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By Andrew Noyce

If you're one of those people who need some help overcoming nerves on the green then it's likely a high MOI putter will help you on those testing short putts.

With plenty of these oversized, stable putters in the market, there is plenty of choice, and the majority of the head designs boast an MOI of around 5,000.

Evnroll ER9-10K Putter

Envroll, the innovative company of putter guru Guerin Rife, has taken this number and double it, producing a putter that boasts an extraordinary 10,000 MOI, the super-stable ER9-10K Extreme.

Rife explains why he designed the putter:

I noticed more and more lately that many players on the PGA Tour are opting for high MOI oversized putter head designs. They have to stand over a 4-foot putt worth $200K to $1m that will change their life. The pressure can be paralysing. Having a putter that is so stable that it overrides nerves is often the key to success. The ER9-10K is stability on steroids!

A putter with such high MOI putter requires a very large putter head and Rife has achieved that by combining an ultra-light aluminium with stainless steel that is about three times heavier.

Evnroll ER9-10K Putter

The ER9 has a milled 6061 aluminium body with strategically located hollow cylinders running the length of the head from face to rear along the extreme heel and toe of the putter, and these house the sizeable steel weights. This means head size is kept at an achievable level whilst still achieving such a high MOI. The ER9's aluminium body has an anodised dark grey satin finsh that helps to reduce the size of the visually.

Evnroll ER9-10K Putter

The head is square and features a wide central cavity that is framed by alignment lines along each side and a single sight line in the centre. The hollow cylinders can accommodate a full range of short to long rod weights allowing the swing weight to be dialled in exactly depending on the shaft length, grip weights and counter weights.

Evnroll ER9-10K Putter

Like all Evnroll putters the ER9-10K features "Sweet Face" Technology, a unique milling pattern that delivers uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter. In this putter, due to the extreme stability created by the head design, the parabolic grooves have been dialled back to ensure the same energy transfer and gearing effect on off centre hits.

The aluminium body with the long heavy steel weights mean the head is up to 15% heavier than a standard putter however the swing weight is light meaning the putter is easy to handle, crucial for excellent distance control.

Evnroll ER9-10K Putter

Stability is even built into the grip of the ER9-10K thanks to a patent-pending Gravity Grip that has a 70g 10" steel rod travelling the length of the deep V underside. This moves 85% of the grip's total weight in the fingers below the shaft, promoting a toe-up square face to the swing plane. Weighing 120g the Gravity Grip counter balances the head to further increase overall stability.



Evnroll ER9-10K Putter - Product Details

UK LaunchApril 2018
UK Launch RRP£299
USA LaunchApril 2018
USA Launch RRP$360
MaterialSteel, Aluminium
Weight415 grams
Club Lengths33,34,35 inches
GripEvnroll Gravity
Moment of Inertia10000g/cm²
Putter ShapesMallet
Putter Face GroovesYes
Manufacturer's WebsiteEvnroll Website

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