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Ever since Fred Couples sauntered onto the first tee at Augusta National wearing a pair of spikeless Ecco hybrid shoes with no socks during the 2010 Masters, the world of golf shoes has changed.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

There are now hundreds of these golf shoes which are just as adept on the golf course as they are in the bar afterwards, or even in the airport on the way to your next golfing destination.

No more hopping on one leg at the boot of your car in the car park as you change into shoes which are still a little damp from the last time you played. These hybrid shoes are good to go as soon as you arrive.

Fast forward almost a decade, and the Danish pioneers are at it again, combining their most advanced technologies together to form the new Ecco Biom Cool Pro shoe, which they are describing as the 'best golf shoe ever made'.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

What’s It All About?

The Biom Cool Pro is built on Ecco's Natural Motion last, which is designed specifically to fit around your foot and provide added stability during the 'natural motion' of the golf swing.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

The Tri-Fi-Grip outsole, first featured in last year's Biom Hybrid 3, splits the bottom of the shoe into three defined TPU segments to provide distinct performance benefits.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

The two blue coloured areas on the outer sections are for durability and stability, whilst the middle section has more rounded lugs which provide better support for rotation during the swing.

A redesigned TPU Exhaust Grid features angled openings in the midsole of the shoe, to allow air to access the sole of the foot whilst allowing heat and moisture to escape.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

This combines with a Gore-Tex surround to deliver 360° breathability and 100% waterproofing, allowing the shoes to be used in a variety of conditions.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

Ecco Says…

Natural motion meets waterproof breathability. Featuring the BIOM and GORE-TEX SURROUND technology platforms, BIOM COOL PRO takes style and performance to the next level.

The Test

Luckily enough, Ecco gave me the opportunity to wear these shoes during 18 holes of golf on the Albatros Course at the incredible Le Golf National, scene of Team Europe's Ryder Cup win in 2018.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

With temperatures in excess of 30 degrees, plenty of undulations and a long, tough golf course with lots of rough, I'm sure you all feel very sorry for me... Anyway, it was the perfect setting to ensure that the Biom Cool Pros would be well and truly pushed to their limits.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Shoe Review

First things first, the looks. I can safely say that I think this is the best looking golf shoe Ecco has created. The brand has managed to blend contemporary, tech-filled styling with the kind of simple, functional design that will appeal to a wide range of golfers.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

It is no secret that Ecco's main clientbase is men over the age of 40, and so it would be silly for them to come out with a shoe that rivalled Nike or adidas in trying to emulate high-street fashion into their golf footwear.

However the design of the Biom Cool Pro, and the colourways available, should mean that their frequent customers remain happy whilst also attracting the eye of the twenty-somethings.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

Out on the course, I would say the two things which impressed me most about the Biom Cool Pro shoes was the comfort and the breathability.

'Out of the box comfort' is a phrase which seems to be included with the release of every single golf shoe these days, but I would say that of all the shoes I have tested this year, these have provided the best example of it.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

The lightweight frame had me a little worried that a tough setting such as Le Golf National, with firm and undulating terrain, may not have been the ideal place to break these shoes in. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Your foot seems to sink naturally into the last, slipping inside the neoprone tongue, giving you the sensation of stepping into your oldest, favourite pair of trainers that have moulded to your feet over the years. After about 10 minutes, it barely felt like I was wearing shoes at all though I was receiving all of the cushioning I required.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

With a tee-off time of 11am and temperatures already surpassing 30 degrees, I had come prepared with a spare pair of socks and shoes to change in to after 18 holes. However the TPU Exhaust Grid did a fantastic job of channeling cooler air in to my feet whilst getting rid of the heat, so that my feet felt dry and cool throughout.

I could have quite easily worn the shoes to the airport and on the journey home after playing if I had wanted to. Whether this system is as effective in cooler conditions is something which will have to be tested on another day, but for a summer golf shoes these are absolutely perfect.

The course had plenty of undulations and the fairways are framed by either water or huge dunes, so there was a number of occasions where I didn't have a perfectly flat stance, but the Cool Pros performed admirably.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

The Tri-Fi-Grip sole kept me balanced whilst hitting drives off the tee, splashing out of bunkers and hacking out of the very thick rough around Le Golf National.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

Of course, the shoes feature Ecco's signature Yak Leather, as George explains in greater detail here, which the brand themselves construct at their own tanneries. This gave a really nice premium feel, but the addition of the airholes also aided breathability whilst giving it a more contemporary look.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Shoe Verdict

I am going to keep this verdict pretty short, because I think I have already said everything I need to.

The Ecco Biom Cool Pro shoes are among the most comfortable I have ever used, the looks are something which will appeal to all golfers, they offer waterproof protection, are breathable and give you great traction.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

There's also the added bonus that they can be worn both on and off the course, which perhaps will help to mitigate the price tag somewhat, as it is a little on the high side.

However if you are in the market for a new pair of spikeless golf shoes, I would urge you to try them as I believe they are the best pair I have tested this year, and I can see them being a very popular option over the next 12 months.

Would I Use It?

100%. As with a large number of spikeless shoes, my existing pair are starting to become a little tired as the rubber lugs wear down from a couple of summers' usage.

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

Without question, I will be switching to the Ecco Biom Cool Pro as my new summer option as they provide everything I am looking for in a spikeless shoe.


  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Fantastic breathability
  • Great traction
  • Ecco's best-looking shoe


  • Could be a little on the pricey side for some
  • Quite a wide fitting shoe

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoes

Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoe

Ecco Biom Cool Pro Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchSeptember 2019
UK Launch RRP£210
European LaunchSeptember 2019
Shoe StyleShoe
Sizes6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12.5
WidthsMedium, Wide
Colour OptionsGrey/Navy, White/Grey, Black
Manufacturer's WebsiteEcco Website

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