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Odyssey Toulon Design putters have been around at the premium end of the short game for a few years now. Designed by Sean Toulon, the aim is simple here – use the best materials available and create putters that look, feel and sound top notch.

Think of it this way - Titleist has Scotty, Callaway has Sean.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

Toulon putters can often be found in the bags of Callaway Staff players – most noticeably Sergio Garcia who used one to putt the USA to bed in the 2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National, and Francesco Molinari who had one of the most memorable seasons in recent golfing history in 2018, including a pretty big victory involving a Claret Jug at Carnoustie.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

For 2019 Odyssey released a whopping nine different models in the new Toulon Design Stroke Lab Putter range. The Atlanta model sits comfortably in the middle of the range in terms of design and size.

What’s It All About?

The Atlanta model putter is a classic mid-mallet head shape with a simple squared-off back. This will suit the eyes of better players who like classic, no-nonsense looks behind the ball but are looking for something slightly extra than a classic blade. The head is milled from a solid block of soft 303 stainless steel but features a new Charcoal Smoke finish, differing to Toulon’s 2017 putter offerings which had a little more of a classic chrome look.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

The only thing added to this block of stainless steel made to create the head is three removable head weights that sit in the sole of putter – one in the middle and one each on the left and right.

Odyssey says…

We are obsessed with making the most beautiful and best milled putters in the world. Each model in the Odyssey Toulon Design Collection is a union of premium materials intelligent design, expert craftsmanship, beautiful shaping and advancing performance technology. With the adage of Stroke Lab weighting, the result is a spectacular line of high-tech mallets engineered to help any golfer make more putts.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

The Test

I have been playing with this 34" putter for a number of months. So to be honest this isn’t your traditional putter test of half an hour on the putting green and then nine holes out on the course.

Given the premium design and subsequent premium price tag that Odyssey are asking you to pay for one of the 2019 Toulon Design models I really wanted to put it through its paces on different types of greens in a number of different conditions over a period of time.

I have tested the Stroke Lab Atlanta Putter at the following golf courses: Gullane GC Course No.1, Stockport GC, Prestbury GC, Bonmont GC, The Lakes Course at Lumine, Bingley St Ives GC, Bramall Park GC and Fulford GC where the initial test was conducted many moons ago.

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So how did it perform in wind, rain and sunshine? How did it perform on fast, slow and at times bumpy greens? Let’s find out…

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter Review


From the moment I unwrapped this putter, I was in love. It looked brilliant. The finish and design of the putter was something to admire. When buying a putter like this the chances are you’re buying it for life – and looking at it also give you the feelign that it will last a lifetime.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

I think by updating the looks of the new Toulon range, regardless of adding Stroke Lab technology, the 2019 range looks better for it. The new charcoal finish leads to a nice contemporary look and reduces glare off the face on those sunny days.

Down at address, the Atlanta head frames the ball brilliantly I have to say. It really suited my eye. I have used blade putters for over ten years now but in recent years have lost a little confidence on the dancefloor (getting old really does affect us all), but the Atlanta seemed to give me a little more confidence from the off.

I was initially surprised at how small the head seemed. Although this is technically a mallet putter – it’s still compact and all very neat and tidy. There isn’t much room for error here. Because of all of these factors, I really do think it sat beautifully.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

A quick note on the grip of this putter. it comes available in two stock options - oversized and pistol. I tested the oversized option and again was impressed. Like most modern putter grips it felt soft and pleasing to touch.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter


With brands like Odyssey, who bring out so much product year after year with new technological advancements said to improve your golf game time after time, it is easy to be sceptical about new innovations like Stroke Lab shafts and moveable head weights, thinking “this is just another marketing ploy to get more sales”. How I was wrong.

With this putter, my stroke genuinely felt a little quieter. Whether it was the Stroke Lab design specifically or not, the putter genuinely felt like an extension of my arm and that I had more control over the head then I did with my own putter. Using the Atlanta, I genuinely feel as if many of the complications of putting are minimised somewhat.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

The technicalities of Stroke Lab are explained by Martin who reviewed the full 2019 Stroke Lab putter range earlier in the year. The basics are that Odyssey have created a new shaft with a steel tip and graphite upper section. So what’s the point? It means that Odyssey can re-distribute 40g of weight across the putter – 10 grams in the head and 30 grams in end of the grip.

Basically instead of just adding more weight into the head of a putter, Odyssey has achieved counterbalancing without the added weight – therefore you don’t lose any feel.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

All of this lead to my stroke having a better tempo and certainly on shorter putts, I felt like I had the confidence to concentrate more on the putt itself, rather than my golfing ability.

The face featured the same Deep Diamond Mill groove pattern that all Toulon Design Putters have had in the past. However, this time all of the face is milled – not just the sweetspot of the putter. I’m not sure this change has too many benefits to be honest other than offering you the benefits of the face grooves, even if you make a truly terrible putting stroke and catch one out of the toe. Rare, but we’ve all been there.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

More grooves on the putter face means less contact points with the ball for a softer feel, which is certainly the case here. With the Atlanta it excelled on the faster greens at courses like The Lakes Course at Lumine and Gullane No.1. To its credit, on the slower greens of Stockport and Fulford, the face still feels firm enough for you to not struggle on those lengthy, three-puttable distances either.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

The Deep Diamond Mill groove face is the result of simplistic innovation, which I think is very important in the putter category. When you struck a putt, it got rolling quickly and seemed to grip to the green, staying true. What more could you want from a putter than a consistent true roll?

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Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter Verdict

Stroke Lab technology in putters has impressed us here at Golfalot all year long. The combination of the slight changes Odyssey has made to the aesthetics of their Toulon models, with the addition of Stroke Lab, really does make this putter something to behold.

Ok the Toulon price tag will scare the majority of people away from these putters to start with, but I urge you to at least try Stroke Lab shafts and just see how you get on. I believe it to be a genuine golfing equipment innovation. The range is a very comprehensive one and if the Atlanta model isn’t for you, I’m sure in the other eight you will find something to help you improve your work with the wand.

Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter

Would I Use It?

I have played golf using bladed putters all my life. However 2019 has been slightly different, thanks to the Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Putter. Since getting the putter in May of this year, it hasn’t left my bag and to be honest, unless something else extremely impressive comes along, I can’t imagine that changing any time soon. Sorry PING, but for now – I have found a new Anser to my never-ending putting woes.


  • Stunning looks
  • All ability of golfers can benefit from Stroke Lab technology
  • Simple head shape and design framed the head very well
  • Grip felt great
  • Premium build quality including headcover
  • Face milling got the ball rolling quickly and true
  • Versatile across both fast and slower greens
  • 2019 Toulon Range has something to offer for everyone


  • Price tag will put a lot of golfers off
  • Grip options slightly restricted
  • Stroke Lab design may distract some golfers

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Callaway Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab   Putter

Callaway Odyssey Toulon Atlanta Stroke Lab Putter - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2019
UK Launch RRP£379
USA Launch01 March 2019
USA Launch RRP$449.99
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Left Handed Lofts
Right Handed Lofts
FinishBlack Nickel
Weight365 grams
Shaft NameStroke Lab
Shaft TypesMulti-material
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter InsertNo
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

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