in buying one, understand that it is an iron. It has a pretty much flat sole and if you have custom, as opposed to standard, lies in your irons, you will need the lie on this club to be customised. My i15's are white dot (pretty upright) +1 inch in length. I bought a standard crossover and it's a good thing the club has the black coating. I quickly realised from scratches on the sole near the toe that the lie was too flat for me. I was also hitting it off the toe (shaft too short). I had the lie adjusted and got an Alta shaft from a 3 hybrid to add an inch in length. After the club was appropriately adjusted, it was money. Unless you were fit as black dot standard length (or other manufacturer's standard lie/length) get fit and custom order length and lie for this club.

April 2016

I hit this today after talking to my Pro and telling him I wanted to get more consistency off the tee, even if it meant losing distance. He advised me to try this after I insisted I wanted to look at hitting a few balls with the Titleist 2 Iron. I hit the Titleist for a few balls on the Trackman first and then switched over to the G Crossover 3. Wow! This thing is the club I've been looking for. I will be bagging it over the next couple of weeks and then look to be fitted by the Ping Fitting Team soon. Seriously, its that good! I was hitting it between 195-205m carry consistently. Yep, carry! 227m total distance was my biggest hit but the swing was so smooth and easy. I never dreamt I'd hit it that far, not for a second. The consistency in distance and forgiveness was incredible. Do yourselves a favour and try this club out ASAP. You won't be disappointed!

March 2016

Love this club! I was looking for a solid club I could hit around 200 yards at will, and this club fits the bill nicely. Great looking club also.

March 2016

This is one of the most fun clubs I have ever hit. I tried a demo for four rounds and I now have a brand new one in my bag. It is easier to hit out of our Bermuda rough than any hybrid I have owned or tried. It looks great at address and the sound at impact is sweet. Ping crossover #4. Hats off to you Ping!

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