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The Ecco Biom G3 shoes are the latest addition to the Biom range from the Danish premium footwear manufacturers, first seen in 2011. They have utilised the same Natural Motion last used throughout the range to create a shoe that is said to be ideal for use all year round.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

What’s It All About?

The Natural Motion last is said to give both stability and a ‘glove-like’ fit for golfers. It is built with the aim of withstanding the natural motion of the body during the golf swing - hence the name. There are also six Zarma-Tour spikes, as opposed to the Tri-Fi-Grip in the Hybrid model released earlier this year, to provide extra traction. Inside, the removable Ortholite foam insole is said to offer ample cushioning, whilst still remaining breathable for year-round use.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Ecco Say…

Ecco Biom G3 utilises a range of industry-leading technologies to deliver exceptional performance that will last round after round, while hard-wearing Ecco Yak leather uppers and a waterproof Gore-Tex construction keep feet dry and comfortable in even the wettest weather.

The Test

First things first, these shoes aren't cheap. Inevitably in today's golf market, with premium technologies comes a premium price tag. Therefore, I wanted to make sure that the Biom G3 shoes could hold their own in a variety of on-course situations, and not just that, do so with ease as Ecco suggest they will... or should.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

I took to the course in late-November to play 18 holes of rather underwhelming golf, in the hope of being overwhelmed by the G3's performance whilst hopefully coming to decision as to whether the Biom G3 shoes warrant golfers parting with £210.

Ecco Biom G3 Golf Shoes Review

First Impressions

From the moment I unboxed the Biom G3 shoes, it was clear to see I was dealing with a premium golf shoe. Met by the combination of a smooth Yak Leather upper and the striking green sole - I was more than keen to see how the shoes felt on my feet.

I think at this point in the review it would be important for those who don't know, to explain what Yak Leather is. A yak is an animal that lives in the alpine rangeland of the Tibetan Plateau, a part of the world where few other animals can survive. In essence, yak hide is a multi-seasonal leather consisting of a thin, compact woven collagen fibre and closed fine grain. These unique characteristics are extremely durable and protect the yak in the warm summers and cold winters. If you were then to think about how that could benefit your feet in a multitude of outdoor golf conditions... Well, you get the picture.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Enough about Yaks, back to the shoes. In terms of looks, Ecco shoes can often divide opinion and as a usually ‘classic’ golf shoe lover, I had my doubts as to whether the G3s would suit my slightly 'old-fashioned' eye. Gradually, throughout the round, I was proven wrong. By the time I had finished playing, the modern and contemporary styling had all but won me over, with just the right amount of traditional looks in the simple design to keep me happy. I think the G3 has seen Ecco tone down certain garish features that may have put off many golfers in previous models, such as: the Biom Hybrid 3, Ecco Cage and original Biom golf shoe. These shoes are sleek, modern but classic and clean in the right areas.

The bright green sole actually worked really well with the white colourway and acted as an eye-catching contrast to the upper. I also felt like these shoes offered a strong balance between the modern-day trainer-like golf shoe that we've be come accustomed to seeing in recent years and a more traditional golf shoe, giving them a wide appeal to more age groups than you would usually associate with Ecco shoes. So far, so good.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

On The Course

The best way to describe these shoes is that they provided me with the best of both worlds. I felt as if I was wearing a pair of Hybrid 3 golf shoes, from a comfort point of view, without sacrificing the obvious traction benefits of a premium cleated sole.

My feet felt secure, well-supported, and extremely stable when both walking and, more importantly, swinging the golf club. So much so that at times I felt as if I was wearing old-school metal spikes - yes the traction really was that good - rather than the lightweight Zarma-Tour softspikes.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Unlike the shoes, my extremely inconsistent golf game saw me playing from a variety of different lies and stances at an already heavily undulating Stockport Golf Club. My second shot into the long par 4 1st, proved straight away the Biom G3s offered stability in abundance, as I managed to find the green from 205 yards from an awkward stance whilst having one foot in the rough and one foot in the fairway. In a situation that would usually result in me 'laying-up', the G3s provided me with the confidence to commit to a full swing and hit the shot I was envisaging whilst standing over the ball.

Whilst the well-renowned wide fit we've come to expect in Ecco golf shoes will suit the majority of golfers, there is also a handy option to remove the insole for extra space if required, which is a clever feature once again reinforcing the wide appeal of these golf shoes. I personally enjoyed the extra security of the Ortholite foam insole staying put, but knowing you have the option to change the insole is never a bad thing.

