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The Nike Victory Red wedges are the next in a long line of very good wedges from Nike.

They always look classy and this model is no exception. Developed in association with Tiger Woods, the Nike Forged Victory Red wedges have lovely clean lines and a heel grind that easily allows you to open the face and play all variety of shots.

The feel and spin from the club face is excellent and in particular we really like the lob wedge which has just 6 degrees of bounce so you can flip it up from the tightest of lies.

Like the SV wedges, the Victory Red wedge comes with a S400 shaft as standard, rather than the more usual S300. This shaft is a little heavier and you do feel this weight in the shaft of the club over the head, so make sure this is to your liking before you buy.

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Nike Victory Red Wedge

Nike Victory Red Wedge - Product Details

UK Launch01 November 2008
USA Launch01 November 2008
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexStiff, Regular
Manufacturer's WebsiteNike Website

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Media Reviews

Golf World
March 2010
Looks fantastic. Control from fairway and sand. For confident players.
Today's Golfer
March 2010
Absolutely stunning and the performance matches.
Today's Golfer
March 2010
Easy to use on a wide range of shots.
Golf World
March 2010
A wedge with Tiger's approval should attract your attention.
National Club Golfer
Choice of highest and lowest handicappers..looks and performance.
National Club Golfer
July 2009
Fairly forgiving..lob wedge particularly impressive..heavy head.
Golf Monthly
May 2009
Classic shape, soft forging..high spinning, plenty of feel.
Today's Golfer
May 2009
A little light..feels like you are forcing shots.
Golf Monthly
December 2008
Fantastic look at address .. suited to fairly confident wedge players

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