Martin Hopley

When we picked up the Callaway X-Tour irons you could see immediately from the back that it was a Callaway, with the notch design and undercut cavity.

However when you put it down at address it looked like any other premium iron with a compact head, thin top line and no cavity in view. Amazing (for a Callaway).

It had a very classic offset and lie and the feel from the forged head was very solid, if a little heavy due to the cavity system that keeps the weight low and behind the face.

We tested it with a True Temper Dynamic Gold stiff steel shaft and the club felt heavier than competitors. Overall we think low handicappers should go for this over the X-18 Pro Series and if the price is right, then it could open up a new market for Callaway.

Golfalot Rating: 4 stars
Overall Rating - 4 stars:
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Callaway X-Tour Iron

Callaway X-Tour Irons - Product Details

UK Launch15 April 2008
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityRight
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexX Stiff, Stiff, Regular
Set Makeup3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW
Additional Clubs2
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

George Davisson
January 2018

I purchased a set of these off Ebay after having played the Titleist 680CB's for about 14 years. The thing that interested me about this set is that the previous owner had Graphite matrix shafts put in them and had the loft and lie adjusted for all of them as they are like the PXG's and every club is set to a 37" length. Granted, I haven't hit them yet, but based on these reviews, I'm really looking forward to it and how could I go wrong for $175? The shafts are almost that much, let alone the mid-size Winn Dry-tack grips. I will update after a few rounds. And yes, I agree...great look at setup and doesn't look like a big bertha or a shovel on the ground. Very attractive, classic setup.

September 2016

Love these irons. Look great and feel great. I've made some of the best shots of my life with these irons. Can get a more than normal loft on these irons which makes it great for landing shots on the green and them staying on. Thank you Callaway.

James Williamson
June 2006

I have a 22 handicap and find my Callaway X-Tour steel shaft clubs easier to use than so called game improvement irons. They are beautiful to look at and have a massive cavity which makes them so easy to get airborne, thus creating a very long carry distance. A beautiful iron which although a bit on the heavy side can be used by high and low handicappers alike.

henry howe
June 2005

Tried these Callaway X-Tour Irons out down at my local range/shop along with pretty much everything else in the shop and the only thing that came close was the Wilson Pi5, but enough of them more about these beasts!!!! These Callaway X-Tour Irons are truly awesome, stupidly easy to use given they are forged and perfectly balanced to shape around the pin, almost every shot I look at with one of these in my hands looks acheivable and, this is where I got confused, they are made by Callaway!? the most hated brand by any better player yet here I am loving them!! really are a great buy as they'll be around for a while, the forged feel is excellent, once you have tried forged irons. you'll never go back...

Andy Varjas
May 2005

When the new Callaway X-Tour irons first appeared a couple of months ago, I hit the 6 iron several times per day and really got to enjoy the "feel" of the club. I then played 4 rounds with the Callaway X-Tour irons with a Stiff Dynamic Gold Shaft to evaluate their performance. I made some of the best iron shots I've ever made almost right away. The irons performed admirably with a mid-high trajectory and very straight. These are arguably the "softest" irons I've ever hit. Their performance actually improved with each round so I purchased a set with the same Dynamic Gold shaft but in Regular flex. I have now played more than 10 rounds with my new Irons and continue to get excellent performance. I particularly like the look of the club at set-up. They are unlike the customary clunky, bulky looking, thick top- lined Callaway?s. I actually enjoy knowing where the clubhead is at all times. I find them to be much softer and more accurate with more spin and ball stopping ability than any of my former irons. They are very forgiving and yet allow me to "work" the ball. Needless to say that I am thrilled with their performance...they are definitely keepers. I would recommend them to anyone with a low to mid handicap that wants to experience the feel of a Forged club.

March 2005

At address you are amazed that this is a Callaway. The X-Tour looks like any other iron, albeit a bit heavier. The strike is very solid and the feel is very good, although not up there with a forged Mizuno. However the Callaway X-Tour irons are a good alternative to the X-18 Pro Series and worth a hit.

Shaw Dow
March 2005

Best Callaway Irons I've hit, basically because these Callaway X-Tours didn't look like typical Callaway Irons. They have a thin top line and have a Titleist or Mizuno iron look about them. Very easy to hit and gave me a penetrating flight at a decent height. They look good from above and sit behind the ball well.

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Media Reviews

Golf World
August 2006
Not lightweight..flight was among the highest..forged heads.
Golf Monthly
July 2005
Excelled.looked and felt edge a touch thick.
Golf World
June 2005
A little on the chunky side..performance is superb.

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