Martin Hopley

The main aim of Maxfli when they created the BlackMAX golf ball was to create a tour performance golf ball with great feel and we think they have achieved this.

The feel of the ball around the greens is excellent without spinning too much. The ball feels great with putters and wedges and the cover held up pretty well during play, although it did scuff from bunker play.

The other main selling point is the low spin/high trajectory that is required these days and again it performed very well. Into the wind the ball stayed very stable and the low spin of the BlackMAX kept the ball on the required trajectory.

Overall we think Maxfli have hit the mark with this ball so get some in your bag and try them out!

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
Overall Rating - 5 stars:


Maxfli BlackMAX Golf Ball

Maxfli BlackMAX Golf Ball - Product Details

UK Launch15 April 2005
Handicap Range
Ball Construction3-Piece
Ball FeelSoft
Colour OptionsWhite
Manufacturer's WebsiteMaxfli Website

User Reviews

Nick Larner
May 2006

Bought a trial pack of the Maxfli Blackmax's and I must admit that this ball was great. My home course is a windy links course and this is perfect for the windy course with its low spin off the driver just it kept from ballooning like the Pro v1 does when I hit it. Around the greens it was lovely to use, very soft and responsive especially of the wedges where spin is a premium. Putting with this ball was great, soft and rolls true. This ball is going in the bag and the Pro v1 is no longer top dog in my eyes. If you haven't tried these yet you are missing out BIG time!!!

Jamie Kennedy
July 2005

Really impressed by the Maxfli BlackMAX. Used it for the first time on a tough links course and was amazed by its ability to check on the greens. I was swinging well and confidently, but kept having to comment on how impressed I was with the ball. My driver was flying straight and at a solid height, not too high which was good on the links and my full iron approach shots (that I thought may run to the back of the green) were checking near the hole. Perfect example was a 165 yard par three, I hit a PW due to the down breeze. I hit a really solid shot and the ball flew high and straight at the flag with no movement. I saw it bounce about 4 yards shot of the flag and I immediately began contemplating a 30 footer from the back edge, but the ball checked and held its position about 5 feet behind the hole. Ball was even nice to putt with. Only drawback is that scuffed noticably after only one round. Never thought I would ever consider changing from a Pro V1x, but this is a great alternative!

March 2005

I really liked the Maxfli BlackMAX ball as it had great feel around the greens without spinning too much. I generate a lot of spin with my driver and the low spinning nature of the Maxfli BlackMAX meant that the trajectory was excellent, particularly when hitting into the wind. I played with it on a links course and even managed with short downhill chips to get it to grab and I got a lovely feel off it when putting. I actually felt that it was softer than the Titleist Pro V1 I usually use around the greens, so it should be very good on fast greens in the summer. Best Maxfli ball they have done so far and worthy competitor to Titleist Pro V1 and Callaway HX Tour although not sure if it is going in the bag full time just yet.

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Media Reviews

Golf Monthly
October 2006
Looks and feels a little firmer..little too lively.
Golf Monthly
July 2005
Soft feel..holds its line of scuff-resistance.

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