Martin Hopley

The Nike Victory Red utlity club looks a bit like the rescue clubs of old. It has a compact head that feels very solid thanks to a heavier than average head and shaft for this type of club.

From the sole side of the Victory Red hybrid, the looks match the rest of the stylish Victory Red (VR) range, but when you put it at address you are confronted with a head that is predominantly silver, which seems a little odd.

It does give it the Nike Victory Red hybrid the feel of a small old style metal wood and the 'ting' sound at impact does little to change this view. Not that this is a bad thing; the flight was reasonbly high and the head was pretty forgiving for its size fro the tee and the rough.

It is maybe a little too retro for some, but if you want something that looks a little different to the standard, then the Nike Victory Red is for you.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Nike Victory Red Hybrid

Nike Victory Red Hybrid - Product Details

UK Launch01 March 2010
USA Launch01 March 2010
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft TypesGraphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
Manufacturer's WebsiteNike Website

User Reviews

August 2011

Got this the other week and really like it. I got it in 18 degrees which is a 2 iron. Seems really easy to stike off the fairway and travels a long way with a really nice looking ball flight. Goes well out the rough as well. The only downside is if you don't stike it well. I usually stike my woods well so it isn't usually an issue but I did on or two out the toe and they go straight left, just a little pointer to look out for. Overall, a nice club and I will be keeping it in the bag for a while.

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Media Reviews

Today's Golfer
August 2010
More forgiving than it of longest, straightest.
Golf World
March 2010
Impressive, stylish. Distance inspired confidence..much improved from rough.
Today's Golfer
March 2010
Launches higher, spins less, promotes great distance.
Golf Monthly
March 2010
Will appeal to confident players..lack of offset suits those who hook.
National Club Golfer
February 2010
Compact and looks simple at address..easy to strike.

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