The laces were made from a strong, yet soft-feeling material that offered a secure fit and a good length without getting in the way. Even after 18 holes they didn't show any signs of loosening. I was also really impressed by the tongue in this golf shoe. As a golfer with a high-instep the 'glove-like fit' claimed by Ecco gave plenty of cushioning to the top part of my foot, allowing the shoes to be tied tightly without the bridge of my foot feeling any pain or aching.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

One of the best assets of this shoe for me was the fit. My foot felt well and truly locked into the heel whilst the wide fit in the front of the shoe offered plenty of room with a level high level of comfort. I presume this would be the same for the majority of golfers. This seems a simple nut to have cracked by Ecco, but you be amazed at how many golf shoe manufacturers get it wrong.

As a 6'4" golfer, being (or more importantly) feeling low to the ground when playing golf is key to me having the confidence to go ahead and make a good golf swing. This was another area in which the Biom G3s excelled. The Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology sole gave me a stable and low-to-the-ground base on which to make a solid golf swing. This for me, is a big tick.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

In the comfort, looks, and tech departments, the Biom G3s no doubt walked the walk to warrant the price tag. But did they pass the water test? In a word, yes. Ecco say: "hard-wearing Ecco Yak leather uppers and a waterproof GORE-TEX® construction keep feet dry and comfortable in even the wettest weather."

Throughout 18 holes on a damp golf course, I can clarify that no water had crept through, even when walking through wet, thick rough. The combination of Gore-Tex and Yak Leather construction really does work. Breathability seemed not to be a problem either as there was no sign of sweat at the end of the round, with the thin yet durable Yak leather passing the test once again. I would have no reservations in wearing these shoes on a hot summers day.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Would I Use It?

In the past, as a 24-year-old with a passion for more classic golf styling seen in the mid-70s, I would never have chosen to play golf in a shoe like this. But after testing the Biom G3s, I have to say that fact is no longer true. Yes, I'm an Ecco convert.

The price tag is hefty, but in my opinion, you get what you pay for in performance. Ecco shoes really do come with premium materials, technologies and some of the best golf shoe craftsmanship available in today's competitive golf shoe market.

Having said that, there a couple of slight niggles which are worth highlighting if you're considering trying these out. Firstly, the navy blue caging on the outer heel of the shoe, whilst doing a great job of holding my foot in place, after a few holes it became a little harsh on the heel. This is not a major problem, but as I say more of a niggle that could frustrate some golfers more seriously than others.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

I also found that the cleats seemed to pick up a large amount of debris from the course – leaves, sand and grass – causing the usually lightweight shoe to feel heavier after a short while. You could look at this one of two ways: a frustrating problem as you have to keep clearing the sole of your shoe after every two or three holes, or a plus as it shows that there’s plenty of grip under your feet. Personally I've not found a pair of spiked shoes that don't pick up golf course debris in Autumn, so I'll let you be the judge. Tee pegs and pitch mark repairers at the ready.

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

The Verdict?

I think Ecco shoes have generally been better received by an older generation of golfers in the past, but my mind has been changed during this review. I would have no reservations in playing in these. You get the comfort benefits of a hybrid shoe whilst also benefiting from extra stability and styling that could suit a variety of golfers for reliable, high-performing usage in all conditions. Whether I would choose to wear them off the course however, I'm yet to be convinced, the Zarma-Tour softspikes are simply too prominent a design for you to realistically wear them anywhere other the course.

In conclusion, I would urge you not to be put off by the price. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for", and on this occasion I can certainly Ecco that.


  • Industry leading comfort throughout shoe, especially in the tongue
  • Enough technology to warrant price tag
  • Great traction, mid-swing slips are a thing of the past
  • Contemporary but wide appealing styling
  • 100% waterproof whilst still breathable due to Yak Leather


  • Outer heel caging will feel a little harsh to some golfers
  • Sole attracts a large amount of course debris
  • Is £210 too much to spend a pair of golf shoes?

Ecco Biom G3 Shoes

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
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Ecco Biom G3 Golf Shoe

Ecco Biom G3 Golf Shoe - Product Details

UK LaunchJanuary 2019
UK Launch RRP£210
Handicap Range
Shoe StyleShoe
WidthsMedium, Wide
Manufacturer's WebsiteEcco Website

User Reviews

G Moore
March 2019

I have been wearing black Ecco Biom Hybrid all winter and have not slipped once. The Yak/GoreTex combination ensures they are watertight, and they clean up well. Also if your feet - like mine - are a bit wider than the norm or have you high instep - Ecco are far more comfy to wear than other brands. All round an excellent product

C. A. Russell
December 2018

I am also an Ecco convert, being prised away from the Foot joy stable which I have used since starting to play the game 40+ years ago. The Ecco shoes regardless of model are lighter in comparison through the range though their price tag is generally higher. To combat this I have taken to buying out of season styles at a much reduced cost and even purchased 4 pairs while on holiday abroad such was the saving. I have no qualms about recommending Ecco shoes to anyone, and if they're happy with the price asked I'm sure they'll be shoes to last a few good seasons.

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