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The Mavrik irons have been replaced by the Rogue ST range for 2022, and the Pro irons are the most workable of the new family.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

It's yet another entry into the players distance category which look like a blade in your bag, but are really a hollow headed iron that packs a real punch.

The Tech

The Rogue ST Pro is a hollow body, compact shaped head which looks and feels like a players iron but provides the distance and forgiveness of a game improvement iron.

Increased ball speed comes thanks to a high strength 450 AI Designed Flash Face Cup, which promotes a higher launch to increase the landing angle so that you can hold greens more easily.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

Another feature to increase forgiveness and make launching the ball easier is the addition of 48 grams of tungsten weighting, which is an increase of 188% over the Mavrik irons.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

So the distance is seemingly there, but Callaway have also worked to improve the feel by incorporating urethane microspheres which are now placed up to the sixth groove behind the face to dampen vibration and improve the sound too.

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Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons Review

Looks and Feel

These irons carry a high shelf appeal with the shiny chrome finish, something that we don't see as often these days as brushed steel is currently the trend. They really do look like a blade in your golf bag.

At address the head is rounded, like all Callaway irons tend to be compared to other manufacturers' straight lines. It isn't as elongated as a Ping i525 which makes the top line fuller, but not off-putting.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

The sole of the club is pretty slim, with the addition of the black line working as a clever trick to help make it look even thinner. The sole width is pretty similar to a TaylorMade P790.

The only downside in the look of these irons is the black cap on the back cavity - if it wasn't for this it really would look like a true blade.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

Compared to other Callaway irons, the Rogue ST Pro head is smaller than an Apex DCB but bigger than the Apex Pro.

In terms of feel, the irons were quite heavy to swing and the sound when you strike the ball was quite a clunk too. It took me a little bit of time to get used to the weight of the heads and the shafts, but the strike certainly looked after you even when you were slightly off.

The sound at impact is thick and powerful with a secure feel. I wouldn't say it's particularly quick off the face, but it felt very stable. The feel is not quite as good as the forged Apex, so the looks probably outperform the feel in this instance.

The Data

Firstly it's key to note that the 6 iron which I used to get Trackman data is 26.5 degrees loft, which is the same as the TaylorMade P790.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

The irons were a club longer in distance than the Apex Pro but they didn't go as far as my P790 6 iron, although they came with a 105 gram shaft which felt heavy to move quickly.

My swing speed was down by a few mph and so was my ball speed, meaning I lost some yardage, but both the spin and the launch were very similar so with an equivalent shaft I think the numbers would be virtually the same.

On-Course Performance

I enjoyed using these irons much more out on the golf course than I did indoors on the simulator. I haven't played a lot of golf recently and I found that these really helped me out a lot.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

I was actually clubbing up on a lot of approach shots as I wasn't sure how I was swinging it, but I didn't really need to as distance wasn't an issue. These irons took good care of me and I could work them low, high and left to right.

When I tested the Mavrik Pro irons back in 2020 I remember liking them but they were a little too hot, and didn't look as sleek. These are a big step up in terms of looks, feel and performance compared to the Mavrik for me.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

I used the pitching wedge for a 3/4 shot into the 8th hole at Prestbury GC and it came out really low and released a lot. At 43 degrees this is super strong and so not ideal if you're really looking for control.

The long irons and mid irons were really positive in their flight and they performed pretty well when hitting into some relatively soft greens. I'm just not sure I flight it high enough with these irons to hold the greens in the summer, but they did work well in the wind.

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons Verdict

These irons are a big improvement on the Mavrik Pro with better looks and a 'softer' performance, in a good way. They look far more like players irons than the Mavriks ever did.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

If you are in the market for a players distance iron in the same category as a TaylorMade P790, Titleist T200 or Ping i525 then give this iron a try. But I would just warn you that I think they're slightly fuller in design at address in typical Callaway style, although on the sole and the back of the head things are pretty similar.

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

Feel-wise they probably aren't quite top of the class, but with a cheaper price tag of less than £1000 for a full set I think that's a decent compromise to make.

Who Are They Aimed At?

I would recommend these irons to anyone from mid-single figures (6 or 7) to 18 handicappers - any lower than that and I think they will be a little too 'hot' for elite players.

They are an excellent option for players looking to keep their iron spend under £1000, and the best thing is that they should last you for a good chunk of your golfing life.

They look like a blade in the bag but they don't have any visible bulk and they still feel great. If you were a good golfer who is declining due to age, injury or just not playing much, you may want to pay the extra cash for the Apex irons as I think you'll prefer the feel. But for everyone else they will be more than fine.

Would I Use Them?

I enjoyed using these irons on a cold, windy day but they didn't quite have the feel for me and the short irons were a little too straight faced. As I said it’s a high single figure to mid handicapper club, and I'm not at that stage just yet!

Callaway Rogue ST Drivers

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Golfalot Rating: 5 stars
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Callaway Rogue ST Pro Iron

Callaway Rogue ST Pro Irons - Product Details

UK Launch04 March 2022
UK Launch RRP£949
European Launch04 March 2022
European Launch RRP€1199
Handicap Range
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameProject X Tour Flighted 105
Shaft TypesSteel, Graphite
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff, X Stiff
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs3, GW
Manufacturer's WebsiteCallaway Website

User Reviews

March 2023

Based on this review ( very good,by the way) and a couple of others, I purchased these irons. When I see forgiveness and distance in a review, I read the entire thing. I hit them in heated stall, still very cold here in Michigan. I loved the sound, ball flight, and the distance was awesome. I could care less about the shiny heads, to me these are beautiful. Just put on my Maui's and go play. So looking forward to getting on the course with these. Thanks for the great review.

Jorge Villalba
August 2022

Hi Sophie, This is one of the options I was considering, but after reading the review I just going to continue my search. I tried the Apex Pro 21 and I just loved the feeling, only thing... that I am still a high handicap golfer :)

Thanks, Jorge

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