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Mizuno claim that the 2015 version of the MP-S golf ball loves to spin and I would have to agree with them.

Mizuno MP-S 2015 Golf Ball

This is a premium tour level golf ball that category one players will like for the control and feel it gives around the green and also on full shots.

Mizuno MP-S 2015 Golf Ball

With a short iron in hand I had it dancing and juddering to a halt on even the firmest greens and the cover held up to the usual groove attack as well as any other in this category.

The 3 piece ball has a larger inner core than before and also a thinner urethane cover that is now down to just 0.5mm thick.

Mizuno MP-S 2015 Golf Ball

The outside features a variable size 330 dimple pattern that is supposed to enable a high and strong trajectory and certainly for me it was in the right window for a better player's ball.

Mizuno MP-S 2015 Golf Ball

On and around the greens the MP-S performs very well with great feel and touch that is maybe a little softer than a Titleist Pro V1.

It sounds a little softer than the MP-X, which I will come onto later, but the feel is about the same so it is not so much of a difference compared to other premium balls that have an X version.

Like the previous version the MP-S is a very good ball and one that I could see a lot of better players using, it is just whether or not golfers will walk past the similarly priced and more widely available Pro V1 to pick them up.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball Review

As mentioned above, the MP-X is similar to the MP-S in terms of feel and price.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball

It features a 4 piece structure with 2 cores and 2 covers, or 3 layers and 1 cover depending on your point of view.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball

This is really the MP ball for players who have higher swing speeds because it spins less as you can see from my ball test on Skytrak.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball

It also sounds a little firmer and did not grab as much on full shots with wedge in hand as the MP-S, but on the green there was not much between the two for feel. Compared to the market leader, it again felt a little softer than a Pro V1x, but not by much.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball

Mizuno say that the MP-X is the ball their tour players are using and I can see why, as to get the most from it, you need that higher driver swing speed of over 105 mph that most amateurs don't have.

Mizuno MP-X 2015 Golf Ball

Therefore for most of us, if you want a premium ball that is a little softer than the market leader, then the MP-S is worth checking out.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Mizuno MP-S 2015 Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2014
UK Launch RRP£50
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelMedium
Colour OptionsWhite
Quantities3, 12
Manufacturer's WebsiteMizuno Website

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