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History has shown that FootJoy has a knack of creating timeless golf shoe designs that seem to appeal to all ages and types of golfers. They do it season after season and it's one of the many reasons they are the number one shoe in golf.

It almost seems easy for it to just keep churning out what appear to be obvious and basic designs that become best selling success stories.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

Judging by the name, when I first got my hands on the Golf Casual shoes, they seemed to be next in line in this FJ success story.

Based on the idea and look alone, I felt as if FootJoy had done what it does best - produce a simple, yet effective golf shoe.

What's It All About?

The Golf Casual is all about versatility. It's a lightweight, spikeless leather golf shoe that FootJoy says is perfect for wearing in the office as well as on the golf course. I'd like to make a quick point here - although it seems that every golf shoe manufacturer on the planet is doing it, I'm still not sold on the idea of wearing the same shoes all day in the office to then go and play golf in them afterwards. Is changing shoes after work really that hard? Maybe the Golf Casual was the shoe to change my opinion.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

On top of the office to course ideology, it then features all of the things you would expect from FootJoy.

The base of the shoe offers a soft moulded rubber traction to offer a slip-free round of golf with turf gripping traction. Comfort comes in the form of a lightweight PU Fit-Bed said to provide a soft underfoot cushioning, to deliver added comfort and heel support.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

Finally, FJ claim the Golf Casual will offer you outstanding waterproof comfort, breathability and durability with a full year's 100% waterproof EU warranty for piece of mind.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

FootJoy Says...

Incredible lightweight comfort and versatile casual looks blend perfectly to achieve the latest FJ spikeless golf shoe from FJ, The #1 Shoe in Golf

The Test

I have played in these shoes all year so this is probably the most in-depth 'test' I have ever conducted on a piece of golf equipment. I am about to take into account 3-4 months of wear here.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

The initial review however was originally conducted over 36 holes. Firstly I tested the breathability, comfort and performance of the Golf Casuals at Bonmont Golf Course in sunny Costa Daurada.

Secondly, a few weeks later I found myself testing the shoes in completely opposite conditions at Gullane Golf Club whilst testing the FJ HydroKnit.. I played in some of the worst rain imaginable and therefore tested how waterproof the Golf Casuals were too.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe Review

First Impressions

When I first saw the shoes, I was fairly underwhelmed by their simple design. Unlike some other recent FootJoy shoe models like the Fury or Flex they don't have too much shelf appeal.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

This however isn't a criticism, the name suggests exactly what you get here - a casual looking golf shoe. To add to this, I personally think this is where FJ are at their best. When it comes to designing more contemporary shoes I think they fall short, trying too hard sometimes.

When manipulating the sole in my hands, without even trying the shoes on, FJ seemed to have got the balance between flexibility, whilst not sacrificing support exactly right. There was movement, but they felt solid, and I liked that.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

On The Course

Straight out of the box, the comfort of the Golf Casuals was outstanding. They felt warm, they felt soft, and they hugged my feet offering support underneath the balls of my feet. The lightweight PU Fit-Bed really took the weight off my feet and put a little bounce in my stride too.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

This outsole is coupled with a soft, premium feeling upper. The inside lining of the upper was a supple feeling leather material that was incredibly soft around my heel and toes eliminating any worries of rubbing or blistering in the most common places. Which, I can confirm I have not had once since using these shoes. These shoes certainly don't need any wearing in.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

The fit of the shoe when walking and swinging out on the course again was impressive. There seemed to be plenty of space in the shoe for my foot to not feel restricted from movement, whilst still feeling breathable.

The 30 degree heat of Tarragona, Costa Daurada is where I was most impressed by the Golf Casuals. For a black, leather shoe with little in the way of a 'tech-story', the breathability was very impressive. The warm and traditional lining of the shoe didn't mean my feet were too hot at any point during my round.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

I know what you're thinking, there has to be a downside to this shoe, right? Well this is what I found at Gullane GC. Now before I go on - I have to make it clear how bad the rain was when I played course one. Put it this way, if I'd not have travelled from Manchester to North Berwick just to play Gullane, I certainly wouldn't have bothered. That bad.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

So were the Casuals 100% waterproof over 18 holes? In a word, no. Unfortunately when I found the cabbage to the right of the green on the 5th at Gullane, I walked away from my 3rd shot with wet feet. The shoes were waterproof until you walked into thick rough. Unfortunately around the laces area, the Golf Casuals let in a lot.

I have however played golf or worn these shoes in wet conditions since and they have been ok, performing exactly how you would expect a £120 waterproof FJ shoe to do. This doesn't stop my reservations after playing in these shoes at Gullane however...

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe Verdict

The FootJoy Golf Casuals are a great golf shoe, no doubt. Some golfers will wear them from the office to the course and get away with it. I guess the key thing here is - they wouldn't standout out as golf shoes in the office, you'd get away with it.

The thing I was most impressed with the Golf Casuals was the combination of lightweight comfort, whilst still offering stability and traction in the golf swing. The comfort and warmth from the classic FJ PU Fit-Bed was outstanding - everything you'd want. And the stability and traction the outsole provided was also very good.

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

The only way you would get around the waterproof issue is by simply not playing in these shoes when its really bad. To be honest, most golfers would go for a pair of 'proper' spiked golf shoes for the extra traction anyway.

Would I Use It?

Yes. 99% of golfing environments, these shoes will see golfers right.

Based on simple (and somewhat safe) looks, superb comfort, and huge versatility of the shoe, the Golf Casuals will no doubt be trusted by club golfers for round after round.


  • Super comfortable
  • Simple aesthetics will suit a lot of golfers
  • Warm enough to keep feet warm on winter days
  • Good traction
  • Breathable in summer, even in black
  • Sturdy outsole gives support


  • Not 100% waterproof during test
  • Limited colourways
  • Most golfers will go for the FJ Flex considering price point

FootJoy Golf Casual Shoe

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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FootJoy Golf Casual Golf Shoe

FootJoy Golf Casual Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK Launch01 April 2019
UK Launch RRP£115
Handicap Range
Sizes6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsBrown, Black, White
Manufacturer's WebsiteFootJoy Website

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