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For many years now Oakley have lead the way in sports performance sunglasses. Their radical designs of frames and lenses combine dynamic looks with visual and athletic performance.

Within golf one of their key products is the G30 Iridium lens below, which is available in a wide variety of their frames and is specifically designed for golf. Iridium is a coating applied to certain Oakley lenses to offer an additional anti-glare protection by cutting certain light waves and enhancing others.

Oakley Radar G30 Iridium Glasses

I have used the G30 lens for some time now and it is a fantastic lens for all round conditions, especially overcast or partly sunny days. The latest version with the Iridium coating enhances the protection and perforamnace the G30 already gave. I am not sure I could play without my Oakleys and it is not just to hide my embarassment at the odd shot.

Many people perceive sport sunglasses to be generic, but nothing could be further from the truth. I remember trying on a tennis specific lens in the shop and then looking at a jumble of coloured ribbons and being amazed that the tennis ball coloured ribbon just seemed to light up as the others colours disappered.

So it is with the G30, which not only blocks out all the nasty UVA and UVB rays, but also highlights all the various shades of greens. This then creates a much clearer view of different shades of green so you can see any variations clearer, which makes reading puts with glasses on easier and not harder.

Oakley G30 Lens Comparison

The 30 in the name refers to the fact that 30% of light is let through to protect your eyes. Recently Oakley also have a have introduced the G20 that, you guessed it, allows 20% of light through for those who need a slightly darker lens with the same golf specific performance. No clues for what the G40 lens does either.

I have the G30s in the XLJ style for a Flak Jacket frame which is less of a wrap around style than the M frame and ideal for less windy days. The J in the name referes to the J shape of the lower outside corner of the lens that curves around to provide more protection when you are playing golf than a standard XL lens.

Oakley G30 XLJ Lens

This certainly makes a difference to the standard lens, as sometimes it feels like you are looking around the edges when looking down and it is not as close to your face to keep out the wind.

When the light gets brighter or darker there are other lens options in the Oakley Golf range that will enhance or tone down the available light so that you can see everything in front of you clearly.

I also have the classic M Frames with the Gold Iridium lens for really bright days and a superb Persimmon lens that enhances the light so much it makes the dullest day in January look like midday in June.

Oakley Golf Array

There are a multitude of options for frames and lens depending on your face shape and level of protection and not many of them are cheap. However, regardless of which frame you choose, for an all round golf lens for general play in the UK, then the Oakley G30 lens is one of the best in the market and well worth the investment.

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